I found these in Poundland.

batteriesThe chunky ones are ‘N’ and are 1.5V. The two smaller ones are E23A and the little one at the top is A27. Those are 12V! Yes, they can run a garden train in N or OO scale! They fit easily inside most OO scale engines and would be easy to fit into a coach or wagon behind an N scale engine. They probably wouldn’t run a motor for very long (hey, at five for a pound you really wouldn’t expect them to) but long enough to revel in the insanity of doing it, I think. Plus, fitting a resistor to slow the train from full speed might help make them last a little bit longer.

I made a garden railway once, in the garden of a house I rented a long time ago. It’s probably still there since I didn’t skimp on the concrete base. It was a simple loop of OO scale track and the engine was an 0-4-0 powered by a 9V battery in the little coach behind it  This was around a rockery so the foliage and scenery was all real. I’ve often thought of doing it again.

I have never heard of these battery sizes before. The weirdest ones I know of so far are the strange batteries in old Canon and Praktica SLR cameras. These new ones look very useful.

They are easy to hide in 1/24th scale, not too hard to hide in OO scale and possible to hide in N scale and they can deliver up to 12 volts! They can do more than just light an LED.

Garden railways will be on hold until the summer (aka ‘global warming’) arrives. This is good, I already have too many things on the go. All I can do for now is strap a battery to a motor and see how long it runs for.

Twelve volts. You could make real smoke with twelve volts…


5 thoughts on “Batteries.

  1. The A27 is probably that instrumentation size, which I think is in a lot of my transistor and LCR testers and bridges. I opened one once: it’s just 8 button cells in series, in a single package.


    • So it won’t take a big current drain for very long, then? Might not last too long on a motor, unless I put a goodly bit of resistance in between. A coal train doesn’t need to go fast, it might work a while for that one.


  2. There is a similar 12 volt battery in the outdoor button/transmitter of my wireless doorbell. I had a devil of a job finding a replacement a while back.


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