Foot in sights… Fire!

The British Medical Journal has banned publication of any research that was funded, even slightly, by tobacco companies. They say that this is because such research must be biased towards the interests of the funders. By that logic, any research funded by anyone at all must be equally suspect.

As Dick Puddlecote notes, the BMJ published a hell of a lot of research funded by the Pharmers and they have been proven to lie in order to sell drugs that kill people.

The BMJ’s idiot editor thought her pronouncement would go unchallenged and that she could then extend it to research funded by alcohol, sugar, salt and non-Puritan food companies. She is ‘leading beyond her authority’ and has not realised she has been taught to do this by an utter moron whose grasp of the delicacies of human manipulation is tenuous at best. Heve you seen the Julia Middleton YouTube videos? The pretend body language is exaggerated to a level that would make Marcel Marceu cringe. She has no idea what she is doing and yet her ‘graduates’ are getting put in place by other idiot graduates of hers. Idiots employing idiots who all think they are clever. And people out there vote for the idiots who are doing it.

Instead of the rolling-over in the face of Evil Smoke, her readership has immediately gone for the endgame. ‘What about all that tainted Pharmer money, eh? What about that then, eh?’

The Pharmers really kill people, unlike the tobacconists who are only implicated in maybe kiling people and whose kill rate mysteriously goes up as smoking rates go down. Yet the BMJ prefer to publish work funded by this medical Mafia of dodgy drug pushers rather than work funded by leaf-sellers who only sell to people who want their leaves.

I think the BMJ’s days as a serious journal are all but over. It’s a propaganda comic now.

I’m very pleased to note that none of my papers are in it.



5 thoughts on “Foot in sights… Fire!

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  2. God almighty. Those videos. What the fuck is she talking about. Obviously no-one has ever had the balls to tell her she is talking bollocks. Political correctness and feminism will be the ruination of us.
    I can imagine a room full of true believers paying adoring attention. I’m reminded of a video of Al Gore giving a talk in OZ to parliamentarians about his money spinner scam and Julia Gillard was picked out on the front row sitting on the very edge of her seat with sparkling eyes and knees pressed firmly together to increase the frottage. Her messiah was speaking.
    What with Girly Science and Girly journalism and Girlies in charge of almost all NGos and Regulators and charities applying Girly standards of intellectual rigour and fair mindedness (Ha Ha) we are truly in shit street. Problem is in the US and the UK the men are not much better especially if they have been selected for almost anything other than competence experience and calibre. We are doomed I tell you but by god there could be some damn fun times ahead.
    Signed–a graduate of the Monty Python academy of Humour Appreciation.


    • I could never actually catch what she said in the videos. The ‘hand-dancing’ was too entrancing. What she thinks she’s doing is getting the message across with subtle inclinations and slight shifts in position – what she’s really doing is a bad impression of a Naval semaphore message sent by a new recruit who’s illiterate and has the wrong flags.

      It’s comical – anyone who actually takes that shit seriously must be absolutely barking. Which, on current evidence, seems to have been the case.


  3. The BMJ is just like many other once trustworthy and serious journals – New Scientist is a prime example, spouting climate bollocks and pseudo-science regularly these days.
    Future generations will look back on these times and see clearly the demise of rational civilisation – perhaps we should feel privileged to be here now!


    • I used to read New Scientist every week, until it became nothing more than a Leftie hack-rag. Now I get my news from Fortean Times, which is a much more balanced and sensible publication.


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