Let the games begin.

I’ve wrangled over 2000  words of writing tonight and most of them are in the right order. So I thought I’d look in on the Daily Scare to see what they had to play with.

They had the ideal story for starting a niacin scare.

I left a comment. Don’t know if it will manage to get past moderation but if it does, and if a Mail reporter bothers to look into whether it’s true, the ball could be rolling.

No compromise and no mercy. Those are the enemy’s rules, let’s play by them.



11 thoughts on “Let the games begin.

  1. You have an enviable record after just three weeks as a Mail ‘reporter’. Total red arrows: 83; total green arrows: 828 (at time of writing).

    I think this is my favourite. The ‘news’ item is entitled “Now Labour gets tough with curb on jobs benefit” and Leg-iron’s comment:

    “New new new new new new new Labour? Or (new)^20 Labour? Funny thing is, no matter how many times they are ‘new’, they always look the same. Like when you throw out your old spoons and buy new spoons. They do exactly the same thing, they’re just shinier.”


  2. You were in quickly: it took me ages to scroll down to find you, then give you and Mike a green arrow each.

    Interesting that the best-rated comments are pretty level-headed. The word “responsibility” seems to be used a lot. I mean in terms of taking personal responsibility, like reading the bloody labels.


  3. I’m scared of chemicals, as chemicals are poisonous ! I hate to think that we may be exposed to chemicals in our food, Food should only be allowed to be made of vegetables or meat.


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