Freemen validated.

I have not joined the Freeman on the Land movement. As Captain Ranty has often said, you have to be absolutely committed and completely ready to take it on, and I am not. I am also not yet financially secure and I think you’d need to be.

It is an interesting matter nonetheless. I have seen the videos where judges in courtrooms do not simply slap down Freemen arguments as ‘contempt of court’, but instead simply refuse to engage. They won’t talk about it. I’ve always been sure there was something in it.

Now it is documented, and not by one of the Freemen. By Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs, no less.

In writing. On paper.

It’s hard to argue it’s just a game now, isn’t it?

10 thoughts on “Freemen validated.

  1. Did the furnaces in Hell break down, is Lucifer suffering from Infernal Fuel Poverty? Normally I dismiss anything Ranty, Freemen and the LOLFOOL Rebels say out of hand as just so much Dingos Kidneys but this could be a game changer and convince even cynics like me that there is something….

    I haven’t followed the FOL sites et al recently but to my mind this is the first bit of possible ‘proof’ Ranty has ever presented , I hope he publishes HMRC’s reply to his reply to this.


    • I think it’s the first time the ‘authorities’ have acknowledged the existence of this legal fiction they call a person. Normally they clam up or walk away. This could be a game changer.


      • It’s the bit about ‘admitted’ that amuses me. SINNER! THOU HAST ADMITTED TO CONSORTING WITH SATAN …or possibly even admitting to having once gotten Jimmy Savile’s autograph…

        In my (no doubt addled by years of alcoholism) mind’s eye I forsee meetings of Person Anon..” My Name is Fred and i am a PERSON”.


          • It doesn’t matter whether Satan exists or not, the Satanists will sacrifice you anyway.

            Just as it never mattered whether God or Allah were real, the Inquisition would burn you dead and the Islamists would stone you dead. The latter still do.

            Dangerous thing, belief. Whether they are right or not, you end up just as dead.

            Oh and Loki isn’t Satan. Satan is ‘evil’ and wants to take over the world, Loki is just having a laugh and pissing about with the mortals.

            I like Loki’s way of doing things.


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