Don’t fear the Santa.

santareaperI picked up a charcoal set in Lidl, very cheap. I haven’t drawn with charcoal before and it’s years since I really drew anything remotely cartoonish at all. Evidently I need some practice. That’s supposed to be a hi-viz vest – crap, isn’t it? Since Santa and the Reaper both work outdoors they would be required by EU law to wear one.

Anyhow, I was inspired to attempt cartooning again by the annual cheery Christmas tale of death and terror that we have come to expect from the Daily Mail. Seems this time of year is when the death rate spikes and it’s not due to fighting over the last mince pie or throttling Auntie Ethel for producing yet another nightmare in wool and expecting you to wear it.

It’s due to health service staff having the temerity to think they can have a bit of a holiday too. Nobody can look after themselves any more, so those tasked with the looking-after must be on call at all times.

Hard to be too sympathetic, when it’s the health service that has been telling people they can’t look after themselves all along… although those doing the telling tend to be the ones buggering off on holiday and leaving the front-line to deal with all the crap.

Doesn’t bother me, I have a supply of whisky and smokes to see me through the chaos of the next few days. They cure everything.



19 thoughts on “Don’t fear the Santa.

  1. Looks like a crusader. In drag. With shades.

    As they say Legs. “Don’t quit the day job”. Nor the blogging.

    Have a good ‘un the morrow.


  2. Yesterday I visited a lady my Father was friends with in his last last years. She (like my Father) smoked, and eat normal food like meat and potatoes and vegetables, toast/porriidge and sometimes bacon sandwiches, sometimes drank wine and aadvokat (a sort of horrible egg based thing). She is not too good, but still plodding along at 90-something. She has no family. The social services somehow are involved and want to get her in a care home. paid for by selling her house. She wants to live where she is, what can we do ?


    • I honestly don’t know. They did the same to my grandmother and at the time, I thouight they were far more interested in getting the house than looking after her.

      These days, if they want you, they’ll get you. It is not going to be easy to fight them. Maybe if your grandmother sold you her house for a pound – they can’t take it if it’s not hers – and you just let her live there… but they might have plugged that one by now.


      • Hia

        Hope you have heaps of Christmas Spirit……best I could come up with at short notice..sorry.

        Ref Malcolm,

        Anyhow, in my ignorant opinion about agencies of the state the prime directive really has to be NEVER to engage with them in the first place.

        I get a sense that most engage in ignorance/innocence without getting any sense of the faustian bargain they are signing up to. The records are kept forever and I have a keenest sense that some of the most damaging material is written and said after the person has left the room. I believe so anyway.

        It’s only once an agency gets a sniff of a case that they become pathological carers….Not that I know anything about it though.

        Remember, a resistance to accept the kind help offered is very easily transformed into an impression by the carer of a lack of insight (and documented as such) where the person in “need” is concerned.

        I suspect the social services will have had the case referred by the GP.

        I would like to add that the problems usually only emerge when you have one of the righteous on your case.

        They deny agency.


  3. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Soviet California.

    Re: DM warning about health threats spiking over the holidays – I’m surprised they didn’t pin it on Old Saint Nick smoking a pipe in hand when coming down the chimney, all that SHS and killing the children with THS that rubs off on the packages of course. I notice some of the old time Christmas programs still get through the censors on TV and still show Santa with his pipe passing out sugar sweets and other forbidden treats. Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night.


  4. I wish the ‘Mail’ would make up its mind.

    Are NHS staff incompetent and slapdash baboons starving your elderly relatives to death and carving their names on your transplanted organs like some surgical gowned Banksy, or are they the only things preventing you from a sure mistletoe-related death?


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