Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide.

That’s a chemical. A big, complicated chemical. Every living cell makes it, starting with niacin, which is the acidified form of nicotine.

It’s in absolutely everything you eat. Plant, animal, fungal, bacteria – everything. Every cell in your body now contains it. Every. Single. Cell.

What are ASH doing about this? Nothing at all. They have kept this from you. Ask them why they don’t want to tell you about nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide and why the government is silent about it. Why is nothing being done? Why has it not been banned?

About now, the biochemists and other biologists will have fallen off their chairs laughing. Ah, but they are few, among the general population. Most people out there have never heard the name of this chemical. It’s real, and it really is made by every living cell.

Known more manageably as NAD (or with the addition of a phosphorus group, NADP), it is an absolutely essential component of metabolism. Nothing scary about it at all, really. Well, not until the lunatic hordes have been induced to demand a ban on niacin, the evil nicotine-derived chemical that results in its formation. Then we can watch the loonies die of pellagra while they continue to demand the utter removal of the only thing that can save them.

It can be done, you know. How many of those in government have the slightest clue what NAD is, or what it does? I would venture a guess at ‘none’. Will they go and look it up? Will they hell. They don’t even read the laws they pass or the treaties they sign. I have to wonder how many of them can read at all.

All it needs is that ‘nicotin-‘ bit at the beginning and the oafs and morons out there will demand a ban. The Daily Mail will start a campaign. The fake-charities will get on the bandwagon, no need to shove them, just show them the bandwagon and get out of the way. The Experts will Say, the Studies will Show, and the government will draft legislation.

Not one of them will bother to actually read up on what they are banning. Not a single one. It could go through to the pellagra-epidemic stage uncontested and nobody will dare link the ban with the pellagra because they’d have to say a word that sounds like ‘nicotine’. The new ‘n’-word that can end a medical or scientific or any career if it’s ever uttered without the word ‘evil’ in front of it.

There was a time when everyone who had been through a basic biology class at achool, even if only up to O-level, would have recognised things like NAD, ATP, Krebs’ cycle, even if they had then gone on to be accountants or builders and had forgotten what those abbreviations stand for. They would still know that these are important things in cellular metabolism.

Not any more. Now, they leave school ‘science’ class believing that ‘five-a-day’ and ‘units per week’ are based on sound science and that evolution might not be. They believe everyone who smokes or drinks will die at once and that even being near those people will kill them. They believe all the puppies will drown when (not if) the sea levels rise to swamp all the land. Don’t be surprised if the kid next door stars building an ark in the garden. The Mail even helpfully published plans a day or so back.

Modern people believe absolutely any old crap. They have been taught little that is useful and their minds have been cluttered up with more rubbish than a backstreet pawnbroker’s shop. You can see them in the comments to any of the silly scaremongering articles that the ‘experts’ feed to the Daily Mail and other hack-rags. Ban smoking in cars? Oh yes, we must. Stop pregnant women having even a small sherry for nine months? Oh yes, we must. Ban Electrofag just in case Studies one day Show that steam is deadly, or in case they lead people into real smoking (which has never happened and is not likely to)? Oh yes, we must. For the cheeeldren.

Other peoples’ cheeeldren. Why am I going to care at all about other peoples’ cheeeldren? I’m sure parents care about their own children but other peoples’? Isn’t it enough work bringing up your own kids without taking responsibility for every screaming snot machine out there?

By all means, if something is genuinely likely to harm children, tell parents about it. There are non-nannying things you can do, like childproof caps on bleach bottles, advice on dangerous things such as ‘keep away from children’ (not easy to do, the miniature banshees are everywhere these days), and making car child seats that face backwards. That last one is so the child does not get splattered by the airbag when you drive into the side of a bus at 90 mph because your little angel has overfilled his nappy and is still producing. These people are offended by the smell of smoke? They think a wisp of smoke is dangerous but they have no idea what’s in the nappy overspray liberally coating their car’s interior. Inhale that, and enjoy. Why have the Chinese not invented Electrokids that look like the real thing but produce nothing noxious? You could even have a volume control…

It’s much safer to keep the fags and ban the children from your car. Much, much safer.

I’ve mentioned before that I’ve met peoiple who don’t know that sugar dissolves in water, don’t know what IQ means, and more. These are not stupid people. They are holding down jobs and doing well at them. Not high-faluting science jobs, but essential jobs. Shop workers are essential unless you want to grow all your own food and wait eight years for your whisky to be ready. It is not even necessary for the area manager to know the solubility of sugar or what IQ means. It does not affect their job.

Plumbers and electricians are essential, and they don’t need to know those things either. We had a cracked toilet waste pipe in Local Shop once. It burst and sent a poonami into part of the stock room. There was a great deal thrown away that day. The plumber fixed it in a matter of hours and it was another reminder for me that not everyone is as inured to dealing with large amounts of stinking crap as I am. Every day, a new culture shock.

These people, these intelligent people, will fall for the NAD scam. Bankers and businessmen will fall for it. Hell, if some of the top medics fall for the rubbish spewed out by ‘experts’, what chance do the untrained have?

All politicians are untrained. It’s the only job I can think of that requires no qualifications of any kind at all. All you need do is persuade enough gullible idiots to vote for the promises they know you have no intention of keeping. Hm. Might have a go myself, one day.

Every politician will fall for it. Sensationalise it enough and the Daily Mail will start a campaign. You could even sign it as an expert called ‘Professor Pellagra’ and they still won’t get it.

I wonder, sometimes, what it would feel like to be nice to people for a change. It doesn’t sound like something I’d enjoy. I also wonder if, when watching superhero films, I’m the only one who wants the villain to win. If it ever happens, if Gotham ever does get wiped out and Batman ends up looking like that burger you dropped behind the sofa a month ago, would I be the only one to punch the air and shout ‘Yes!’?

It can be done. Should it be done? Should the drones be induced to ban a chemical essential to all life on Earth? Start with energy drinks. They are loaded with niacin. Tell them what it really is and what it becomes and the ball starts rolling.

Should it be done, though?

I don’t think I can resist it, you know.


Update: Whoo-hoo! Here’s that link again. Look at the table of enzymes that require NAD to work. Top of the list is alcohol dehydrogenase, the one that breaks down alcohol (if we were not meant to drink alcohol, why do we have an enzyme for it, hmmmm?).

Nicotine and alcohol, linked in your liver. You need one to metabolise the other. So NAD isn’t just a nicotine derivative, it promotes alcohol use too! Without it, nobody can tolerate alcohol. This brings in the anti-drink mob too. They just need to be told that if nobody had any NAD, nobody would be able to drink booze.

Now I know for sure this scare scam will work.


38 thoughts on “Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide.

  1. “Why have the Chinese not invented Electrokids that look like the real thing but produce nothing noxious? You could even have a volume control…”

    You are a very strange person, Mr. Iron.

    Tha’s why we likes ya!



      • All kids have a mute/on off switch. It tends to be a 3 stage switch mind. You have stage one which is saying in an authoritive tone “Johnny, please be quiet”. Stage two is “Johnny, I’ve asked you once, I won’t ask you again, but would you mind please shutting the fuck up”. Stage 3 is to accelerate the back of your hand in a forwards motion in the general direction of Johnnys ear hole, whilst saying “Now Johnny, I’ve asked you twice already to be quiet. Would you like another?”. OK, not quite a remote control, but as with most things, if it aint broke, don’t fix it…


        • Unfortunately the bleeding hearts have already started to ‘fix’ it by making any form of chastisement count as abuse. Then they wonder why kids are stabbing and raping each other.

          My father worked on the coal face. He didn’t need to hit us. He just needed to look as though he might.


  2. All politicians are untrained. It’s the only job I can think of that requires no qualifications of any kind at all. All you need do is persuade enough gullible idiots to vote for the promises they know you have no intention of keeping. Hm. Might have a go myself, one day.

    Given that you have mastered the intricacies of janitorship, LI, I think that for you, being a politician would be a doddle by comparison. Go for it! You’ve got one guaranteed vote here!


    • That’s easy Jay, what you do is look for something that’s popular and a ready source of niacin/nicotinic acid, then choose one of the other chemicals in that source to hide your real intent, preferably one that the plant uses as a natural pesticide so you can imply it’s a killer, even better is to find an industrial use for that chemical, for example, oxalic acid the pesticide in rhubarb is used industrially as a rust remover.

      Of the top of my head, ready sources of niacin,apart from tobacco (the original ) beer, yeast, coffee, meat, marmite and brown bread, very few people like brown bread so that’s not a problem.

      There’s always been a conflict since the properties of niacin began to be known, the good guys wanted to enrich white bread and cereals to stop people getting Pellagra = diarrhoea, dermatitis, dementia and death, the Righteous didn’t want them to enrich the bread in case it encouraged smoking.

      So in 1942 a compromise was reached, the name was changed to niacin so that the Righteous could go around saying it was nothing to do with tobacco, which by then was true because by 1942 nicotinic acid made from tobacco had proved too expensive so they made it from coal tar instead.

      Dr. Joseph Goldberger and the War on Pellagra
      A rollicking tale


      • There was an attempt to take niacin out of the bread in 2012 by linking it to obesity.

        Reducing niacin intake can prevent obesity, study suggests
        May 21, 2010

        “A research team from China explored the mechanism underlying niacin’s action on glucose metabolism, and the association between the US per capita niacin consumption and the obesity prevalence in the US. They found there is a close correlation between the niacin consumption and the obesity prevalence in the US population. The increased obesity prevalence in the US children in the past three decades may be to a large extent of a niacin fortification-related event.”

        But correlation is not causation and they’ve been doing it since 1942 and we followed soon after.

        Though they had thought of removing the niacin and thiamin or even stopping the fortfication altogether in 2012, they seem to have decided against it.


        “The Federation of Bakers is pleased to note the announcement from DEFRA that there will be no changes to the existing Bread & Flour Regulations.

        DEFRA conducted a full review of the Bread and Flour Regulations 1998 (BFR) to determine whether mandatory fortification of wheat flour in England should continue. The regulations specify that four vitamins and minerals must be added to all white and brown flour; calcium, iron, thiamin and niacin, to ensure that these nutrients are being consumed in sufficient quantity.”

        Oh, and when they say dermatitis in Pellagra, dermatitis is too mild a word, if you look up the images prepare for a shock.
        I did wonder if the young Eastern European gentleman with the neck on the cigarette packets might in fact be exhibiting Casal’s Necklace, but on a second look, probably not, it’s in the wrong place and anyway anti-tobacco don’t do irony.


      • The first line of your link:
        Joseph Goldberger’s theory on pellagra contradicted commonly-held medical opinions.
        And the medics fought like hell to bash him and his work.
        Now we are seeing the opposite – the medics are fighting like hell to promote JUNK science.


      • …”the Righteous didn’t want them to enrich the bread in case it encouraged smoking.”

        I have never smoked bread, and don’t know anyone who has. Since they changed the name to niacin, hardly anyone would make the connection with nicotine and if the Righteous believe that people will get the urge to roll up a slice of bread and set fire to the end, they must be dimmer than I thought!

        I think I’d rather have food supplemented with something extracted from a plant rather than something made from coal tar. It’s odd that it’s fine to put a coal tar extract in bread but no longer allowed to put it in coal tar soap – which no longer contains coal tar and is nowhere near as good as it used to be.


    • I doubt it.

      New Functions for Niacin Imply a Role in Cancer Prevention – 1994

      “A new focus for studies of the relationship between niacin and cancer has evolved from the discovery that the principal form of this vitamin, NAD, is consumed as a substrate in ADP-ribose transfer reactions. Four unique classes of ADP-ribosyltransferases that are responsible for the turnover of NAD have been identified, although their functions are yet poorly understood. One of these, poly(ADP-ribose) polymerase, generates polymers of ADP-ribose by the successive transfer of ADP-ribose groups from NAD.

      This enzyme is activated by DNA strand breaks and functions in repair of DNA. The biochemical characterization of poly(ADP-ribose) polymerase has shown that the Km of the enzyme for NAD is in the same range as the intracellular concentration of NAD in tissues.

      The significance of this finding is increased by the observations that: nutritional deprivation of nicotinamide in model in vitro systems readily results in decreased intracellular NAD, and limiting niacin intake in humans to levels found in the lowest quartile in the US population also results in a decrease of up to 70% of intracellular NAD”

      That is one of the easier to read ones.

      Sometimes it’s translated for the public.

      Vitamin lotion may help skin cancer fight

      “Scientists have found a cream containing vitamin B3 can significantly increase the skin’s ability to stop skin cancers forming.
      The results will be presented at an international dermatology conference this weekend.”

      “Researchers at the New South Wales Cancer Institute painted healthy volunteers with a lotion containing vitamin B3 or nicotinamide.
      They found those patients treated with the substance suffered no damage to their immunity when exposed to ultra violet light.
      In another first, the study found men were twice as likely to suffer immune damage from the sun than women.
      Scientists are not exactly sure how vitamin B3 boosts the skin’s defences against cancer.
      Tests so far have shown it is safe and effective as a topical treatment.”

      Ones like this leave me floundering and grabbing desperately for the Conclusion

      Oral nicotinamide protects against ultraviolet radiation-induced immunosuppression
      in humans – 2008
      http: //

      But I don’t expect that the politicians know they have any NAD to start with.


  3. Here’s a good one LI, if you haven’t read it before.

    Mapping the role of NAD metabolism in prevention and treatment of carcinogenesis – 1999

    “Studies presented here show that cellular NAD, which we hypothesize to be the relevant biomarker of niacin status, is significantly lower in humans than in the commonly studied animal models of carcinogenesis”

    “We show that nicotinamide and the resulting cellular NAD concentration modulate expression of the tumor suppressor protein, p53, in human breast, skin, and lung cells.

    Studies to determine the optimal NAD concentrations for responding to DNA damage in breast epithelial cells reveal that DNA damage appears to stimulate NAD biosynthesis and that recovery from DNA damage occurs several hours earlier in the presence of higher NAD or in cells undergoing active NAD biosynthesis.

    Finally, analyses of normal human skin tissue from individuals diagnosed with actinic keratoses or squamous cell carcinomas show that NAD content of the skin is inversely correlated with the malignant phenotype.

    Since NAD is important in modulating ADP-ribose polymer metabolism, cyclic ADP-ribose synthesis, and stress response proteins, such as p53, following DNA damage, understanding how NAD metabolism is regulated in the human has important implications in developing both prevention and treatment strategies in carcinogenesis.”


  4. All of this nonsense could be solved very simply.

    All products should have a warning printed at the top of the instructions or ingredients.


    If you don’t, it’s on you.


  5. Of course if you are trying to scare people away from NAD, LI, you really have to do something about coffee.

    Me – Coffee, instant, regular, powder – Niacin 28.173 mg per 100g x 12 at least.

    Basic Chemical Reactions Occurring in the Roasting Process

    “The best cup characteristic are produced when the ratio of the degradation of trigonelline to the derivation of Nicotinic Acid remains linear. The control model of this reaction ratio is a time/temperature/energy relationship. The environment temperature (ET) establishes the pyrolysis region for the desired chemical reactions while the energy value (BTU) and system transfer efficiency (STE) determines the rate of reaction propagation and linearity of Nicotinic Acid derivation to degradation of trigonelline”

    Pyridine group: piperine, coniine, trigonelline, arecoline, arecaidine, guvacine, cytisine, lobeline, nicotine, anabasine, sparteine, pelletierine.

    “The niacin content of unfortified tobacco was found to be 0.13mg. per cigarette.

    So that’s piffling compared to coffee

    Anti-invasive activity of niacin and trigonelline against cancer cells.
    http: //

    So if people did manage to survive your unexpected epidemic of Pellagra they could have more nasty surprises waiting.

    Thinking about it that’s a study begging to be done, the highest consumption of tea in England was in 1955 around the time of Doll’s study, it would be interesting to know the percentage of coffee drinkers to habitual tea drinkers amongst the patients.


  6. NADH is really, really, bad because it has the extra hydrogen like what blew up the Hindenburg. It doesn’t stop there, though.

    When we look at the phosphorylation of ADP – why, everybody knows that phosphorus is bad, right? The Germans – sorry, the Nazis dropped it on us to set our houses alight. And not only does nicotine make your insides burn, it creates a greenhouse gas while it’s getting its filthy hydrogen. The name for the cycle says it all – Krebs – German for cancer.

    I call on the Prime Minister to legislate against these so-called ‘legal highs’ – pyruvate, Acetyl CoA, oxaloacetate – these names sound like they came from a meth lab – and for our children’s sake outlaw oxidative phosphorylation and the processing of citrate without a licence immediately.

    It is actually quite tempting to write a letter of outrage to my MP – the a snivelling cunt – to see what reaction I get (I have two MPs, the other one’s okay).


  7. I have to despair at the standard of education in this country, and the corresponding levels of ignorance caused by it. My son, who is 22, has been right through the education system and I am staggered at his overall lack of knowledge and his failure to be able to grasp even basic concepts. He is not unintelligent, just under-educated.

    His school taught only combined science rather than the separate biology, chemistry and physics that I studied. Because of some crazy government “initiative”, his school was instructed to concentrate on so-called “core subjects” (English, maths and science), which meant pupils had to drop geography, history and languages after the first two years. Consequently he knows next to nothing about these subjects, and he is obviously not alone in this; as demonstrated by countless contestants on various TV and radio quiz shows!

    I honestly believe more was taught at my primary school than was ever taught at his secondary school; a sad indictment of today’s education system.


    • I’ve seen exam papers for that ‘science’ class. The newsagents have books of past papers for the kids to practice on, and I had a quick nosey at one.

      There’s precious little science in it. It’s full of rote-learned propaganda. None of which is true. Oh, and somewhere along the line, the acceleration due to gravity became 10 m/s/s. When I did physics (pre-calculator days) it was 9.8. So we aren’t all getting fatter. We are the same, in mass terms, as we were. Gravity has increased!

      No wonder universities are closing chemistry and other science departments. There’s nobody coming through that they have any realistic hope of teaching.


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