I had it in mind tonight to do the unthinkable, and corrupt a Pixies song. I know, I know, I deserve a stake through my tar-pumping black stone heart for even considering such a heretical undertaking. However, I repented.

There was no need. I was going to turn ‘Bagboy’ into ‘Banboy’ but all it takes is one letter in one repeated word and it’s there.

I had a bad reaction to your public hobby writings

That’s how it starts. Have a listen and all you need to hear is ‘Banboy’ instead of ‘Bagboy’ and everything else just slots into place.

I have to wonder if they did that on purpose.

Note that the video is delightfully dark and not for those prone to nightmares. Well, Pixies are high up my list of favourite bands so it goes without saying, doesn’t it?


UPDATE: Damn, I just realised, it even has the disposal of the useful idiots at the end. Now I’m sure they did it on purpose.


18 thoughts on “Banboy.

    • Pixies, a rap band? I don’t ‘do’ genres. I don’t care, I have Beethoven stacked next to Black Sabbath in my collection, sometimes I play Rossini’s Greatest Hits, sometimes the recording of steam train noises at York station. I don’t have any rap bands in my list but I do like MC Hammer’s ‘Can’t Touch This’. Especially the roomy trousers.

      Pixies, if I had to classify them, I’d call ‘Shouty Rock’. They don’t ‘rap’, they use big words, complex sentences and a loud and fast backing. And they are all now old, completely bling-free and look like a Redneck convention without the banjos. When they come on stage, one look and you’ll expect to hear your Dad’s music. You’ll be surprised 😉


  1. Huh? Who on earth are the Pixies? I’ve heard of Pixie Lot. Is there a connection?

    Never mind, the sun is out today. Let’s be thankful for small mercies. :o)


    • The first one looks interesting – the second has a title full of keywords which makes me suspect it’s going to be crap.

      I’m saving the centre ribs of leaves for a later experiment. Basically, I want to get the best result I can without using any nasty chemicals – the best poossible water-extraction. It could take time, but those leaf ribs just end up in the compost otherwise. So it’s not like it’s going to cost anything.


  2. Read this page. Share it. Download the opt-out and use it. is going to begin very soon, and it will affect every man, woman and child in England and their confidential medical records.

    All households in England will shortly receive a junk mail leaflet through their letterbox about this programme, entitled
    “Better information means better care” .

    This leaflet is not about sharing your medical information with doctors, nurses and other health professionals outside of your GP surgery.
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    Not that you’d know, since “” is never mentioned in the leaflet.


    • Does this apply in Scotland? If not then it’s only a matter of time. I’ll have to be wary – it’s a ‘smoker list’ and a ‘drinker list’ for the final solution.


      • I received mine yesterday. It’s all very nicely worded from nanny (You know it’s good for you) and subtle in telling you that of course you have rights and you can opt out at any time.

        Smacks of Nazi Germany like you say.


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