Colour me astounded.

Someone is determined to spread a virus called Luhe.Fiha.A. That was the one in the multiple bank transfer notifications from Barclays. Then I had seven notifications that I had to appear in court, all with different case numbers and all set for 10 am tomorrow in the ‘Court of London’. All pretended to be sent by someone called L. McNamara of the Scottish Court Service, but really came from various Yahoo accounts. I’m pretty sure the courts don’t use Yahoo email. All the attachments had that virus.

Now I have six MMS notifications with a ‘picture’ attached, all with the same virus. Needless to say, I have not opened any of them.

Watch out for those though. If the idiots manage to realise that sending six or seven at a time, within a few minutes, is a dead giveaway, they might manage to get one through. Although it doesn’t really matter if they do because the antivirus quarantined all the attachments as soon as they arrived.

Okay, I’m trying to avoid saying it but here goes.

Nick Clegg said something sensible.

There. I said it. I will probably never say it again.

He says that the banning of smoking in private cars is ‘illiberal’. Yes, this is the same Clegg who declared that even thinking about amending the smoking ban would be like bringing back hanging. Naturally, he is being denounced by the press as a smoker and therefore quite, quite mad.

Actually it seems that his return to smoking has allowed his brain to function once more. Oh, he doesn’t care about us, he doesn’t care about illiberal laws, but he can see this law for what it is. Electoral suicide.

Incidentally, has any news source pointed out that this is a law created by Labour, the only one of the three not in government, and passed by the Lords who were not elected by anyone? It’s something I’d have thought Cameron would have mentioned. He’s supposed to be Prime Monster, not Moribund.

The stupidity and inevitable progression of the law is covered elsewhere. The Lords have admitted that they intend to extend it to private homes and are positively salivating at the prospect.

It’s Moribund’s activities that interest me. Why is he pushing for a police-state measure that is likely to accelerate Labour’s decline into lost-deposit land? Is he really as stupid as he looks? No, surely not. Nobody could be.

Put this together with some other observations. Apprentice barrage balloon Prescott hated the House of Lords and said he didn’t want to go there, and then he accepted a peerage. The tailed and fanged Mandelstein is in there, as are a lot of others who wanted to see it closed down. Mandelstein declared that the public would give the wrong result if we were allowed to vote on Europe. He is many things, but he is not an idiot. He must have known how that would sound.

If the House of Lords is inventing laws based on the propositions of the only party not in government, then if there were a vote tromorrow on whether we should close down the House of Lords, I think it would be a close run thing. A few more of these cases (they have yet to make up their own laws on booze and food) and there will be people calling for a vote

Maybe this is about more than smoker-bashing, although they do enjoy that.

Labour would love to get rid of the House of Lords. Are they doing it from within? It’s how they wrecked education…

But Clegg saying something sensible? I’m going to have to have a little lie down.

Bet he can’t do it again.


29 thoughts on “Colour me astounded.

  1. Bring back the hereditary peers, at least their peerages were bought a very long time ago, so they don’t owe any current government, if we must have unelected lords they were better than the present lot, many are just a joke Prescott etc.


    • Prescott, Lord of the Pies. Mandelstein, Lord of Darkness. Alan, Lord of Sugar (I’m surprised he hasn’t been banned yet).

      I’d vote to shut it down at the moment but in the long term, that might not be such a great thing. Still, I don’t think it can be fixed now. The rot is too deep.


  2. This business of a ‘free vote’ in the House of Commons (which is the next step) is a very very dangerous trap for us. The likes of Nick Clegg etc can publicly speak against the ban but behind closed doors MPs will be persuaded to vote in favour of the ban. This is EXACTLY the method by which the original smoking ban in England was pushed through. Remember how the Labour party was strongly opposed to the blanket ban and a ‘rebel’ MP introduced it as an amendment just a few weeks before the vote. And then they all voted for it in stark contradiction of their manifesto promise they had been elected on just a few months earlier.


    • Oh they’ll do it. Then they will gain access to private homes by the same means. The drones will let them, because they think it will only apply to smokers.

      Just like all the other antismoking measures have only applied to smokers. Oh no, they won’t be checking if you have booze or burgers in the house, no, never.

      Well, not until next week.


  3. You’re absolutely right LI, I couldn’t believe it when I heard it was a Labour idea, they are really going to struggle in 2015, it’s madness. Not to mention difficult if not impossible to enforce.

    Imagine how many more nanny laws these crazy bastards will create if they do somehow manage to get in come 2015.


    • They will test for second hand smoke by looking for combustion products inside your car… which is powered by an internal combustion engine.

      Yes, they are idiots, but then was there ever any doubt?


    • XX they are really going to struggle in 2015, XX

      No. They are not. Even if the great imbicilic publics vote actualy MEANT anything, they will have all forgotten by then. Memory span of a gold fish, but only a quarter of the I.Q.

      Other than that, it is labours turn at the great fairground ride called Parlaiment.

      Can’t go having some one getting two goes in a row now, can we? It would cause ructions in the queue.


      • The thing about IQ is that it is set so the average is 100. The value floats, so whatever the range in a population, the average is always 100.

        Therefore half the population have an IQ below 100. And they can vote.

        It’s no consolation that I have met people who proudly proclaim they scored 120, and my opinion of that person was best summed up as ‘fucking dolt’. Even some of the above average scores belong to people who don’t deserve them.


        • XX The thing about IQ is that it is set so the average is 100. The value floats, so whatever the range in a population, the average is always 100.XX

          I suspect they do something similar with the weather forecasts as well.

          I have lost count of the times I have heard “bellow average for the time of year.”

          If that was the case, and the average remained constant, it would have become “Normal for the time of year” decades ago.

          Or have I missed some subtle mathematical point here?


  4. The house of Lords isn’t the House of Lords any more and hasn’t been since before the vote on the Smoking Ban.

    The real Lords were got rid of for defying Tony Blair.

    Blair attacks hereditary peers – 1998

    “The defeat of the government’s plans to change European ballots by the Lords illustrates the “overwhelming case” for reform of the upper chamber, Downing Street has said.

    The government was left reeling after the Lords defeated it for the fifth time on the bill to change the electoral system for next year’s European elections.

    Earlier, Prime Minister Tony Blair told MPs the issue was no longer about voting rights but Tory hereditary peers defying elected MPs.”

    Hereditary peers facing Lords axe – 2003

    “The last hereditary peers will be removed from the House of Lords under plans unveiled in the Queen’s speech.”

    “Lords reform is seen by ministers as unfinished business after they removed all but 92 hereditary peers from the House of Lords in 1999.”

    “The glass is shattered and it cannot be remade. The prime minister has taken a knife and scored a giant gash across the face of history.”
    http: //

    “The government is set to publish its proposals to reform the House of Lords, plans which are expected to include the abolition of voting rights for the chamber’s 92 remaining hereditary members.”

    Hereditary peers took the long view so I don’t expect much help from a bunch of political appointees.


  5. On Labour’s smoking ban in cars.

    Ignoring all the windowdressing, a private car is the last place that someone can sit and smoke in a warm, enclosed space that is not 50% open to the elements, when away from home.
    For the purposes of denormalisation, they must find a way to make you stand outside it, “for the children” has worked very well so far.

    You will take those drugs that the previous Labour government signed you up for.

    “The FCTC’s Article 14, through its recently adopted guidelines, demands action to promote cessation of tobacco use and provide adequate treatment for tobacco dependence. Countries who have signed up to the FCTC therefore have a legal obligation to implement the recommendations of Article 14.”


    • XX Ignoring all the windowdressing, a private car is the last place that someone can sit and smoke in a warm, enclosed space that is not 50% open to the elements, when away from home.XX

      We will all be forced to have cabrios. Triumph Heralds, and the like.


    • We do that at work in the evenings. One of the girls often brings her car and we sit in it for rainy smoke breaks. I told her this evening that it would soon be illegal.

      I suspect we’ll carry on doing it anyway. The works car park isn’t in easy sight of the main road.


      • I thought it was only for cars with bastards in them?

        O.K, THAT leaves it open. By bastards I mean; under…. what IS the age of “adulthood” in G.B now?

        (Considering 40 year old people are getting bound over not to enter certain places, or be in public, without an adult escort. (A blogg from Julia recently))


        • The pub ban only started with non-smoking rooms and not smoking at the bar, not long after it changed to no smoking in pubs that serve food and after they had got re-elected it became a full smoking ban everywhere.

          But it started with –

          “Smoking is the greatest single cause of preventable illness and premature death in the UK. We will therefore ban tobacco advertising”—Labour Party manifesto, 1997

          Labour Government’s tobacco spin spins them off track


        • The kiddiwinks seem to be more of an afterthought in this fact sheet from 2012.

          Smoking in Cars – January 2012

          “The health risks of exposure to secondhand smoke (SHS) are well established and in the UK it has been against the law to smoke in vehicles used for work since July 2007.

          However, there are no restrictions on smoking in private vehicles that are not used for work purposes even though researchers have found that secondhand smoke concentrations in vehicles are often greater than in any other micro-environment.

          Following an inquiry into smoking in private vehicles, a group of UK parliamentarians has made a number of policy recommendations.

          Meanwhile, there is growing public support for a ban on smoking in cars altogether. ?

          Smoking in cars causes harm in several ways –

          Firstly, there is the harm to the smoker from inhaling tobacco smoke.

          Secondly, there is harm to other occupants of the vehicle from inhaling secondhand smoke.

          Thirdly, there is the potential harm that children will perceive smoking to be normal adult behaviour.”


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