Prosecuting Watchers.

I feel like crap, but less crap than last night. So there is improvement. Today my nose seems to be trying to rid me of the virus via some kind of trunk tsunami. I hope it works before my body runs out of fluid. With luck, tomorrow it will reach the crusty stage which is manageable and means it’s nearly finished. Spontaneous nasal outpourings are never welcome in polite company.

Tonight I bought one of the Poundland DVDs – that ‘pay your pound, take your chance’ display. My plan is to drink whisky and watch a film that might be good or rubbish and then sleep. Tomorrow work starts at 1 pm, much more civilised.

I see we have laws against stalkers – well, we had them before but now we have lovely vague ones that can apply to anyone who so much as looks at anyone else. Since ‘stalking people in a way that makes them afraid or forces them to change their behaviour’ means a prison sentence, I look forward to the courts being full of CCTV operators, DrinkAware campaigners, charity chuggers and antismoking fake-coughers.

Doesn’t apply to them? Read it again. It definitely does apply to them. All of them.

Campaigners want more prosecutions. I say, hand them all the stalkers they can carry.

By coincidence, the film I plan to sneeze and sniff through this evening is called ‘Prowl’, subtitled ‘The hunt is on’.

They should have called the police, who would have immediately rounded up and arrested all the subhuman bloodthirsty creatures. Stalking is a serious crime, you know.


Update: Not a bad film (keep in mind Poundland sell it – for a pound, but only where their random stock lands). You’ll guess the twist long before the end although it’s still well done. For a change, the blonde girl doesn’t die first. That is a major departure from standard horror film format. I don’t recall a single twisted ankle or stumble when the monster is after them either.

Blood and gore galore so if that’s a turnoff, best skip it. Otherwise, well worth the price.


4 thoughts on “Prosecuting Watchers.

    • After a Vindaloo, you need rain. You stick your arse out of the window to cool it down.

      I’ve even struggled to get whisky in these last few days, can’t taste it, might as well drink water. Things are improving.


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