Looking back.

All the newspapers are full of ‘review of 2013’ stories. I don’t need them. I was there all through it and I can remember bits of it too. Never the good bits, unfortunately.

This tedious ritual comes up between Christmas and New Year every damn year. Nothing is going to change. Nothing ever does.

I am in ‘Disgusted of Tunbridge Wells’ mood because I’ve just done the two-day big-shift part of the job, looking forward to the rest of the short-shift week, and have learned that I start at 8 am on New Year’s Eve. Local shop is closed on New Year’s Day but unless I can get to sleep in the afternoon, I’m not going to make it to midnight. Bah. I’ll get a load of caffeine in me and become one of those wide-eyed gibbering drunks for the evening.

If you’re going to look back, find something interesting. The origin of ‘Disgusted of Tunbridge Wells’ is interesting, as are the real comments sent by the various Disgusteds.

The only thing that’s really changed is that the spoutings of the self-important grumps are no longer amusing. Now they. become law.


12 thoughts on “Looking back.

  1. An early posting for you, LI. I can sympathise with your feelings. Why anyone wants to re-hash the various piles of shit which occurred in 2013 I don’t know.
    I’m going to relish a dram or two of the Clynelish 14 year-old I was given and fire up one or two of the fags that my daughters so thoughtfully gave me. They wuz brung up proper, they wuz.
    My harvested baccy is now wrapped and placed near the water heater; I take out the bundles and give them a gentle steaming once a day to keep them from drying out to a crispy state. The smell from the bundles is very encouraging. The forty pints of home-brewed beer is now close to twenty pints, it’s a very palatable brew, and, being tax and levy-free, it tastes that bit better.
    Oh, our Boxing Day afternoon Smokey-Drinky was a resounding success, helped by the inclement weather outside and the snug, warm fug inside!


    • Early to bed, early to rise, is just plain evil. I don’t have to do it often. If I did, I’d turn into Moriarty. Today’s early start means I’m knackered already (I have some Abrachan which has, admittedly, helped).

      One of my other Christmas presents was five packs of Portuguese Amber Leaf. Only about two weeks to go to the anniversary of the last time I bought UK-taxed cigarettes! I failed to roll a cigar for Christmas. The ‘last tax’ anniversary is far more important. Must try harder.


      • You are slow! I have never bought UK taxed tobacco products since the day they brought in the ban. If I am to be treated as a second class citizen they don’t need my taxes.


    • XX The forty pints of home-brewed beer is now close to twenty pints, it’s a very palatable brew, XX A man after my own heart! I HAD eighty gallons, before it even SAW a bottle, it is down to about 40.

      Baccy… I have not tried it yet….. YET.


  2. I gave up smoking in the ’70s and, while I was a regular piss-head in my 20s I now have a half of beer once a month. I’m thinking of starting both up again – home brewed, of course – just for the fun of winding up the bansturbators.

    “Up the revolutrion!”


  3. Don’t know how you spotted Leggy but that article gave us both a good laff here!

    On a different tack, I’m sure you’ll have something to say about the governments latest pathetic attempt to put us off smoking? Seldom have I seen such a horrendously ridiculous and overstated graphic as the bit where smoke is seen entering the blood stream and turning it instantly black. What twaddle! 40 years smoking 80 a day diluted into 2 seconds! And then they follow it up with a so-called ‘scientist’ telling us that if we light a dreaded smoke this morning and actually inhale it (shock, horror!) we will have a stroke or heart attack before dinner time. Absolute cobblers!

    I quit a long time ago and I’m not against smoking as you know – it’s a personal choice – but if these twats are serious about making people stop, ban all smoking outside the home, make it available by mail order only 200 max at a time, stop all imports across the channel and increase the price to £20 a pack.

    Alternatively, they could simply make tobacco illegal or a class C drug.

    Of course, none of this will happen because it would cost votes, so I have another suggestion : just fuck off and let us alone to live our lives in peace!


    • They won’t make smoking illegal because it will cost them a fotune in taxes. We won’t stop, we’ll just pretend we’re smoking pot, which they don’t care about. Their ridiculous hate campaign is costing them in taxes already – if not for the ban and all the rest of the hate, I’d still be spending money in pubs and at the tobacco counter.

      Now, I do neither. I also don’t visit the shops after the vice on my wallet has been loosened by a beer or two. I buy less of everything, earn far less, pay little tax (in fact I had a tax rebate last year and could well get one this year too). All because of the Government’s hate campaign.


  4. Some of those comments from Tunbridge Wells are spot on, like warning against my old cult, the Mormons and this one:

    SIR – I notice in Tunbridge Wells the ever-growing forest of TV aerials and wonder how fast “TV-itis” is gaining a grip on the town.

    This loathsome disease, if allowed to grow unchecked, will turn our youth into myopic, open-mouthed sheep, incapable of constructive thought and able only to soak up canned entertainment.,

    It was ridiculed in the following week’s paper, but spot on.

    A sinister twist in letter-writing and now internet trolling is the army of paid government shills involved, including the EU’s troll patrol to counter the surge in Eurorealism.

    I made a comment on the UN Human Rights’ Facebook page last week (it was about women’s rights) asking them why they support China’s one-child policy, including the state kidnapping of women, even in the ninth month of pregnancy, to have their babies murdered. Someone left a lengthy reply defending it with the usual overpopulation myths mixed in with other most ridiculous nuggets, like if there are more people we won’t be able to breathe and there won’t be jobs for them.

    It was more ridiculous than even the dumbest Daily Mail or Guardian commentator could come up with, so I assume it was penned by a paid UN troll. There was no reply when I corrected the mistakes (such as that the more people there are, the more jobs are required) and called the person out as a paid troll.

    But we are having to contend with more control over what we can say and write. Political parties can not only ban us from having our say (it’s bad enough they never listen to us anyway), but can pay trolls to perpetuate their lies and keep the faithful voting for their own demise.


    • The TV one in particular was right on the button. If only he could have forseen the ‘pseudolife’ computer games that suck people out of reality too.

      China claims to have relaxed its one child policy. They can have two now, as long as one or other parent is an only child. Clever bit of trickery there. If you want your first child to have a chance of marrying, don’t have a second, because only-children will be in demand for marriage in the future.


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