Santa’s day off.

Life imitates art, even though it took a year. I wish I’d managed to make another one this year. Well there’s always the post-Christmas leftover tat that will be very cheap indeed, there might be something suitably corruptible left on the shelves. It’s like those seasonal stories – I never start early enough!

It seems Santa went out drinking with an elf and crashed his sleigh. Sorry kids, he’s in the drunk tank on Christmas eve, and the sleigh is having the dents bashed out.  Ho ho hic.

No serious stuff here tonight – you’ll find some very serious stuff over at VGIF – because I drew the early shift for tomorrow. Starts at 8 am, the good part is it finishes at 1:30 so my two days off became two and a half. It also means I’m out in time to get some emergency whisky in, just in case it starts to run a little low.

A horribly early night for me, then, but the last one for a while.


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