Work late, drink early.

Finished work, stuffed down some stovies and oatcakes and now heading off to Smoky-Drinky.

Feel free to fill the comments with random nonsense. I don’t have time to do it myself.



23 thoughts on “Work late, drink early.

  1. How does a 60 centemeter thick reiniforced concrete balcony CREAK when I, at 70 ( ><) kilos walk on it?

    Trouble is, it supports four others above it….

    Think I will start drinking/smoking elsewhere. Seems a bit dodgy to me.

    Or let my Wifey test it first.


  2. I just watched (Sir) Tony robinson amble along part of the Leeds and Liverpool canal, from Liverpool to Wigan. Quite enjoyable, he is good as a telly person. I suppose that is a surface, whats underneath ? (Lord ? why ?) Chris smith seems an amiable old buffer, but underneath is a calculating shit that is happy to see farms under water as long as biodiversity is allowed.


  3. My erstwhile chairman met the Smith creature at a city lunch, chairman could only talk of, how introduced to Smith, it announced itself as; “hello, I’m gay, ooh, and culture secretary”. To which my ABS chairman replied; “so I shan’t shake your hand then”. Ha ha, he probably dined out on that.


  4. I have witnessed something today that can only be described as a paradox. The driver of the car in front of me was clearly smoking, as he was tapping the ash out of the open window, however the yellow diamond affixed to the rear window requested I “back off” as there was an elderly person driving.
    How can this be?
    As we all know, as it’s in the papers and on the telly, that all smokers clog their brains up with toxins and die before they are 35. The man was either a freak of nature or a liar.


  5. Bristolmoose

    I kid you not with this next one. I was behind a car with a sticker on the bumper which said “Your smoking pollutes my breathing air”……

    Either he was exhibiting a sublimely ironic piss-take or the hipocrisy was completely lost on him.

    The Greenpeace sticker next to it was suggestive.

    It was on a road in Shepherds Bush if memory serves….


    • I once took a shortcut across Shepherds Bush Green at 3 am. Drunk as a skunk on my way home from a night of carousing in the west end. Fortunately there were no boys in blue to ask me silly things like “would you blow into this bag please sir…”

      Totally fucked my suspension.


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