Absurdity and sense.


Smoking and/or drinking makes your children gay.

Professor Dick Swaab (yes, really) has a whole book on the subject that he hopes the Daily Mail will help him sell to the gullible and the insane. It’s a Leftie PC nightmare of a tale – if they make all pregnant women stop smoking and drinking, they will be, in effect, eradicating gay people! Which do they choose?


Well it makes a hell of a lot more sense than the above, anyway.

And it has a good song in the middle.


14 thoughts on “Absurdity and sense.

  1. So back in the 40s, 50s, 60,s … when smoking was almost compulsory, the rugrats were camping it up wall to wall. S’funny, must have missed that somehow.


    • That’s right. We were all ‘in denial’ and only fancied women because we thought we had to. I’m still in denial and still fancying women. It’s a difficult habit to kick – an addiction, one might say 😉


  2. But I thought we were all now supposed to Be Glad To Be Gay?

    What’s Cameron going to do, then? Enforce smoking and Special Brew consumption among pregnant mums?

    It’s happening furiously without his help in places like Bootle, Tockie-and-Crockie, Huyton, Norris Green and many others. But the resulting babes/children seem to be aggressively heterosexual, jusdging by their breeding habits.


    • Those aggressively hetero Burberry-clad ‘nice boys’ are in denial. We must immediately despatch all the hand-wringers and political correcters to the sink estates to advise them that they are all a bunch of poofters and are only knocking up every Chantelle and Frogmella in sight to deny the fact they are actually all after Dwayne.

      There is no downside. We’d still have the sink estates but we have them now anyway. We’d have far fewer hand-wringers and political correctors and all the estates’ freezers would be full of meat.



  3. The funny thing is that if another study were done that showed parents mainly WANTED gay children and therefore were taking up smoking to help make it happen, then the Antismokers would be running around screaming how this current study was false!

    – MJM


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