The shop that killed itself.

I’m looking for alternative employment. Nothing wrong with the job I have, there are no problems at all, it covers the bills (which is what it was supposed to do), it involves no work-at-home stuff (also what I wanted) and it has gained me the retail experience I was lacking. I like working there, the job is easy, well, it’s a doddle compared to cat 3 lab standard cleaning (you do not let general cleaning staff loose in there and specialists are expensive) but it’s time to move up a notch. Time to move from cleaning to actual shop staff.

What I want is something in the gadget/tool shops. Homebase or B&Q would suit me. I checked Comet, they are looking for staff, but the appliances shops always want you to push the extended warranties. I won’t do that, it’s dishonest and it gets my back up when they do it to me. So, more in the power tools line than the fridges and computers line, then. A staff discount in such places would be very interesting.

The tobacco counters would suit me but I’d be dropping hints about growing and curing and shredding… I’d either get fired or put the tobacco counter out of business!

Increasing salary in Local Shop is unlikely. It’s a small shop. They just can’t pay any more than they already do. There’s no ‘open all hours’ here, we close at 8 pm (earlier on Sunday) and are shut Christmas day and Boxing day entirely. So not even extra hours or overtime – there isn’t that much more to be done.

There are bigger ones locally, there is a Tesco that is bigger than the town I grew up in, there is a Morrison’s and a Marks and Spencer food-only shop and there are the ones I like, Lidl, Farmfoods, Poundland. Of those, so far, only Marks and Spencer have decided to commit commercial suicide.

For me, I want to work in a non-food shop for practical reasons. Food regulations are necessary but they are a headache. Food spillages make a hell of a mess. I had some experience in Local Gadget Shop when their janitor was on holiday and it’s a much easier game. I don’t want to be involved in selling food for many reasons – you can be dropped in it from a great height if someone gets sick and can blame you, you can be prosecuted if a council forty-year-old posing as a twelve-year-old succeeds in buying booze from you, and much more. Selling boxcutters to trainee pilots is a much safer option these days.

See, if you don’t want to work with food, there are other options. My position is currently pretty good. Getting a job when you already have a job is far easier than when you don’t. It’s on record that I am never late, never absent, never sick, even that I worked for six weeks last winter with a cracked rib. If you’re unemployed you don’t have that record.

Also I can bargain on wages – ‘Nah, I get paid more than that where I am’ is always a good one. I’m not far above minimum wage but I’m above it. I don’t want to get too much further above – I don’t want to pay any more tax than I can help paying – but less hours for the same bill-covering income would help with my other interests.

It is therefore baffling to me why those who claim they can’t sell people pork or alcohol because they are Muslim even look for jobs in shops that sell those things. If they are so horrible to their religious beliefs that even touching the outside of a bottle or plastic cover is evil, why look for a job where they are sold? There were no staff beyond plain white folk in Comet last time I looked and the same is true of the local Homebase. All the local Muslims (there aren’t many) work in food shops, or have their own businesses.

Some of those businesses sell alcohol.

Marks and Spencer are expensive. They are high quality it’s true, I used to be involved in food testing and M&S standards were very high indeed. People shop there because it’s expensive and high quality. I don’t shop there because I don’t get paid enough to shop there and because Lidl have the weird stuff. Lidl have to work to the same food regulations, it’s just that M&S exceed all regulations.

Those who complain about Muslim checkout staff refusing to run a bottle of wine or a ham sandwich over the scanners will be accused of being racist. Leaving aside that a religion is not a race, this is not racism. It is now the week before Christmas. Most shopping trolleys will have booze in them and those little sausages wrapped in bacon that modern people are too damn lazy to make themselves. Even if they’re not, they still have to buy the sausages and the bacon. There are queues at every till.

Put one of these fundalmentalist loons on a checkout and every single customer will have to re-queue to pay for half their shopping. How many times would you do that, in a busy shop at Christmas? Especially since you can join another queue, wait ages and find that this one’s a Muslim too. You cannot tell someone’s religion by looking at them.

How many times would you do it? My answer is ‘none’. It would be the same as if I was ever faced with ‘I cannot sell you this whisky, you don’t look old enough’ (it’s not likely to happen).

I would respond ‘You don’t want me to pay for this trolley full of shopping?’

‘No, I just can’t sell you this one thing’.

‘This shopping is one unit. I do it here or elsewhere.’

Then I’d leave it all and go elsewhere. Marks and Spencer would do well to note that many people have already done exactly that as a result of checkout staff deciding what they are and are not allowed to have. The M&S ruling will serve only to amplify the effect. Those who are tee-total but like some bacon will soon know exactly how it feels.

Some time ago, Apple decided that their warranty did not apply to smokers in case there was a tiny bit of smoke residue inside the device and their technicians were exposed. I have never bought an Apple device and never will. They’ve gone quiet about it now, they have never issued an apology and I neither expect them to nor care whether they do. They will never see a penny from me.

M&S are about to experience the same on a much bigger scale. It’s not just smokers and drinkers this time. The M&S customer base is largely middle class shoopers who hate to have to queue once. Now they will have to queue twice.

I bet Tesco are busy in the new year…

UPDATE – The story in the link has already changed. M&S are now trying to backtrack. Good luck with that, Marky Sparky. The damage is done.



43 thoughts on “The shop that killed itself.

  1. Whilst witing for my application process to work through, I worked at a pizza factory.

    The place was full of Moslems, just standing around in groups doing nothing.


    Because we were making ham pizzas at that point, and they refused to handle them. BUT, even thought they were agency, no one could sack them, or send them to another firm, for fear of the “racism” screams. (Aye, I know; “What race is Moslem.” Does not stop them though.)

    Three months this went on!


  2. “I bet Tesco are busy in the new year…”

    I Tescoed yesterday – you’d think someone had announced a siege, not a two day closure.


  3. My best friend in my brief time at an insurance company was a heavy drinking Muslim. When I lived down London way, almost every off-licence and convenience store like Londis was Asian-run, presumably largely by Muslims. Not only did they seem to sell booze and bacon with glee, but they ignored their ‘sabbath’ day as well and I never, ever saw one of them knocking off to pray as they are supposedly supposed to do five times a day. In the small shops, the same man or woman was sat at the checkout day in, day out, without as much as a tea break, never mind a prayer break.

    I’ve been boycotting Tesco’s for the past eight years. They are really despicable.

    The Marks & Sparks thing is great publicity for all those fake patriot groups out there. I reckon most of them are government agencies posing as grassroots movements. There is evidence the EDL is. Somehow, I get emails from ‘Britain First’. 99% of their ‘activism’ seems to be anti-Muslim, thus diverting the problem from the real culprits: the traitors in government.

    It is a massive divide and rule game being engineered. I even received a nasty email from an Englishman a few days ago related to my business saying he hopes Scotland gets independence so they can be rid of us. Totally uncalled for and unrelated to the business in hand, but people get brainwashed into hating all sorts of groups (as smokers know too well), usually for disingenuous reasons.

    The people involved with this group are patriots. The Muslim-bashers are misled and get mad at the wrong people, generally. For a start, most of them keep voting for the parties that allowed them to come here en masse when in government. That’s how dim these wannabe patriots are.


      • Thank you. That will help me sleep a little better knowing that. I think a lot of people boycott them, but not nearly enough to worry them. That’s the problem with boycotts. If only they would ‘do’ a Gerald Ratner…


        • I don’t deliberately boycott them, but I will not buy any smoking products from behind the Doors of Shame, and their whisky prices have become just silly. Morrison’s have better deals, and Lidl have that twelve-year-old single malt Ben Bracken at £20… so I haven’t bought much of anything in Tesco for ages. Not much in Morrison’s either, to be honest, although it’s the only place I can get Percol ‘instant espresso’, the only tolerable instant one I’ve found. For those times when you can’t be bothered setting up the espresso machine and cleaning it all out afterwards, just for one little cup.

          It’s not that I’m boycotting Tesco, it’s that they have ceased to be relevant to what I want.


          • I used to buy from Tesco’s in my alcoholic days (years) in Catford, S.E. London, but I didn’t have internet pre-1997 to know of their dastardlyness and some of the Asian offies had the best prices, although I discovered that one was stitching me up. I went in there half cut anyway and bought typically four cans of Stella, four extra strong gut-rot ciders like ‘White Lightening’, a bottle of Grants vodka and a half ounce of Golden Virginia when I could afford it as well, so I had no idea that the final bill had the 89p Stella charged at 99p and so on until later.

            I’ve considered buying Percol a few times, but I stick with Cafe Noire. I’ve never tasted an instant that comes close.


  4. There already is a ‘boycott Marks and Spencers’. Its run by pro-palestinan dhimmis.
    Now thats a problem, if I boycott M&S am I siding with those idiots ?


    • That depends .. if you were buying clothes from them, it means you are not stuck in a 1970’s time warp, and you reduce the risk greatly of actually being arrested by the fashion police 😉

      And if you were buying food from them, then you are a snob 🙂


      • Gawd, I popped in to M&S this morning (the Greek island I live on is quite cosmopolitan) and bought a pair of trousers. And then I nipped round the corner to their very small food outlet and bought some Earl Grey and a jar of tomato chutney.

        Does that make me a snob? Albeit a not stuck in the 70s snob.


  5. ‘it’s just that M&S exceed all regulations.’
    To be fair, they were the only supermarket that wasn’t caught out in the horse-meat farrago. Good luck with the job hunting Leggy.


  6. “It is therefore baffling to me why those who claim they can’t sell people pork or alcohol because they are Muslim even look for jobs in shops that sell those things.”

    What happens if a Muslim or Seventh-Day-Adventist or other religious type wants to work as a bartender in a pub? They can’t be denied the job on the basis of their religious beliefs, correct? Yet they could serve only non-alcoholic beverages.

    Interesting question.

    – MJM


    • What about if you happen to be a follower and believer in the ‘Bone Idol’ and can only work between the hours of 12.30am until 1.00pm and on Thursdays only, and you can absolutely no way according to your faith pay any income tax whatsoever .. where do I sign 😉

      Happy Christmas, fellow Bone Idol sky pixie followers.


      • Heehee… Bone Idol! Love it!!!

        Actually, over here in the US, I’ve known some wonderfully steadfast Quakers who have fought to withhold their taxes on grounds that they do not want their money to be used for military purposes. And I would guess that there may be a contingent of anti-abortion believers who might be following that path as well.

        – MJM


  7. I wonder what the dhimmis reaction would be if an indiginous Brit refused to handle Halal meat on ethical grounds?

    You might like this ..

    A tip of the hat to Mike Cunnigham

    “So, you are a practicing member of the Jedi faith, and as everyone knows, the very thought of being near high-strength adhesives, impact glue and other sticky materials is anathema to your very existence. This is because the ‘Force’ rules everything, and if something refuses to stay put on a wall, or a bookshelf fails, the ruling is that because the ‘Force’ did not allow the shelf to exist, or the mirror to be hung from a bracket stuck to the wall in the first place, they should not continue, or something like that.

    Your work, strangely enough, is at Home Depot, Corner Hardware, B&Q, or even Homebase; so in pursuit of your religious rights and freedoms, you state that you will not sell any adhesives whatsoever to any customer.”


  8. When I was in M&S yesterday there would have been a riot had a checkout operator refused to scan an item.

    Given the backlash against M&S, I feel that people are no longer prepared to pretend that they ’embrace’ muli-culturalism anymore, or rather the incessant demands of our Muslim ‘friends’. ‘Struth, they’re more trouble than Jewish, Hindu and Sikh immigrants put together.


      • Spot on.

        By the way, as I have said I lived in Eastern Europe for many years, and I thought the Roma were a problem, now I am back in the UK, those problems seem like chicken feed to what is going on here, one thing i will maintain, I would like to see those same Muslims demand the same in the Balkans.

        Even with the assistance of the EU overlords, they would not last a week.

        ‘It will start in the Balkans and end in the Balkans, it always does’


  9. Less to do with religion, and more to do with trying to get M&S to sack you for being hopeless then try for compo for discrimination I would say.


  10. M&S induction sessions actually tell you there is no Jewish history in the company. I was about to dispute this but bit my tongue as I was a Christmas temp


  11. I’ve read somewhere (but now can’t find the link) that M and S are about to be taken over by a muslim firm from the Middle East. Strangely enough the share prices have gone down since M and S have been outed. Coincidence?


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