Open goal?

The blame for the floods in Somerset can be laid not at Man’s door, but at the doors of many men. These men try to deflect the blame onto Man when they should be accepting responsibility for their actions. The EU is involved, the Environment Agency that cares more about molluscs than people, the Green agenda which seems determined to wipe out all humanity (but aren’t keen to lead by example), various idiot governments, and possibly more.

All this is not the filling for a tinfoil hat. As EUReferendum points out, it is documented.

So why aren’t UKIP shouting about it?

Some commenters are incensed by the recent comments attributed to Nigel Farage. Wiggia goes so far as to see it as an organised attack on UKIP, but I don’t think it is. I’d expect an organised (in the loosest sense of the word) attack from the Big Three but what I see in the likes of the Boiling Frog and other’s writings is more a sense of bitter disappointment. UKIP, and Farage in particular, seem to have completely missed an open goal.

Then again, whenever the subect comes up, all the opposing parties have to say is ‘Here we go, UKIP blaming it all on Brussels again’ – but it IS at least partly their fault! They would be right to point it out. The government are trying to blame it on global warming when they and their puppet masters are the ones responsible. ‘Global change’ or ‘climate warming’ or whatever it’s called today translates to ‘It’s your fault, proles.’

Yet there is documentary evidence that the enviroloons refused to clear silt from rivers or maintain pumping stations and that this insanity can be traced to some EU empty suit dozing in an office somewhere.

This disaster is not ‘Man-made’ but ‘man-made’.

Don’t bother even telling the Green Drones about this. I saw one in the Mail comments earlier who, when told about the Little Ice Age, responded ‘If there really was a little ice age, why isnt it on Mann’s hockey stick graph?’

Unfortunately I was too stunned to see that level of reality-disconnect in print to remember which of today’s fifty weather articles it was on.

Honestly. The Green Drones believe that a long-discredited squiggly line trumps historical fact. Do not attempt to converse with them. They will suck the IQ right out of your brain. In fact, they should be legally mandated to have warnings tattooed on their foreheads.

But back to UKIP. Why are they not pointing out the EU connection here? It’s a fair question. Farage last called for a public enquiry into the reasons behind the neglect of these rivers. Maybe he’s hoping that someone else, someone not of UKIP, will be forced to admit that it stemmed from EU policies?

Forget it, Nige. They will never admit it themselves. Never. They will conclude that it was caused by the extra lump of coal Grandma Penury added to her fire one freezing night in 1963. Anything but admit their own culpability. Their drones wil sing along, as always, because they are irredeemably stupid and believe absolutely any old shit as long as you first work out what their prejudices are, then play to them, then introduce new ones. It’s not at all difficult. The hardest part is keeping a straight face while you watch them lap it all up.

I have two questions for UKIP, in fact. Aside from the ‘why ignore the big blue elephant in the room’ one, I have another.

At this time, when they are in serious danger of winning seats in the next election, should we not be hearing of more of the party? Should we not be seeing a structure emerge? If you were to ask me about UKIP potential MPs now, I could only name Nigel Farage. We hear about few of them. Really, apart from Nigel himself, we mostly hear about the ones who get expelled or disciplined for generally behaving like dicks.

Why does Nigel do all the interviews? Is there anyone else in that party? Who would be Chancellor or Home Secretary or Health Minister or Environment Minister? On any subject at all, it’s Nigel who does the interviews.

Now, I like the guy. Never met him but he seems an affable bloke. Still, nobody can do everything. When someone tries, all they manage is a superficial layer of knowledge on each subject. That’s why we have specialists. Concentrate on one aspect and learn all the details of that one aspect. Leave other aspects to other specialists.

There should be a UKIP environment spokesman/woman/thing at this stage of the party’s development. Someone tasked with researching that one area. Someone who would have known how far the Environment Agency was under the Brussels thumb. Someone else tasked with financial matters who could go to interviews and explain exactly where the money is wasted.

You can’t do it all yourself, Nige. Nobody could.

We need to see that UKIP is not just Nigel Farage. We need to see some real expertise in the detail of each particular area.

I’ll still vote for UKIP even if they don’t manage to spread the load from one man. Even if it was only Nigel Farage standing for every seat, the alternatives are worse.

Yes, a swing to UKIP might mean Labour gets in again but really, does it matter any more which of those three gets in? There’s no difference between any of them anyway.

Might as well take a chance.

Well, early night for me. Up at horrible o’clock tomorrow. Fortunately it’s a one-off, I’ll have a more sensible 10 am start the rest of the week.


36 thoughts on “Open goal?

  1. Must agree far too much of a one man band, though I have seen one or two who are good, a woman, can’t remember her name, I think she might have challenged at Eastleigh. Most however are unimpressive on the rare occasion you hear from them. I think the over exposure of Nigel is not doing him any favours UKIP, as you said, has to show they have some expertise. I am disappointed in them so far.


    • There was a woman UKIP member, high in the party, talking about the floods. Expert? She kept referring to the ‘environmental agency’ but I have to allow that it could have been deliberate.

      I can’t recall her name. Farage overshadows the entire party.


    • Dear Cherie

      ” I am disappointed in them so far.”

      Be disappointed in yourself. They are you, but doing something more than typing words.

      Google eastleigh ukip: Third item down is your failed memory’s legacy – two months old.

      It is the media that pushes Nigel ahead of anyone else, plus a certain amount of selective memory, but other UKIP members do appear on Question Time.



  2. XX UKIP, and Farage in particular, seem to have completely missed an open goal.XX

    Because NO one, no party, in Europe does “opposition” any more. They just have discussions about who’s turn on the roundabout it is next.


    • The conflict of interest has not escaped me. Almost all UKIP’s success comes in Euro elections and that’s where their income comes from too. If they succeed in what they say they plan, they cut off pretty much all their funding.

      They are in a position to be easily corrupted. Whether they have been, I have no idea, but they are in that position and that is not a good place to be.


  3. “the Environment Agency that cares more about molluscs than people..,”

    Oh, it cares about certain people very much – or should I say, certain identity groups?

    What the ‘Mail’ fails to mention is that this money is a tiny percentage of its budget (not that that’s much comfort to flooded householders) and that ALL civil service departments will be doing the same. It’s not, sadly, a unique failing of the EA.


    • Unsurprisingly, that’s hit a very raw nerve.

      Was it you who once wrote (along the lines of) ‘The love that once dare not speak it’s name now won’t shut up’?


    • I wonder what the reaction would be if you slipped a mug into their canteen quoting Monty Python –

      “Rule One. Nah Pooftahs.”

      Heads might explode. The CCTV would break records on YouTube.


  4. Very good points, Leggie.
    Unless something completely unforeseeable happens I will be voting UKIP, but I’d like the public to be able to see more spokespeople than just Farage.
    To be fair, they have put up others on Any Questions on Radio 4. Perhaps they’ve done so on Question Time? ( I don’t know, I haven’t got a TV. ) But Any Questions, and the radio generally, does not reach many.
    UKIP should have spokespeople ready to go on Breakfast Time, Sky News and other TV stations.


    • Also in the newspapers. Aside from Our Nige, the only ones in the news are the mad councillor who thinks the floods are caused by gay marriages (right up there with global warming in my book) and Godfrey Bloom, who actually fits the party’s refusal to be PC perfectly well.


  5. It’s interesting what the Boiling Frog has written – also with reference to Dan Hannan, whom I have accused on his Telegraph blog of being a double agent – a sort of escape valve for EUrorealistic Tories to try to keep them from voting for UKIP. A glimmer of hope for those with only a glimmer of common sense.

    That’s a very good point about the other people in UKIP. Who are they? Where are they hiding? Their ‘Environment’ spokesman/woman/personage could get be enjoying national media coverage and then there would be two ‘Kippers the masses would know and they would know just how much of this flooding palaver is due directly to the EU.

    I’ve voted for them for years and I could only reel off a handful of names. I even forget the name of the deputy leader – the big, bald, loud Scouser.

    Or are they our worst nightmare? This will be tinfoil hattery for some, but remember that the real PTB know what their game plan is decades, sometimes generations, in advance, so they would have known that with a burgeoning EU-wide police state would come opposition and like the official ‘Opposition’ in Westminster, they would want to control it too.

    Is UKIP the real deal? It’s the only hope we have, politically, in the short time we have to turn things around.

    As for why thickos become MPs. Clearly, a ‘special’ type of person is attracted to that profession (people with big ambitions, but no qualifications?). I think many are probably genuine enough, but were picked due to loyalty to Party and so what the public wants and the country needs don’t count.

    They only believe in Party = EU policy = UN agendas (global governance).


    • I have also wondered lately about Dan Hannan. He keeps calling himself a Eurosceptic, but I do not think it means what he thinks it means.

      There was a child up the road from me whose parents proudly declared he wanted to be a politician. I met the child in question and he was a dick with no friends. Proves your point, I think.


  6. The problem with Farage I think is that he percieves anyone with more inelligence than himself as a threat, he needs to step down and get Dr North back to UKIP as leader.
    Only then will LIbLabCon be on the ropes.


    • Maybe not step down, but at least step back. Let the others show what they can do. Otherwise he is wide open to Thatcherism and Blair accusations – a one-person Cabinet where the rest just obey orders.


  7. Well if Leggy became a member we’d know two people in UKIP, and I like the sound of Minister for Fags, Booze and Common Fucking Sense.


      • In fact, it looks like motion carried, LI. A new career beckons! As a former lecturer at uni, your oratory and debating skills would, I’m sure. be up to the challenge. And as Myk says, we are desperately in need of a Minister for Fags, Booze and Common Fucking Sense. You’d win any seat you contested.


    • I’ve never joined a political party. The only thing I joined at University was the Frog Society, dedicated to excess drinking and excess in pretty much everything we could think of. I was poster-maker.

      Later, I joined the Painless Cyder and Ludo Club, the entry form for which included the question ‘Are you now, have you ever been, are you likely to, or does your father in his spare time?’ This also involved considerable boozing. And Ludo.

      I see little point in joining one now. To get selected as a candidate I’d have to toe the PC line and agree with all party declarations and I cannot and do not. Not even in UKIP.

      Maybe start a new one, the Adult Party. It will centre on treating people as adults and on acting all grown-up. Slogan – “We grew up. You can too.”

      The title is deliberately intended to let the hysterical papers conflate it with the adult entertainment industry and label us all as being in the pay of Big Dick.

      You cannot buy publicity like that. And it would all be free!

      What it would need is organisation. Not my forte.


  8. The blame for the floods in Somerset can be laid not at Man’s door, but at the doors of many men

    It seems that the Dutch have had to succumb too, but at least they are honest about it and pay compensation rather than just neglecting to dredge and flooding the farmers out.

    The Dutch solution to floods: live with water, don’t fight it

    “With more than half the country at or below sea level, the Dutch are experts on water management – and its people have had to make sacrifices.”

    “There are no financial packages for people who have to move. “They get the market value of their house and that is all. We will help them find another place, but not financially. The only thing we do is to make sure that they do not lose money.”

    He insists people will accept the situation “if you are honest and proactive and go to people and talk to them and take their fears seriously”. Only two cases have been taken to court by people who didn’t want to leave, both of which have been won by Room for the River.”

    “Of course there is opposition and of course people are hurt,” said Brouwers. “They aren’t singing and dancing about it. If you are the third generation in that house and you have to move it is terrible. But we have to find a way to live with water rather than fight it. Our task is clear. Our cashflow is constant. The programme is on track.


  9. Incidentally, the Environtment Agency were caught selling off dredging equipment last week.

    Farmers outraged after EA sells off dredging equipment

    “THE Environment Agency is in the process of selling off dredging equipment which could be used to relieve the flooding crisis, Farmers Guardian has learned.

    Machinery buyers contacted FG after seeing equipment being ‘sold off cheap’ at auction.

    Cranes which can be mounted onto barges for dredging and large diggers are among the equipment which has gone under the hammer over the last few weeks.

    The next lot, which includes a long-reach excavator able to remove large quantities of earth and material from underwater, was due to be auctioned off at Brightwells action house near Hereford tomorrow (Friday).

    However the lot has recently been taken off the website.

    A message on the site said: “We have been instructed by the seller to withdraw lots 649, 650 and 651 on behalf of the seller. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.”


  10. “We need to see that UKIP is not just Nigel Farage” yes, but first we have to get Farage to see that UKIP is not just Nigel Farage.
    He is all to willing to throw people under the bus.. the incident with the lad left handed ‘nazi salute’, the correct response to things like that, the manufactured ‘outrage’, is to say “Oh fuck off and don’t be so silly”, not to grovel, squirm and apologise. Similarly for the Bloom slut ‘outrage’.
    He is forever banging on about how non pc UKIP is, how people may speak their minds and how democratic the party is and then acting directly against those things… and there are many unanswered questions regarding the MEP selection process… not quite as ‘democratic’ as one might hope.
    I’ve given up as a member, jacked it in, how the fuck can anyone canvas on the manifesto that the cheeky cnut said was drivel after signing it off ? How can you canvas when you know that the only policies you have are what Farage makes on the hoof ?
    Then we have the shite about making a DJ celeb the Spokesman on Culture Media and Sport,,, in old UKIP the policy would be for that nonsensical ‘Ministry’ to be disbanded and all the parasites sacked.
    Farage wants to ‘professionalise’ ( read modernise ) the party; he can probably see how well that went for the tories; he needs putting back in his box, trimming back to size, he is quite capable of snatching defeat from the jaws of victory if he carries on as a one man band..


    • I think you’re right. Culture , Media and Sport should be no business of government. Nor should art and theatre, and they should only fund ‘blue-sky’ scientific research. Anything commercial or profitable can be left to be paid for by the industries that will profit from it. When the wild ideas reach marketability, government should drop them. Either they boost business or they fail.

      Are there any DJs left they can use? I thought they had all been arrested for something they didn’t do fifty years ago.


  11. They have a farcebook page and some interesting members, who like to keep each other informed. I often find out stuff which is going on in the world, which for some unknown reason never sees daylight on the Beeb or the rest of the UK press. Did you know that Switzerland has capped immigration numbers and in retaliation, the EU has frozen research grants to Swiss universities??? No, me neither.


    • XX Did you know that Switzerland has capped immigration numbers and in retaliation, the EU has frozen research grants to Swiss universities??? No, me neither.XX

      Every one else in the world did…. well.. a lot of us.

      This is where the Swiss system falls down.

      They want to ride two horses. Swiss “Direct democcracy,” and the E.U dictatorship.

      “Democracy is only as good as what the dictatorship will allow.”

      The Swiss are finding that out rapidly.


  12. There is also the factor of what the MSM allow to get out and be publicized. For example, when UKIP point something about about the Conservatives, it’s covered. When about Labour, it’s not.


  13. If you want an even better example of a disconnect with reality, check out the comment by BigBear63 in this Grauniad feature (I still cannot figure out if commenter is for real, or just extracting the Michael), starting with:

    … It did gall me having to listen to his abuse of the scientific method by forcing the scientist to agree to the fact that there was no absolute proof of any global warming, let alone man-made. Ludicrous and ignorant.

    The remainder suggests he IS being serious… but that could still be part of the joke!


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