Fragments of the past.

My life does not so much flash before my eyes, but passes at a leisurely stroll. I hope it will take its time. So far it’s only up the the eighties.and has mercifully skipped a few of those evenings that are best not remembered at all. The skip rate will increase as it progresses.

When I truck on down at YouTube, I start out with something fairly modern but soon lapse back into the olden days of actual music. Tonight I came across something I had entirely forgotten even though I once had the entire album – and it was a good one too.

The fragments of the past meme might or might not become a regular here. That remains to be seen.

This fragment can be seen now.


25 thoughts on “Fragments of the past.

  1. Video not available in germany. Whichis rather fuckin’ annoying for a country that has it specificaly written in its constitution that “There is no such thing as a censor.” (Es findet kein Zensur statt.)

    Na, they do not need one, the You tube wankers do it for them.

    Wonder how much money in Brown envelopes exchange hands under the table in a back street pub for THAT one then?


  2. but soon lapse back into the olden days of actual music

    In fair exchange this popped into my mind yesterday. Sadly, I don’t have the album because I didn’t have enough pocket money at the time.

    This was followed by a long and frustating search for a copy of “I’m Going Home” by Ten Years After, that didn’t sound tinny.

    Hearing my struggles my husband sought out the cd and it being impossible not to dance for the whole 10 minutes, I ended up with a slightly strained ankle and mildly protesting knee, I must be getting old.


    • Oddly enough, Rose, I have always considered the 80s a cultural desert, musically (with a few notable exceptions). The 60s and the 70s were fertile territory; almost overload; the 80s were dominated by the ‘new romantics’ like U2, Human League, Boy George, Ultravox and many other eminently forgettable bands. Plus of course the highly unmusical punk bands, which had merit in their raw enthusiasm, but little to commend them melodically. The 90s – 00s saw a rise in more lyrically and melodically articulate bands, with the likes of Beck, Sneaker Pimps (which morphed into IAMX), Tool, Portishead, to name but a few, and lounge music from Thievery Corporation, which stretched into the 10s.

      The 80s did have it’s highlights, with Blondie, Dire Straits, Pretenders and a few others, but I did feel that there was more dross than good music in those days.

      But of course, that’s my personal opinion, and music, more than most things, is very much subjective! šŸ™‚


      • “So we all keep quiet about it.”

        Bugger that! Kids today ought to be informed who invented all the fun that the Bansturbators are determined to destroy and they will miss out on… The Only Ones? Now you’re talking! More old mates of mine…


  3. One from your neck of the woods LI

    ‘Aberdeen finance convener Willie Young defended the practice.

    He said: “The first obligation of any pension scheme is to its trustees and making sure that they benefit from being members of the plan.

    “I can understand some people having ethical questions about smoking.

    “But the fact is that tobacco is perfectly legal at the moment and, until the Government outlaws it, people will continue to invest in it.

    “You also have to remember that this isn’t about politics, it is about maximising the pensions of those who are putting their money into the scheme.”

    Not about health either.


    • I see ASH are incensed that another group of people are not doing as they are told.

      He’s right though – the correct way to run a pension fund is to invest where they get the best returns. Not to ignore good investments because some dim bimbo has a hissy fit and stamps her feet.

      ASH are losing control very fast now. Their teeth are showing.


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