So now they own them all…

Last odd early tomorrow and to add to my misery I now have a cold. This is entirely due to the restricted whisky intake imposed by having to be sober in the morning.

Could it get worse? Mains powerr is flickering, sometimes dropping me out of the internet altogether and needing a router reboot to get it going again.

Then, I see the Scottish Nannying Puritans have stolen an idea from Panoptica. When you are born, who you are born to is irrelevant. The State allocates your parent. This prevents favouritism, foirces diversity and leaves a few spare ones for the darker pleasures of the elite.

Is that what Oily Al has in mind? Doesn’t matter. It’s an accusation he has now left himself wide open to dealing with.

Okay. I am out of here before the power goes off again. Also I must try to sleep while coughing hard enough to run a fracking operation and with a nose that runs to Olympic standards and which seems determined to raise sea levels all on its own.

Bah. It’s years since I last had a cold. Now I remember why.


16 thoughts on “So now they own them all…

  1. There’s a widely accepted theory that the 100 year gagging order on certain aspects of the Dunblane enquiry are to protect the paedophiles that the killer had been supplying children to, i.e. the local nobs: judges, police chiefs and an MP, if memory serves.

    So, this can only make it easier for the country’s sick elite (bound to secrecy by Freemasonic oaths) to have their twisted way – if any bother to remain in an “independent” Scotland. Of course they will. Their socialist policies will eradicate the middle classes and there will only be the proletariat and the elite remaining.

    The only reason for indy-pretence (direct rule from Brussels, cutting out the Westminster middlemen) is to break up the Continent into more manageable pieces and instal these puppet socialist leaders.

    I’m sure in future years, we can expect Welsh indy-pretence and maybe Spain, Germany and Italy returning to their traditional constituent lands and city states.

    Simply add a Frankfurt School graduate, like Oily Rag, as Führer, et voilà: Middle Age slavery and poverty return and the elite own us all.

    As it is, they like to believe they own us. I probably told you how my last GP intended to “manage” me. I objected to his term. “You don’t like ‘manage’?”, he said and changed his wording.


  2. If it’s any consolation, Leggy, the first crocuses have opened in my garden, Spring is on it’s way North.
    I hope you feel much better soon.


  3. I don’t know about paedo rings, Stewart; my impression is that it’s simply that the regulatory system that was in place at the time failed spectacularly and there’s absolutely nothing in the redacted evidence to suggest that the new régime can’t fail in exactly the same way. They wanted total civilian disarmament for their own ends, so the evidence showing that it can’t stop determined nutters from murdering kids had to be suppressed. If people knew what really happened before Dunblane – whatever that is, and I certainly wouldn’t discount anything in the rat’s nest that is Scottish politics – they might start asking why the next maniac couldn’t skirt his way round the system too.

    This state guardian thing’s almost beyond parody. As I’ve said in comments over at Samizdata and AM’s place recently, the Panglosses of Wealthy Nation and their ilk are deluding themselves: there isn’t a hope in Hell that the responsibility of statehood is going to shock the Scottish political class into rediscovering classical liberalism, fiscal rectitude, or conservative values. Partly this is because an EU state doesn’t have the responsibilities of a truly independent one, but mainly it’s because this is the sort of thing they do with the power they have already, and it’s just an amuse-bouche for what they have in store once they have a wee playground state of their own. They claim to emulate Norway (or is it Iceland, or Ireland?), but all I see is an unsavoury amalgam of Argentina, Venezuela, and Greece.

    Dammit, I wish I could afford to emigrate. If only to Carlisle.

    But yes, Rose, there’s definitely been a faint whiff of spring in the air over the last week or so. I even ventured out without my overcoat the other day. Got soaked, right enough, but not frozen. All the best, Legiron. I know how you feel. I haven’t “done mornings” for ages either, and I’ve got jury duty next week. 9:45 start. As you say, there’ll be folk wondering what I’m grousing about, but if you aren’t used to it…

    Grr. Bloody government.


    • They aren’t clear on that, and they aren’t clear on how much they plan to award themselves to pay for it. I suspect there will be a whole new layer of State-Nannies created for the purpose.

      One thing is for sure, the parents won’t get any say at all.


  4. Most domestic routers run off 12volts DC, and they usually have a pretty standard 2.1 or 2.5mm socket. I have an assortment of sealed lead/acid batteries around the place, with suitable leads. If you use a laptop as well, you can cover most short term power outages.


    • I hadn’t thought of that. Thanks for that tip.

      I do have laptops and even a couple of little handhelds, but I still prefer the desktop. It’s a bit like using a typewriter these days I suppose, but then most of what I use it for is typing.


      • A basic UPS (Uninteruptible Power Supply) will provide 5-10 minutes of cover during a cut. Enough to save any work and shut down the PC, or if it’s only a brief drop out, you can carry on regardless. If you have one of these it will power the router as well. All good computer shops sell them if you can’t find something online. Most use the ubiquitous 7Amp Hour ~ 12v batteries commonly found in alarm panels, so you might be lucky to find a good S/H unit just needing a new battery. They are rated at both maximum output, and how long they will sustain a particular load. Optional larger batteries last longer, but take more time to re-charge when depleted.

        Oh, and if you do consider powering the router directly from a battery, TAKE CARE to get the polarity correct. Look closely at the markings to see if the if the centre pin is +ve. Or check the existing PSU with a meter.


  5. a named person to monitor their wellbeing

    What is that? It sounds an awful lot like what we call a “parole officer”. Probably be about as useful in rearing a child as nipples are to boar hogs.

    I watched my parents raise six children, and I raised one myself. There were days when had some officious needlenose offered to intervene between child and parent he’d have been told “Take the yardapes and raise them up yourself; I wash my hands of the whole enterprise.”


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