Goebbel’s new game.

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Our South African correspondent notes this odd tale of someone biting off an ear as a replacement for a cigarette. Reading it though, it looks like the git had been provoking the ripped-ear guy for some time and was just trying to start a fight, so it’s not another case of ‘rabid smoker’ at all.

In the comments is something rather more chilling.

It takes a long time to read it all but what it says is clear. If anyone still thinks the antismoking crusade has nothing at all to do with a Final Solution, read the link.

All crime will vanish if we just… get rid of all the smokers.

That really is what it says.

One amusing aspect is where they list the terrible things smokers have done. First on the list is Adolf Hitler. The one who invented ‘passive smoking’ and the most rabid antismoker ever. He is now a smoking-related killer in these idiots’ eyes.

I knew the antismoking lunacy would get nastier towards the end. Here it comes.



22 thoughts on “Goebbel’s new game.

  1. Heh, Leg, if you dig out your copy of Brains from under those whiskey bottles you’ll find this on page 157:


    One set of web pages calling itself “The Crime Prevention Group Homepage” stands out in particular for its sheer fanaticism in demonizing smokers. (http://medicolegal.tripod.com/ tcpg.htm) The author posits that smoking is the root cause of virtually all of humanity’s modern ills, responsible for everything from about 90% of its violent crime, to its high divorce rate, alcoholism, AIDS, homelessness… and even more.
    Its outlook on crime and violence can be illustrated well with a single quote taken from the page on “Divorce”:

    “In this TYPICAL MURDER BY SMOKER case, this cigar smoker murdered his wives, 1932-1935, using hammer blows, snake bite, drowning, to collect accidental death insurance policies. (Emphasis in original).”

    Incredibly, this Crusader goes so far as to blame the entire Holocaust on childhood smoking by Adolph Hitler!

    While no one is suggesting that smokers are about to be rounded up and hauled off to crematoria, the intensity of the language used by some Crusaders against smokers is not far from that which was used against the Jews in the early days of Nazism. Remember, discrimination, ghettoization, and the building of hate came long before the ovens. And part of what buttressed that building of hate was the “findings” of Nazi scientists that purported to show the inferiority and depravity of the “lower races.”


    That particular nutso has been around and at it for a LONG time, maybe even stretching back into the 70s and 80s. He’s got a whole VERY complicated, highly-referenced set of pages on that site.

    – MJM


    • So he’s so far on the fringe that even the nutters pretend he’s not there?

      I wonder if I should contact him and point out that the tobacco plant evolved just before the dinosaurs died out? Whether it’s true or not doesn’t matter – he’s not big on ‘truth’ anyway.


  2. This sentence almost defines irony

    “Smokers are also the people disproportionately getting Alzheimer’s Disease disproportionately.”

    Personally I can remember quite well when I used the word disproportionally four words ago and not bother using it again. So who has Alzheimer’s?


  3. XX First on the list is Adolf Hitler. The one who invented ‘passive smoking’ and the most rabid antismoker ever. He is now a smoking-related killer in these idiots’ eyes.XX

    Have you no IDEA how many people snuffed it from SHS from all that smoke from the chimneys at Auschwitz!?


  4. LI, you’ve landed on the “hatred of smoking/smokers” website of Leroy J. Pletten.

    Some background…. some explanation… on good ol’ Leroy is necessary. Leroy J. Pletten is an asthmatic and rabid, long-time antismoker. He was the vice-presidential candidate for the Prohibition Party in the 2004 and 2008 US elections.

    We need to understand that America has a terrible history with “clean living” hysteria, including antismoking/tobacco, that goes back to the early 1800s. A plethora of baseless, highly-inflammatory claims about the “deleterious effects” of tobacco smoking were peddled by both the Temperance (religious) and Eugenics (medical) Movements. These claims reached an hysterical peak through the first few decades of the early 20th century where smoking bans were instituted in quite a number of American states with the intent by activists at a national ban on smoking/tobacco. Although baseless, i.e., lies, these claims did their dastardly job in the short term. It took a few decades to discount/discredit the bulk of these claims.

    This is where Pletten’s website has both some good and mostly bad aspects. The “good” aspect is that he has gone to great lengths to research the [baseless] antismoking claims made by religious and medical fanatics/zealots that go back to the 1800s. So the information he provides on what was claimed [with no basis] all those years ago is accurate. But what is entirely lost on Pletten is that these 19th and early-20th century claims were baseless and have long been discredited/discounted. Rather, Pletten is attempting to “resurrect” these insane claims as if they are long lost “knowledge” of the deleterious effects of smoking. Which brings us to the mostly bad aspects of Pletten’s website.

    Pletten has a multiplicity of lengthy pages replete with highly inflammatory, hateful claims, not unlike a neo-Nazi site. He moves through “information” from the 1800’s to contemporary, from historical to legal to medical to religious, without batting an eyelid. He is a hack of all trades, and a master of none: He is equally incompetent in all fields. Yet, this incompetence melds with multiple considerable delusions that find voice in the fixation of antismoking. It is almost painful to try to follow how tidbits of incongruent, discordant information are cherry-picked from a variety of sources and disciplines, warped and twisted to fit and justify the fixation. Long-discredited claims are intertwined with current [fraudulent] claims. The bulk of the presentation is inaccurate and hateful, and gives a clear indication of the abject hatred that is going about in this person’s mind. He makes numerous slanderous remarks about smokers: It is a “hatred of smokers” site. Amongst other deluded claims, he notes that the medical establishment is a “pure” authority worthy of complete trust in its claims – appeal to authority. He writes that those that say that correlation is not causation don’t know what they’re talking about, etc., etc. The bottom line to Pletten’s “reasoning”, through a plethora of information and inferential errors, is that the prohibition of tobacco will remove all disease and crime from society. He is a moralizing zealot nutcase just like those of a century ago. He would have fitted right in with the incessant lying and hysteria of 19th century antismoking fanaticism; it’s no surprise that he’s second in charge of the Prohibition Party. The critical problem is that there are other antismoking websites that link to Pletten’s as if it is an oasis or repository of accurate information on smoking. It’s surprising that his website hasn’t been shut down for incitement to hatred. Pletten is seriously, dangerously deluded; he’s socio-pathic. He should be pointed to as an excellent example of a dangerously-deluded antismoking-zealot nutcase, the likes of which has been seen before. But while it still remains on the internet his website is useful as a repository of the absurd, hysterical claims made about tobacco over many, many years, typically peddled by religious and medical fanatics through the logical fallacy of “appeal to authority”.

    Peruse the site, but be advised. This is his introduction to the site:
    This site is sponsored as a public service by
    The Crime Prevention Group.


  5. I tried to read it. But the guy clearly has “all the time in the world”, and I’m rather busy most days.

    The War Secretariat will extradite him, if need be by force from the USA (the CIA/FBI etc will be left standing at the bus-stop by the Secretariat’s “field workers”) and he’ll be on one of the first penal-boats to the South Sandwich Islands, where fascist PC leftoNazis go via a single trip.


  6. This is crazy.

    If you walked into any rison about 90% of the population would be tattooed. That of course doesn’t mean we can blame tattoos for causing crime


    • Well, if we were to play at being a nasty swine, we could say ‘Studies have Shown’ that the ink gets into the brain and…. oh, it’s an easy game, isn’t it?

      You can link anything with anything else in a drone mind. Their thoughts are like Lego pieces, just waiting to be fitted together into a heart attack.


    • If Hitler was right, then all those smoky pubs would have effectively been gas chambers and nobody would ever have got out alive. There is not one antismoker who can grasp that.


  7. God, what a chore it was trying to read a bit of that site! Like DD, I just don’t have the time to wade through all of that. I can’t even imagine that there are very many dedicated anti-smokers who’d want to devote precious smoker-hating time reading more than the first paragraph or two, when so much of it is quite clearly the rantings of someone who is driven almost to insanity by his intense hatred of one – just one – single group of people. Clearly this guy has never heard the phrase “less is more,” has he? It would be funny if it wasn’t so disturbingly fanatical. Does he honestly – honestly – not despise anyone else? At least neo-Puritans in this country have the decency to spread their hatred a bit wider. Even the ones who primarily dislike tobacco smoke are usually equally scathing about anyone else who doesn’t display the same purse-lipped, self-denialism as they do. For anyone to genuinely believe – as he seems to – that tobacco is the one, single cause of absolutely all the ills of the world is scary enough; for him to believe it sufficiently to air his views for everyone and anyone to see is the sign of a person who has absolutely no idea of how alone he is in his single-minded fanaticism. I suspect that even the likes of Glantz, Arnott et al wouldn’t go as far as he does in blaming smoking for everything that’s bad about human nature.

    And the question has to be asked – what did he think was the root cause of crime, violence, wars, illness, premature death, miscarriages etc in the countless centuries before tobacco use spread from the isolated communities of the native American Indians to the wider world? Perhaps he is deluded enough to believe that until tobacco arrived, these things just didn’t happen at all and the world was a lovely, peaceful, happy-clappy place where everybody loved each other, no-one ever got sick and nothing nasty ever happened … Yeah, right.


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