Fragments of the past.


I was drunk for most of it and skint for all of it. Loved every minute.

The Fine Young Cannibals were about and the singer had this incredible voice that did not at all fit what you’d expect to come out of his appearance.

And I want that stripy suit.


18 thoughts on “Fragments of the past.

  1. A great band. I have a limited edition release of one of their albums which came in a round tin (like a very thin biscuit tin) with a bonus extended version 12″ single bundled with it.


  2. I do believe the lead singer lives in my adopted country of New Zealand. Somewhere in the Coramandel peninsular. If so, then he is truly blessed as the place is absolutely stunning. I also heard that the lead singer of the ‘Worzels’ lives in Auckland; avoid Auckland like the plague.


    • Ah yes, ‘Oi am a coider drinker’ was around in my youth too. I won’t look it up on YouTube because I am not in fully evil vindictive mood at the moment. But I might later.


  3. Haha ’88 indeed, what an era and what a song!!! The good thing about the 1980’s is that you can pick a year and there would be countless blinders from every single year. The happy era of drinking, smoking and having fun without any holier than thou puritan arsehole trying to tell you what you can or cant do.

    I miss those days.


    • Another of their greats. I wonder if modern kids even know these songs existed.

      As Dylan Moran once observed on the subject of rave music – ‘It sounds like a lot of people putting up shelves’.


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