Just a little linkie…

The Perth (Australia) Daily News of 16th April 1923.

Yes, that’s 1923. What goes around, comes around.

Might take a little time to load the scanned paper. The internet was really slow in 1923, kiddies, and going back in time takes time.


13 thoughts on “Just a little linkie…

  1. So, all of Greenland was once covered in palms and other tropical plants, numerous fossilised remains prove. Must’ve been huge gas-guzzling cars in the distant past.

    This would seem to be a Creationist site and says:

    Brief on the Pre-Flood Weather….

    There is definite evidence that our planet once presented a warm subtropical climate from pole to pole.

    (i) Corals, which grow only in warm waters (of at least 20 degrees Centigrade) once grew near the poles. Canada, Alaska, Newfoundland, Greenland and Spitzbergen contain fossil coral.

    (ii) Coal seams are also found near the poles. The vast coal beds are simply fossilised remains of trees and plants.

    (iii) The remains of animals now confined to warm regions are found all over the earth.

    (iv) Antarctica: In 1976, an Italian expedition discovered away below the ice – a petrified forest!

    (v) Antarctica: The Admiral Byrd expedition found and photographed a mountain composed totally of coal, indicating former lush growth here. They also found ancient palm trees under the ice.

    (vi) Antarctica: In 1968, in the mountains of central Antarctica, an American expedition came upon the jaw bone of a crocodile-like amphibian (called a labyrinthodont), as well as skeletons of other animals – creatures that could have survived only in a warm to hot climate. Similar finds were made again in 1986.

    (vii) Northern polar regions: Abundant remains of tropical animals have been uncovered in icy Greenland, Alaska and Siberia.

    (viii) In these same northern polar regions are numerous fossil trees: beech, myrtle, laurel, breadfruit, cinnamen, oak, walnut, banana, grape vines, and so on. And from a line north of Labrador across to Alaska: giant sequoias.

    (ix) Spitzbergen and Greenland now shiver in darkness for half of the year and lie almost continuously under snow and ice. Yet a rich, temperate flora once covered these icy wastes in the Arctic Ocean. Fossil remains of magnolias, fig trees, palms, arborescent ferns (which are typically tropical) and animals from warm climates have been discovered… also pines, firs, spruces, cypresses, elms, hazels and water lilies.

    (x) South polar region: Redwood forests are found buried under massive ice deposits. These towering giants (now typically found in the north-west of the U.S.A.) once flourished in many diverse parts of the world, as evidenced by many coal and fossil finds.

    (xi) Back to the Arctic Circle: Here are two very interesting island groups – the New Siberian Islands and the Spitzbergen Islands. Remarkable things have been reported by explorers who have been there. Immense frozen gravel mounts were discovered to have entombed within them entire fruit trees with the fruit still on them. (D.G. Whitley, “ The Ivory Islands in the Arctic Ocean”, Journal of the Philosophical Society of Great Britain, XII, 1910, p.49. Cited in Earth in Upheaval, by Immanuel Velikovsky, Dell ed., 1955, p.19)

    (xii) In the New Siberian Islands, whole palm trees have been found, with their leaves and fruit.

    Others concur:

    “There is but one climate known to the ancient fossil world as revealed by the plants and animals entombed in the rocks, and the climate was a mantle of springlike loveliness which seems to have prevailed continuously over the whole globe. Just how the world could have thus been warmed all over may be a matter of conjecture; that it was so warmed effectively and continuously is a matter of fact. When nearly the same plants are found in Greenland and Guinea; when the same species, now extinct, are met with of equal development at the equator as at the pole, we cannot but admit that at this period the temperature of the globe was nearly alike everywhere. “(10)“ What we now call climate was unknown in these geological times. There seems to have been then only one climate over the whole globe.”(11) Paleobotanist R.W. Chaney has shown from fossil plants that the climate was slightly warmer near the equator and cooler near the poles. (12) There were these slight differences of latitude climate, but not the present zonal extremes. Overall, the climate of Planet Earth was mild and springlike, perfect from pole to pole.

    There is good reason to believe that this world of perfect climate existed within the memory of the human race. The traditions of ancient humanity preserve the recollection of it. The ancient Chinese say that before the great Catastrophe, “ four seasons succeeded each other regularly and without confusion. There were no impetuous winds, nor excessive rains. The sun and moon, without ever being clouded, furnished a light purer and brighter than now.”(13) Numerous ancient traditions contain details of the world “ before the Flood” , details which seem to stem from a common origin: the original perfect state; a glorious land; long age spans; but growing disobedience to spiritual laws and eventual destruction. (9)



    • The sticking point is ‘6000 years’. Geology can cast that aside in a moment, without even starting on biological sciences. Science is happy for creationists to hold on to that bit of dogma because without it, you guys could be asking much, much harder questions.

      Here’s one.

      Tracing back the X-chromosome takes us back to a single woman. Thousands of years ago, that one woman carried the ancestor of every X chromosome on the planet.

      Tracing back the Y chromosome gets, similarly, to one man. However, despite calling them ‘X-chromosome Eve’ and ‘Y-chromosome Adam’, science can dismiss the notion of Adam and Eve because their ‘Adam’ lived thousands of years later than their ‘Eve’.

      Which is exactly what the Bible says they should have found.

      Women carry two X- chromosomes. Men have one X and one Y.

      Noah’s sons all had their father’s Y-chromosome and one or other of their mother’s X chromosomes. It wasn’t Adam they traced back to. It was Noah. The only copy of the Y-chromosome on the planet.

      As for the X, there were four unrelated women on the Ark – Noah’s wife and his son’s wives. All had two X’s, one each from their respective mothers and fathers. Add in Noah’s X and you have nine different X chromosomes. So tracking back on X will pass straight through that time, to an earlier time. Maybe not all the way to Eve but certainly a lot farther back than after the Flood.

      According to the Bible, then, tracing back X should take you a lot further back in time than tracing back Y. Which is what science has found.

      Unfortunately the timescales involved are much more than 6000 years so you can’t use it. If you could, you could be doing a similar check on land mammals vs. aquatic animals. If the Flood is true then the land mammals will only go back as far as Noah while the aquatics will go back much further.

      See, if you’re going to call it science, you have to have the ability to adapt. Science throws out long-held theories that are subsequentley demonstrated to be wrong. Creationism does not – even when the dogma involved is not in the Bible at all – and that is its biggest weakness.

      Get rid of that and you can argue the point on almost any aspect of science. Every single item that is now denied by Creationism can be explained in terms of a designed creation. Continental drift, evolution, dinosaurs, all of it. But none of it can even begin to be discussed as long as you stick rigidly to ‘6000 years’.

      If Creationism is ever going to get anywhere it will have to – dare I say it? – evolve.


  2. As climate “science” is never wrong, the warming must have been caused by something like the amount of high explosive released up to five years before 1923. After all, it must be due to human activity, as the alternatives may not be contemplated.


  3. Interesting LI.

    Did you notice in the same paper – ‘The “forbidden” city’ (page 6)?
    German policy of ‘Verboten’.

    “Unless he is forbidden something your German does not feel he is being governed”

    “We have all known and smiled at the German weakness for forbidding things. Traveled Germans joined in the smiling”

    It is forbidden to place flowerpots on the window sill, whistle in the street, hotels are forbidden to serve butter with breakfast, we are forbidden to eat more than one meat dish at a meal, etc. etc.

    ‘The police will soon have power to forbid any amusement tending to excite the popular mind “Verbot!” It is forbidden.’

    ‘ Today it is a Prussianised, machine-stamped Germany. The elasticity has gone out of it. It’s life is sapped of individuality.’

    Were they smiling 15-20 years later when they discovered what this ‘verboten’ culture would eventually lead to?

    Does any of this sound familiar today?


  4. Warwick Argus, Saturday 24 February 1900

    Death from Excessive Smoking.

    Aunt Peggy Bailey, the oldest maid in the United States, died recently. She was 112 years old last March, and had smoked pipes since she was eight.— Daily Graphic.

    Tobacco, I have loved thee well,
    Thy praises oft my tongue would tell
    What time in meads of asphodel
    With thee I wandered.
    At midnight glowed my kindly clay,
    My fancy firing; dawning day
    Reddened as o’er thine ashes gray
    Pensive I pondered.

    Yet had I known the fatal draught
    That in thy curling wreaths quaffed.
    More deadly than the poisoned shaft
    Of wild barbarians.
    Then had I broken clay and brier,
    And dashed the fragments in the fire,
    Forswearing thee, destroyer dire
    Of centenarians.

    For who thy poison can defy?
    Thy victims in their thousands die,
    Thick as the butcher’d heaps that lie
    Countless at Blenheim.
    For time itself can help provide;
    They that a hundred years defied
    Fall in their centenarian pride,
    Felled by thy venom.

    Yet haply, spite of all they say,
    I had not broken brier and clay,
    Nor quite so lightly thrown away
    The joy that fills one;
    But lingered on, spite poison slow,
    Another sixty years or so;
    It takes a century, you know
    Before it kills one.

    — Punch.



  5. Article text, suitable for copy and pasteCouncils Against Smoking Ban

    On the motion of Councillor L. H. Lewin, the Woodville Council last night decided to notify the Municipal Associa-

    tion that it did not favor pro posed legislation prohibitine smoking in public dining rooms. The Unley Council passed ? similar resolution.

    Article text, suitable for copy and pasteSchool Lifts Smoking Ban

    NEW YORK, Fri: Surrepti tious smoking among school boys will be a thing of the past at the Goshen High School (New York State). Smoking rooms are soon to be installed.

    Headmaster Charles Hooker has decided to allow open smoking because most parents replied to a questionnaire that they did not mind.


    Article text, suitable for copy and pasteProposed Smoking, Ban Rejected ;

    At the half-yearly meeting of the Municipal Association at the Adelaide Town Ball yester- day, a majority of council re-

    presentatives rejected a pro posal by Prospect Board of Health to ban smoking in public! rtining rooms. A motion that £3 deposit should be paid by those nomi nated for council vacancies was carried. I


    Article text, suitable for copy and pasteAlgerians

    Ban Smoking

    LONDON, August 6 (A.AP.). -An edict Issued by the Al gerian rebel movement, the National Liberation Front, for bids Algerians living in France to smote, the penalty for dis obedience being deprivation of “Algerian nationality,” the Paris correspondent of the “lime*” reported today.

    The reason Is that the French Government recently increaaad the purchase tax on tobacco to help finance the tinjnltfi against the rebels.

    gramme of £51,683. There were big cities, like Toowoomba, which raised under 50 per cent, and Mackay, with approximately 61 per cent.

    Mr Walsh told the delegates: “I put this to you, because where the local authority has approval to raise the money and falls to raise it, whatever the obstacles are, I do not think you should blame the Government.”


    Article text, suitable for copy and pasteSMOKING BAN.

    Theatre Managers Indignant.

    LONDON”, Monday.-Theatre mana gers aro indignantly opposing the smoking ban. Tboy declare that they have already boen inundated with, let ters from patrons urging a vigorous protest. Tho theatre is already suf fering from tho opposition of talking cinemas, whero smoking is pormitted. Tho ban, it is hold, will do incalculable harm, “because everybody smokes nowadays.”

    Amazing that lil search bar in that link will bring up


    • I think what it is,they want a complete account of every dollar/Euro/ or form of money known and where it is. This is more about confiscation than money laundering. Remember when they took all the depositors money in Cyprus,then befor that spain,portugal and how many others took all the pension fund money and replaced it with IOUs to meet EU demands before bailouts would be made,besides the bloody smoking ban implementations……………If Europe needs another nudge to explode into total rebellion its coming.


    • The Brown Gorgon raided UK pensions years ago. There have also been calls for ‘dormant bank accounts’ (where people store a stash of money for later years) to be raided and closed too.

      The only safe place to keep money is under the bed!


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