Return of the Autoriders of Sanity.

It’s been a long time.

I have another batch of Amber Leaf with some new words from the Autoriders. This first one is a very short one.

Fumar Mata.

It can only mean ‘Smoke with Mother’, a popular children’s entertainment show in the 1960s which included Bill and Ben talking gibberish after experiencing Weed, the Woodentops and their pet Smoky Dog, and of course Andy Pandy who spent all day in his pyjamas and slept in a box with a bear. I wonder if he got his stuff from the dolphins?

Yes, yes, I know, early start tomorrow. You know how it is when you really need to get to sleep. The only way to do it is to try to stay awake.

Then you conk out in your chair and wake up with a neck like Quasimodo.

Most of the other Autorider pronouncements are the same as those I covered ages ago. It’s nice to see a new one, once in a while.

6 thoughts on “Return of the Autoriders of Sanity.

  1. Ah, Leggy I nailed this one right off the bat. It means smoking kills in spanish. I used to speak and read it fluently. Technically, I’ve set foot in 8 different Mexican states and a like amount in the good ol USA. Never been east of the Rocky Mountains either, though they tell me it’s nice on the other side.

    Mexican women and Mexican Tequila and Mexican beer simply can’t be beat. No mascara required. The cigarettes are tasty and cheap too. They grow some excellent tobacco down there. That only makes sense as ’twas the Mayans who turned Rodrigo de Jerez on to the splendid plant in the first place. Mexico was my Bruges-like excise tax dodge destination for years on end.

    That is until it turned into a death trap for kidnap-bait gringos like myself. As a cerulean-eyed towhead I stick out like a sore dedo gordo . I prefer my cabeza intact between my shoulders if you don’t mind. It’s worth a cool $10,000 to the right vendor.

    It’s a crying shame what’s come over that country, I tell ya’, such a waste of good people and wondrous terrain. IMHO it’s the speed that done it.

    As Donavan once said ‘the whole wide human race has a-taken far too much Methedrine’.

    My personal fave: Montana’s An excellent, excellent smoke. Damn I miss ’em.

    PS: Didn’t need to use Bing Translator either, but had to look up Autorider. A car rental company is it?


    • It’s been a good few years since I shopped in Spain, it’s the ferry to Belgium for baccy, and Poland is the best deal for cigs now. (Wizz Air allows 32Kg of cargo luggage.)
      But I think it’s something like “Autoridad Sanitas”? (Health Authority?)

      The Polish cig packets also quote Bill and Ben, –
      “Palenie zabija.” “Palenie tytoniu moze zmniejszyc przepplyw krwi i powodowac impotencje.”


      • My parents were on holiday there, hence five 2-oz packs for free. I’d like to see a pack with ‘Flibbity-flobbity, Weeeed?’ on it but perhaps that’s the impotence one?


    • Is that an old photo you linked to, or don’t the Mexican cigarettes have any warnings plastered all over them? I actually have an old unopened pack of Marlboro Lights from Malaysia which is virginally pristine; not a single word about how smoking will make you drop dead on the spot, no medico-porn, nothing. Just “20mg Tar, 1.5mg Nikotina” on the side of the pack. Must be a collector’s item now! 🙂


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