Food addiction.


As Rose has pointed out, the Righteous were against the addition of nicotinic acid to bread because they thought it would start people smoking. Ridiculous, of course, but then so is everything else they think.

So… the name changed to niacin to hide the fact that it was nicotinic acid.

Niacin is one of the supplements added to all flour. All flour products, from chapatis to pasta, now contain it.

I’ve often mentioned turning the Righteous’ own weapons against them, as in using the gulibility of their drones to play cruel games. Well, this is a biggie.

Who changed the name, to hide the fact that nicotinic acid is in all foods? Those putting it in there, of course. Did it get people addicted to smoking?

No it didn’t. It got them addicted to food. (can hardly type for laughing now). The obesity crisis is all because food now contains an addictive additive.

Starting with NAD was ambitious, but this one will fly for sure. Do the drones believe food is addictive? That nicotine is highly addictive? Yes, indeed they do. That part has been done for us, and done most comprehensively.

All we need do is ‘leak’ the information that niacin is really nicotinic acid, give them a link to prove it, and get them to read the labels. Then they can see for themselves why it’s so addictive.

This is a really big gun we’re turning around now.




31 thoughts on “Food addiction.

  1. Nicotinic Acid Utilization of Tobacco Waste – 22nd July 1960

    “Nicotinic acid was first made by the oxidation of nicotine and Whiffens operate a commercial process in this country starting with tobacco.
    Later they were supplied with nicotine by the British Nicotine Company and continued the oxidation.
    Finally – before the Second World War – they found they were unable to compete with manufacturers starting from quinoline and picoline although it could be made directly from tobacco waste, from pyridine, some other coal tar bases, nicotine, anabasine, nor-nicotine or mixed tobacco alkaloids.
    The U.S. Department of Agriculture sponsored work aimed to make nicotine compete, as early as 1942, but although a new catalytic oxidation process was developed quinoline was still the cheapest source of nicotinic acid.

    Comparative costs were published in 1951 by Coal Tar Products of Philadelphia”;jsessionid=515FD1DB5DFF4C66FC89F7E56F7F30DC.tobacco03

    Odd choice coal tar however cheap, Class 1 carcinogen if I’m not mistaken.

    The Meaning of Mauve

    “The coal tar that was his raw material was in plentiful supply, as it was a waste product of the gas lighting in the streets of London.”

    The story of William Henry Perkin and how coal tar from gas lights in London turned into the giant German dye industry and thence into medicine.


        • “Tobacco ringspot virus (TRSV) was first described in the United States in 1941”
          because that’s where it was first found, having thus named it, it seems to be on all manner of plants.

          Anyway, you can’t go banning tobacco plants, Pharma wouldn’t like it.

          “Researchers at East Malling Research are helping to grow genetically-modified tobacco plants which give off a potentially life-saving drug through their roots.

          “Tobacco is an ideal non-food crop for this research, thanks to the speed it grows and matures and our deep knowledge of its physiology and transformability, which has been the focus of scientific attention for more than 20 years.”


        • Plant viruses would have a tough time with insect body cells. It’s GM crops that allow massive doses of pesticide that kills bees.

          Reminds me of the medic on the radio, years ago, trying to claim that antibiotic resistance in hospitals was caused by the use of totally different antibiotics in farm animals. Animals that are rarely seen in hospitals, incidentally.


    • XX The story of William Henry Perkin and how coal tar from gas lights in London turned into the giant German dye industry and thence into medicine.XX

      You talking about I.G Farben?

      Because if so, my mind is working on another nasty little link we could terrify the drones with.


          • Did they make Zyklon B out of coal tar?

            I discovered I.G. Farben’s activities when I was searching for early reports of the use of nicotinic acid in Germany.

            I was interested in why they decided to use their chemicals used to make their dyes as a weapon in WW1. Apparently it was because we had them blockaded.

            “It disclosed that German industry had no more than a six months’ supply of imported raw materials.
            The limited stockpile of nitrates made gunpowder production particularly vulnerable. As long as the British fleet controlled the seas, the prospect of replenishing the nitrate supply by shipments from Chile was slim.”

            “To come to grips with the problem Rathenau appointed Fritz Haber, then at the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute for Physical Chemistry and Electrochemistry, to head up the chemical division of the new agency. The creator of synthetic ammonia brought with him an assortment of Nobel Prize winners and other scientific luminaries, and soon this division became known as the “Bureau Haber.”

            “Bauer learned from them that the German dyestuff industry was the source of poisonous chemicals such as bromine, chlorine, and phosgene, which could easily be converted into terrible instruments of mass asphyxiation.”

            “Bauer and Nernst paid a visit to the acknowledged spokesman of the German dyestuff industry, Carl Duisberg, who saw immediately that poison gas warfare could revive the moribund dyestuff industry, which was almost at a standstill since the beginning of the war. ”

            I eventually did find that reference to nicotinic acid.

            Adolf Hitler’s Medical Care.
            “Prostrophanta – glucose, vitamin B, nicotinic acid, and cardiac glycosides in injectable form. A “tonic” Appendix2

            More on Fritz Haber

            The man who invented poison gas: a horror story
            January 29th, 2014

            “He therefore did not live to witness what use was made of Zyklon B, a hydrogen-cyanide-based gas product he had been developing.”
            http: //

            I daresay we will be hearing a lot more about these things in the coming months.



    ‘That a gene variant associated with a difficulty in stopping smoking should be found to have a Neanderthal origin is a surprise.

    It goes without saying that there is no suggestion our evolutionary cousins were puffing away in their caves.

    Instead, the researchers argue, this mutation may have more than one function, so the modern effect of this marker on smoking behaviour may be one impact it has among several.’


    • Well, I suppose linking a study to smoking helps with a lot with the funding.

      At least they’ve finally admitted that the Cro-magnons didn’t wipe the Neanderthals out as was insisted on previously.
      That never made any sense to me, logic dictates that if a lonely Cro-Magnon meets a cute Neanderthal they are going to be friends.

      Anyway, I have the long second toe to prove it, not only that but all my toes are double jointed, but I don’t know if that too is part of my Neanderthal ancestry.


      • Perhaps ‘gene variant associated with a difficulty in stopping smoking’ should read ‘gene variant associated with using fires to keep warm and cook mammoth steaks’.

        I think Dr Ian has written about smoky caves and huts.


  3. It got them addicted to food. (can hardly type for laughing now).

    Laughing. Laughing, you say? Actual laughter? Not a quiet, superior smile but laughter?

    Great galloping herds of thundering snails! You have the gall, the rind, the heartless ability to find humor in the pain of others? Bah. Yes, I’ll go so far a to ‘bah’ you.

    Here I am, gripped so tightly in the unbreakable bond of addiction so as to not be able to go a single fortnight without eating for fear of the frightful cravings, and you mock me!

    Well, it has come to this…I shall have to curse you. Sorry about that, but you asked for it. “Ahem”

    “May the bird of paradise fly up your nose”
    “May an elephant caress you with his toes”
    “May your wife be plagued with runners in her hose”
    “May the bird of paradise fly up your nose”

    I would be very careful while around birds, were I you. And elephants. And, come to think on it, wives.


    • That’s a new one. It’s not in any of my spell books. I’ll make a note…

      “You have the gall, the rind, the heartless ability to find humor in the pain of others?”

      It’s… what I do. 😉


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