Thomas the Inequality Engine.

Quick one tonight – it’s an early start tomorrow. Soon the Christmas madness will end and work will settle back to being more predictable.

I looked around for something amusing for tonight, a change from the doom and gloom, and found something absolutely hysterically funny.

Who voted for this idiot? You do realise how that makes you look, don’t you?


As for Christmas, it went well. I now have all the Marx Brothers films, a bottle of Penderyn and a zombie gnome.

Yes, a zombie gnome. This one –

gnomeNext Spring I will have my very own Lawn of the Dead.

Hope you all enjoyed the season of excess. It’s not such a big thing in Scotland really, the big one is next week.




15 thoughts on “Thomas the Inequality Engine.

  1. Mary Creagh is MP for Wakefield in West Yorks. Dubbed the “Merrie City” in the middle ages, it looks like the electors of Wakefield still enjoy a good laugh; why else elect the villiage idiot to Parliament?


  2. Thomas The Tank Engine is to blame for a lack of female train drivers because all characters are male, claims female Labour MP

    You really couldn’t make it up, could you? Where do they find these cretins? And who authorises paying them out of the public purse? That headline is one I would expect to read in the Daily Mash. Not that the ‘Mail’ is a million miles from it, editorially.


    • The Mail now has a loony academic claiming that it should be illegal to physically discipline your children in any way.

      Sounds good to me. When the State-created feral monstrosity that used to be your child becomes utterly uncontrollable, you whack it one, report yourself, and they come and take it away.


      • When the State-created feral monstrosity that used to be your child becomes utterly uncontrollable, you whack it one, report yourself, and they come and take it away.

        😀 There are times when I wish I’d thought of that, LI! Actually, I did whack my kids a couple of times, or I whacked one of them a couple of times, anyway. The youngest daughter never warranted it, but my older daughter…..grrrr…

        I clearly remember when her ‘parent – teacher’ evenings came around, it was “Oh fuck, can I go to the pub instead? I don’t want to be given aggro about her being caught smoking weed in the playing fields and going AWOL on a regular basis. And calling her teachers fuckwits…to their face….”

        Ah, how progeny can give you grief! As it turns out, despite the clips round the ear, my daughter turned out to be a gem, and we are best mates now. So the “smacking your child is abuse” crowd can just fuck off. You’re wrong.


        • My father worked the coal face in the mines. He only hit me and my brother once.

          After that, he just needed to look as though he was going to, and we gave in. He’s over 70 now and neither of us would answer back.


  3. I assume the gnome was a present from someone who doesn’t like you?

    Presumably we will have to have a black, one eyed, disabled, cross dressing, gay train engine with mental health issues who comes from Syria as well?


    • The gnome was exactly what I wanted (next – this one – )

      Most of my garden ‘gnomes’ are gargoyles. Some little cute animals which will need their eyes re-chromed again in spring. I have one real gnome holding an enormous mobile phone. It used to ring when anyone approached it, but it’s old now and the local weather is not good to outdoor electronics.

      I’ll have the zombie creeping up from behind.


    • Cecil the Pink Engine, specialist in hump shunting, perhaps? Or a GWR engine that insists on dressing up as LMS? ‘Limpy’, who is missing a wheel? There is plenty of scope for sarcastic diversity in Thomas.

      You’d just need Graham Norton narrating, instead of Ringo.


  4. My son bought me a boxed set of Marx Brothers and Laurel and Hardy for Christmas last year. Excellent present. Some of the Laurel and Hardy shorts had colourised versions; they are awful. The original b&w can’t be faulted. Even the sound of the colourised versions seemed distorted.


    • I had the big box of Laurel and Hardy a couple of years back. The colour ones just aren’t right, the world didn’t have colour in those days.

      These films are older than me and yet they crack me up when I watch them over and over. Especially where Stan makes a pipe in his hand and lights it by flicking his thumb… oh, if only.


  5. Oh, Penderyn, the welsh malt, we used to go past the distillery sometimes when we were visiting my son when he worked in Wales. Welsh what ? I would explode ? It can’t be called whisky, its a fake like that Irish nonsense, i would rant and bore the family trapped inside the car. Tried it once at The Ancient Briton. Not bad, maybe the heathen Cymry people have some smatterings of hope.


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