The Teflon Incline.

No slippery slope, they said. No conflation of tobacco with anything else.

Well now. They have done exactly the same with vapers and drinkers. Now they have a war on the obese. Which is linked to smoking by the most appaling abuse science has ever endured.

‘Our studies were designed to find if there is a biological basis between nicotine exposure from either NRT or smoking, and obesity and metabolic syndrome later in the offspring’s life.’

What? Why? Why would anyone but the most rabid control freak even think to link the two? You could replace ‘find if’ with ‘prove’ and that statement would be at least barely honest.

Scientists found that lab rats which were given the same amount of nicotine, adjusted for weight, that an average smoker takes in a day had smaller babies, but that wasn’t the most startling finding.

Lab rats don’t smoke, don’t use NRT and don’t have human babies and are not human, although the average antismoker is a close relative.

Six months after they were given the dose, when they reached adulthood, the rats had developed an increase in liver and circulating triglycerides, a sign of obesity.

There is no need for a blood test for ‘signs of obesity’. There is one clear and easy test. Stand on your bathroom scales. Look down at the reading on the scales. If you can’t see it, you’re fat.

The Cameroid is giving up sugar for a day which might mean he’ll waste away to nothing. We can but hope. This is for the ‘campaign against obesity’ and smokers know what that means. Cameroid will endure oine sugar-free day, declare it is an addiction and introduce taxes.

There never was a ‘campaign against smoking’. It was from the outset a campaign against smokers. It was always meant to attack people, not an abstract ‘thing’. It was ‘for the cheeldren’ and it was ‘to save the NHS money’ and it was ‘your taxes support these vile filth’ which the drones parrot but it was never about health. It was about hate.

There is, likewise, no ‘campaign against obesity’. It is a ‘campaign against the obese’ which is ‘for the cheeldren’ and to ‘save the NHS money’ and ‘your taxes pay for their treatment’ and it is exactly the same. The drones have not even noticed the switch. They parrot the same lines – exactly – as they did for the smokophobes. Still they declare there is no slippery slope even though they are sliding down it at terminal velocity now.

Do these idiots actually believe that if there were no smokers or drinkers or fat people, their taxes would reduce? They do believe it, don’t they? How stupid can they get?

If you are overweight (and ‘overweight’ now means anyone heavier than a photograph of themselves) or you like a tipple or a smoke or are teetotal but like a sugar and a dash of milk, they are coming for you.

You can, of course, pretend they aren’t, and go about your day hating those you have been trained to hate. Since I’m one of the first you were trained to hate, I say, carry on. Let it come as a nasty surprise. it will be all the more fun to watch.

Oh and, for those who still think it’s ‘for the cheeldren’, have a look at what happens once the Righteous get their way.

CAMRA, the smokers are laughing at you now. Most of you will never understand why.


12 thoughts on “The Teflon Incline.

    • Yes, I would imagine that the cost of supporting all the rag-tag hangers-on in the Tobacco Control Industry and their propaganda campaigns exceeds the costs to the public purse of treating ‘smoking-related’ diseases, particularly given the fact that the majority of ‘smoking-related’ diseases would have occurred whether or not the individual concerned is a smoker.

      The unfortunate thing is how TCI have managed to export their bullshit worldwide. I’m currently in Thailand, and here they’ve adopted all the crap with enthusiasm. No smoking in bars or any other indoor area, shutters of shame on all cigarette displays, massive medico-porn images on fag packets, the lot. It really is quite depressing. We will pop over to Laos for a week or so soon, and hopefully it will be a bit more relaxed there. It certainly was when we were there six years ago. They didn’t even have written warnings on the packs then. I’ll report back on the state of play after we’ve been!




        The 1991 coup and the fate of anti-tobacco legislation

        A military coup in February 1991 saw the Chatichai government replaced by an unelected government, with a cabinet of technocrats led by former diplomat Anand Panyarachun. In this new political scenario, anti-tobacco groups had direct access to deputy health minister Athasit Vejjajiva, one of the founders of ASH. Athasit and other health advocates had direct access to leading power holders, including de facto coup leader general Suchinda Kraprayoon.”

        “At the same time, the anti-tobacco lobby could play on nationalist sentiments among cabinet members and the military to press forward on tobacco control”

        I did find some lovely links in 2008 on ASH Thailand’s Smoke-Free Temple Programme but sadly they no longer work and even the wayback machine can’t find them.


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  3. ‘Our studies were designed to find if there is a biological basis between nicotine exposure from either NRT or smoking, and obesity and metabolic syndrome later in the offspring’s life.’

    i.e. We wanted to find a biological basis for associating nicotine exposure to obesity. We already had our conclusions. We just needed to find evidence to support those conclusions. And, really, any old evidence would do.


    • Same old same old, Frank. They start with the result they want, and then find a research team who will accept the TCI shilling to provide the necessary ‘evidence’. And let’s admit it, epidemiology is the perfect vehicle for providing ‘evidence’ for just about anything you want. Lies, damned lies and statistics. And best of all, epidemiology is an accepted ‘science’, so nobody (meaning no politician) is going to argue the point. After all, they are ‘experts’, so they must be right.


    • 😀 That’s obviously why the majority of 40 – 70 year-olds are both stupid and gay. Ha!

      As you say, oh FFS! What on earth are they going to come out with next? They really are scraping the bottom of the barrel now.


    • Just when you think they can’t get any sillier…

      I can’t comment on that article. Not when the author of the book is called ‘Dick Swaab’. I doubt even the Daily Mash could spoof that one.

      The April 1st spoof article is going to be impossible to find this year.


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