Cracked Clegg.

I planned to put up an argument concerning religion, science, evolutionary theory and Creationism but it’s a huge one. It might turn into a mini-ebook! I’ve been thinking about this stuff for a long time, I have arguments that will deeply irritate both sides, and a unification theory that links all the gods that have ever been or ever will be. Controversial is far too small a word. This idea should annoy absolutely everyone in a most inclusive and equal manner. It’s orders of magnitrude above ‘A Christmas Contract’. So it’s well worth doing.

So I have had a couple of espressos when it is far too late to have them. I’ll move on to whisky later but it’s speed-typing first.

Incidentally, ‘A Christmas Contract’ is no longer free. It’s now 99 cents and can therefore be placed on Amazon as a Kindle story as soon as I get around to it. They won’t let me put free ones on there unless I give up copyright. The little print book (Tales of Darkness and Despair) that contains this story had to have its price put up. Amazon will offer it to high street stores but they have a minimum price for that. I set it so I make 1p per book on the high street because that one was for advertising, not profit. It probably won’t sell any anyway.

So just a quick note tonight on Crack Whore Clegg’s desire to see all hard drugs legalised. This is the same Clegg who declared that even discussing any amendment to the smoking ban was like bringing back the death penalty and whose party want to ban smoking in cars (and then in homes). He doesn’t want us smoking around children but he’s fine with the idea of parents getting utterly shitfaced on cocaine, then waking up to find they replaced last night’s nappy with a lampshade. And vice versa.

There are two reasons why the politicos want hard drugs legalised and both reasons are money.

They are losing daily on tobacco taxes. Smokers are stopping, they are buying overseas, they are switching to Electrofag, they are buying from Man with a Van and they are growing their own. Government needs a new source of money to waste. Taxing the junkies is a most attractive prospect for them now.

The second reason is even simpler. Big Pharma can’t sell tobacco but making heroin would be an absolute doddle for them. The profits would be vast.

Not from me. Not interested. I’d make it all legal and let people decide for themselves but my decision is made – whisky and tobacco are my preferences. And espresso. If someone else wants to develop the mono-nostril, I’m not going to stop them. It’s just not for me, thanks.

So when your child comes home in the future, smoke-free and sober but convinced they are being chased by a leprechaun riding a pink unicorn with chrome exhausts… remember who did that.

Now, back to the little book of universal irritation. I haven’t been this motivated in months!



15 thoughts on “Cracked Clegg.

  1. I also have a little ditty on religion that would make the toes curl. Troubles is, it’s in my head but I can’t put the damn thing in words.

    As to drugs, legalise the lot and let folk take the consequences. We just need tobacco classified as hard drugs so we can smoke it down the boozer again.


    • They’ve been there,done that.

      “Bayer’s pharmaceutical venture was even larger. Out of its laboratories emerged aspirin, the world’s most famous home remedy for pain and fever.

      Bayer was also responsible for the introduction of heroin, which it sold as a cure for morphine addiction and as a cough suppressant, especially effective in children.

      Later the Bayer laboratories developed methadone, in preparation for World War II, as a synthetic substitute for morphine.
      It was originally named Dolophine, in honor of Adolf Hitler.
      Today methadone is used principally in the treatment of heroin addiction”

      More useless information learned in reading the history of the German dye companies


  2. To be honest, complete legalisation of hard drugs would actually crowd out the high-purity ones like heroin, in favour of low-grade crap like laudanum. Laudanum is an alcoholic extraction of poppy pods, plus a large dose of spices to disguise the frankly appalling flavour of opiate alkaloids. The advantage of laudanum is that compared to heroin extraction, it is dirt cheap to produce and can be sold fairly easily. It is taken by mouth, so is easier to use than via injection, and will satisfy most smack-heads just as well.

    Of more interest would be some experimentation with alcohol substitutes. The normal youth attitude to alcohol is not to appreciate the subtle flavours of the single malt, but to neck crudely flavoured industrial ethanol/water mixes with the intention of getting utterly hammered. This is easily achieved, but the net effect on those who cannot handle this is that of endless pointless violence and disorder. Some experimentation with euphoriants and short-acting tranquilisers, though, might yield a drug mix that would get young morons equally slaughtered, but instead of producing the Barmy Army every night, a stoned version of Night of the Living Dead would instead ensue. Stoned zombies are much easier to corral than are pissed loons.


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