What a coincidence…

Every time the Righteous push for a further restriction on smokers, the Daily Bandwagon finds another image of a smoking child.

This time they’ve shot themselves in the foot though. How can they claim harm to children from smoke in a car, when it’s the kid who’s smoking? Next must-have product: baby seats with ashtrays. And a drinks cabinet. What the hell, you’re not driving, so go for it kid.

That video looks like a setup. It was most probably produced and ‘leaked’ by an antismoking group. The video isn’t clear but that looks like an Electrofag to me. The end ‘goes out’ when she’s not puffing and it doesn’t get shorter. Also, if she was inhaling smoke rather than steam she would certainly have coughed. A lot.

I can imagine the sick twisted mind of the antismoker buying a no-nicotine Electrofag and using a child, even their own child, to set up a video to make smokers look evil. That’s how their minds work.

No smoker, unless seriously mad, would have taken and posted such a video. The chavvy weirdos who might have done this would have been laughing drunkenly while the kid was smoking/vaping. The adult voice in the video is calm and serious and giving instruction (I assume it’s instruction because I can’t speak Finnish).

I call antismoker fake on this one. They will go to any lengths, as they have demonstrated over and over again. Setting up this video would certainly not be beyond their savage little lizard minds. They would sacrifice their own child for the cause.

If it is a fake – and the more I watch it the more sure I am that is is – then I really hope that child grows up to be a smoker.

A fat, drunken smoker.

Then the parent can look back on the day they played ‘Righteous Propaganda’ and maybe, just maybe, realise who is the bad guy in this war.

I doubt they’ll ever realise. Hitler’s SS didn’t realise they were the bad guys, even though they had the black uniforms and skulls on their hats. You’d think that would be a bit of a giveaway.

So, which side is demanding bigger and bigger pictures of corpses and diseased body parts? Which side sends sick people and the elderly out into the cold? Which side encourages children to attack adults? Which side wants control of your car and soon your home?

The bad guys in this war would have no trouble setting up that video. As always, they don’t realise they’re the bad guys.

In the end, we will hear ‘I was only obeying orders’ once again.


9 thoughts on “What a coincidence…

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  2. I do get amused/annoyed about their insistence that e-cigs contain nicotine mine certainly don’t – and you can get all sorts of flavours which are nicotine free. So that really isn’t a valid argument and a menthol nicotine free e-cig might be quite good for calming a child.

    Not that any of that matters to their agenda.

    Talking of plans back firing, the home grown baccy when cured and shredded smells so nice I’m almost tempted to get a pipe – thanks tobacco control you’ll make a smoker of me yet.


  3. Yep, looks staged to me. As mentioned probably an e cig of the non nicotine kind. The kid does not inhale but keeps the vapour in her mouth. Probably the first time she’s done this. And although I don’t speak Finnish, she is definitely following instructions from the narrator. Shame on them.


  4. “Savage little lizard minds”… come on, that’s a bit unfair! Lizards are beautiful creatures and the majority are harmless: these people’s minds more resemble the putrid scum floating on top of a cesspool.


    • True, I have known a Chinese water dragon, a bearded dragon, and a whole family of geckos that were actually fun to be with. They had personalities. I can’t say that about antismokers.


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