Smack me, Nanny!

Another ‘deadly Electrofag’ story today. This time it’s theenk of the puppeees.

An idiot left his bottle of E-juice where his puppy could reach it (on a dining room table? Really? Big puppy – or low table). The dog chewed through it and drank the juice and died. Which is bollocks. The juice tastes absolutley vile. If a dog, or any other animal,  punctured the bottle he’d spit the lot out pronto.

If it was a puppy then the bottle must surely have been left on a coffee table. A stupid place to leave anything if you have puppies – or worse, children – in your house. Surely any puppy or child owner would realise within a day that anything they can reach, they will reach?

And since those bottles have a skull and crossbones on them, it cannot be beyond the meanest intelligence to realise that they should be kept out of harm’s way?

So, is the idiot full of remorse for something that is entirely his fault?

There are currently warnings on the bottles but grandfather Keith wants to see e-liquid become a controlled substance before it kills another animal.

Of course not. He wants it to be a controlled substance. So he’d have to pay more for the bottle of juice, possibly have to have a licence to buy it and then leave it on a table where his new dog can get at it. Making it a controlled substance would not have saved his puppy. You cannot legislate against stupid.

I think this is another made-up story. A total fabrication. It doesn’t even make sense.

A vaper stupid enough to leave e-juice lying around. A puppy that can reach something on a dining room table and who delights in the taste of bitter alkaloids. Then a call to make the whole thing more expensive even though it is patently obvious that the price of the e-juice is irrelevant here. It does not matter what it cost, it does not matter how it is regulated, the only thing that matters is where he left it.

This is, ostensibly, a vaper calling for his own punishment from Nanny – a punishment that cannot possibly affect his future carelessness. I call fake.

The final nail in this one – if it was a true story, the RSPCA would have prosecuted him by now.

There really are no depths they won’t plumb, are there?



(Apologies for the lack of response to comments. It’s going to be like this all week, unfortunately – but next week I am on nocturnal shift and will be less dazed).


20 thoughts on “Smack me, Nanny!

  1. I have pet rats. Who stay in their cages. But one night, while I was asleep, one of them escaped. (smart girl figured out how to open the latch). As well as unrolling the toilet paper roll and leaving a long toilet paper trail all down my hallway, and tipping over my small trash cans, she bit into a bottle of chocolate-flavored e-liquid that I’d left on a low coffee table. I’d left it there because it never entered my mind that one of my pet rats could get out of her cage. Anyway, I don’t think she drank any because she left a big puddle of e-liquid all over the coffee table, and if she did happen to lick some up, she certainly didn’t die, or even get the slightest bit sick. Well, from then on, I kept my e-liquid in a high cabinet. If I had a puppy, kitty or young child, I would never leave e-liquid out where it’s easily accessible to a free-roaming small creature. Hmm – guess that means a whole bunch of things are in line to be banned now, all because some dumb guy with a puppy didn’t put his e-liquid away. But I agree, the story is probably a big fake anyway.


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  3. I don’t believe it either, still can’t figure how this hysteria took hold. I remember being told I shouldn’t smoke as I was exposing my cats to passive smoking. Well despite my late husband and I being heavy smokers our cats lived to 21, 19, 18, how long did they think they would have lived if we didn’t smoke!


  4. Leg, puppies will eat almost anything, so *that* part of the story I can believe. And I’d also have to admit that, given dogs’ supposed sensitivity to nicotine and the possibility that it was a hi-nic level liquid that some folks use for mixing with plain pg or vg and the further possibility that it was a 60 ml bottle instead of one of the little 6ml bottles… well, yeah, all those factors added together make it possible.

    Of course there are probably dozens of dogs that die every year from doing the same with a bottle of aspirin tablets, or licking up a bit of antifreeze during a walk, or even knocking over a bottle of vodka and drinking the resulting puddle. And that’s not even MENTIONING all the Doggie Deaths Due To Chocolate!

    – MJM


    • A story that I think YOU will appreciate Leg…

      I came back from pubbing one Halloween night about 20 years ago to find the floor covered in what looked like pools of blood — at least a half dozen of them scattered through my three first floor rooms. PuppyDog was nowhere to be found. I eventually found her, curled up and seemng to be peacefully asleep in her “supersafety place” under the covers on my bed, with another large blood pool next to said bed.

      Not blood.

      Too brown.

      Partially digested, fully melted chocolate from the large basket of leftover Halloween candy that she’d gotten into.

      Amazing she survived: She was indeed actually just peacefully asleep by that point. She must have eaten at LEAST fifty little chocolate bars, and she’d hidden dozens of others all around the house that she would come trotting out with over the next few days.



    • The fact that it’s a staffordshire might make a difference; having grown up with a succession of them, I can vouch for the fact that they will eat ANYTHING.

      That ‘ingested a tiny amount’ just doesn’t ring true; when discovered in mid-raid, they immediately bolt down all the evidence regardless of edibility. If the owner was in the kitchen, he could not have seen what else she might have found.

      As for their assertion that one cigarette will make a 40lb dog ‘very sick’, I think I have mentioned here before that the smallest and daintiest of our terriers had a lamentable habit of stealing cigarettes from unwary guests and chewing them on the hearthrug at night, yet always enjoyed excellent health. (She was also very partial to unattended glasses of gin, but that’s another story.)


      • I had a cat who loved alcohol, if you left any drink within reach she would have it, especially partial to vodka and tonic! Then she would lie on the sofa with her four paws in the air. Suzy was an Iranian wild cat and the most intelligent cat I have ever had and I have had a lot of cats. I brought her with me when we were evacuated from Teheran in 1979, thankfully we were evacuated by the US military who took pets otherwise I would have donned a chador and stayed rather than leave her behind. Yes, I know a lot of people think I am mad but they do anyway because I had/have lung cancer and still smoke, maybe I am !!!


      • I knew a girl who used to ‘borrow’ a coigarette nopw and then. She didn’t smoke, she fed it to her horse.

        Apparently it’s a very good way to clear them of gut-worms.


  5. I strongly suspect that this story IF it’s true, involves one of Judy’s aforementioned “flavoured” juices. In my experience neither dogs or nor cats have the slightest interest one way or the other in tobacco/nicotine. If anyone has a dog, just give it a try. Open up a new pack of cigs within earshot of the dog = instant interest and a hopeful look, as it sounds rather like a sweetie/goody bag being opened. Then offer said dog a sniff of the open box, or take a cigarette out and let him/her have a sniff of one of those. Result? Total and utter disinterest – neither recoiling in horror nor being even remotely interested in “sampling” the product. At worst, you’ll get a rather reproachful look that the crackly, interesting-sounding packet you were opening only contains something so utterly disinteresting!


  6. As you can buy roast chicken flavour juice, I’m guessing you can buy chocolate flavour. Maybe it was that, although whether a dog would consume it is another thing?

    But hold on. What if there was a dog rescue centre in Redruth and the antis got a pup just to make a story? You know, like I’ve claimed several times that local council chiefs intentionally give unemployed Muslims £1.5 million houses to live in then ring the Mail offices with the story?

    We know the ‘system’ bumps off people who aren’t terminally illl on the LCP, so what’s a rescue dog? Maybe it’s training. I think to be an IRA killer you had to prove yourself by shooting a dog first.

    But I see Redruth only has a population of 14,000 – little more than my town and we don’t have a rescue place that I know of. But wait, what’s this: the K9 Crusaders are just a few miles from Redruth. Here’s their website:

    Does the Mail describe it as an “RSPCA rescue centre” to try to put people off the scent? Because look at the current bunch of dogs needing homes at K9. There’s a lot of Staffies down there….

    Maybe by killing a dog, Mr Sutton has proven his suitability to work in an NHS hospital. Just daydreaming now, but you can just imagine it….


  7. This came out beginning of the week on radio Cornwall, with a live interview with the dogs owner and the president of the veterinary association. It came across like a propaganda piece for ‘these need to be controlled’ brigade with usual disinformation on no one knows the harmful effects or whats in the e liquid and think of the children rolled out at every opportunity. There are plenty of household items medicines cleaning products and the like that if not stored safely could have deadly results if a pet or child were to get hold them. What happened to personal responsibility?


  8. I doubt that the evile nicotine had much to do with the dog, even though we read of a

    nicotine-laced liquid

    . It probably was the polyethylene glycol. Remember, ethylene glycol is the sweet-tasting component of antifreeze that make it so attractive to dogs and since poly means many and many must be better than just one ethylene it is only science to conclude that …what was the desired result again?

    The impulse to pass a law that would in no way alter the present circumstance…when you think on it, he should just throw a pinch of salt over his shoulder and chant the incant. It would have at least as much influence on the course of events.


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