9 thoughts on “The Raccoon is back!

  1. Indeed she has – and how delighted I am! I was genuinely concerned.

    I think she’s looking for some blog layout help. I’ve offered but I’m going to be absent for a few weeks so I’ve put myself forward as a reserve if nobody else offers. Given the high regard in which we all hold her, I’m sure someone will offer and if not I’ll do my best to help when I get back.

    Come on bloggers! There’s got to be one of you out there that can help?


  2. Thank Christ for that then.

    It’s like seeing your after-Corvette convoy-escort disappearing from the radar, and thus fearing she’s lost, and then the next morning she pops back up again.


  3. Wonderful news, I was just looking at her last post and thinking, if she was ok, she must have had her second surgery by now. Very glad to see her return.


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