When you can’t win, don’t fight.

At least, not openly.

A woman was fined for littering, for dropping a cigarette end out of her car window. She refused to pay the fixed penalty notice and the courts increased her fine to a total of just over £1000.

Now, I don’t consider littering an actual crime. It’s unsociable and unpleasant but in a country where thugs can kick the shit out of you in public and where we are seeing more and more drive-by shootings (how’s that handgun ban working out, Righteous?), you would think that the police would be far too busy to bother about the odd dog-end in the road.

There could be an argument of ‘fire risk’ – in one of those hot dry summers back when global warming didn’t seem quite such the load of utter bollocks it evidently is now – but the whole country is soaked through at the moment. You’d be hard pressed to set fire to woodlands with a blowtorch, never mind a cigarette.

The thing is, she was never going to win this. Smokers are legitimate whipping boys now. Anything a smoker does is magnified way over what a feral scrote does. They can throw  empty Red Stripe cans all over the park with impunity but you drop a cigarette end and you’re pounced on.

If it goes to court, you are not going to win. The courts are corrupt anyway, and if they have a sniff of money they will take all they can from you. It doesn’t even matter if you are guilty or not, they just want your money. If you are one of the hated groups they will also want to make an example of you. In that case, it doesn’t even matter if you have broken any laws. They’ll just make something up.

To be clear – I do not condone the throwing of anything from cars. Seeing grass verges covered with cans and wrappers is disgusting. The least disgusting thing in there is in fact a cigarette end. Made from cellulose and soaked in insecticide, it’s actually a good thing to have there. It also disappears easily into the grass.

This is not true –

Jonquil Maudlin, council neighbourhood enforcement manager, said: ‘People should be aware that cigarette ends are just as much litter as anything else, and they take a long time to biodegrade, as they are made not of paper, but of plastic filament.

‘They are full of toxic chemicals and it has been found that many have been found in the stomachs of fish, birds and other animals who mistake them for food.’

They are not made of plastic. They biodegrade. The reason you see them every day on the street is that smokers are forced out there every day. If they did not degrade you would be wading through them by now.

Animals are not stupid. They do not ‘mistake things for food’. Why do you think we take so much care over constructing fishing flies? We make them look like food. I have a couple of cranefly imitations that look incredibly realistic – and even with wet flies that look like insects or little fish, if you don’t move them just right in the water they will be ignored. Oh, if only I could just jab a fag-end on my hook and throw it out there. It won’t work.

Some birds use cigarette ends in their nests because they deter mites. Some animals have found that tobacco has antihelminthic properties – if they eat some, it clears out the worms.

Finally, if they are so deadly, why are the antis not stepping over dead smokers in the streets? They never seem to have an answer for that one.

But let’s go back and look at what we are up against.

Jonquil Maudlin, council neighbourhood enforcement manager,

That name is straight out of Gormenghast, the title is straight from the Stasi. A neighbourhood enforcement manager? Really? Evidently the position does not require even a modicum of intelligence or even the capability for rational thought – but then how many council-operated positions do, nowadays? Increasingly it seems that councils have taken over from asylums as a place to keep the loonies.

You cannot win against these people. Not by fighting on their terms because their terms are so heavily skewed, the courts so deeply corrupted, that fighting on their ground is like turning up to a modern battle dressed as a Celt. The only sensible response to being accosted by high-vis dicks with attitude is just pay the £75 fine and let them think you are compliant.


Then go home, shred some more duty-free home-grown leaf and make some more cigarettes while sipping on homebrew.

If they think you are compliant they leave you alone. If they think you are a problem they will stamp on you. If you try to fight, it will cost you a grand and they’ll be watching you from then on for any trivial little infraction they can use to get more money out of you. Be under no illusion, the courts are there to collect money, not to dispense justice. Crimes that don’t involve money are hardly worth their time and people with no money just get a slap on the wrist.

If, like Nisakiman and now Jay, you can get the hell out of this ridiculous country, then now would be a good time. I do not have the means to leave… and I don’t want to.

I am not going to be leading any revolution. Ninety percent of the people of this country are not worth saving anyway and they will do nothing to help themselves. They will work their fingers to the bone to pay as much tax as the government can waste and like Winston’s neighbour in ‘1984’, they will be proud of their children for denouncing them as thought criminals. No, I won’t lead them. Let them sink into the mire of their own self-abuse.

But I want to watch it happen. I want to be here to revel in their pain. They hate me for no oither reason than I choose not to live as they do, so I want to see their faces when they realise that those they support hate them too. Still I will not help them. When they are teetering on the edge of despair, I will push, not pull.

Standing on corners shouting into megaphones will only get you beaten by the Gestapo. It will get you denounced as ‘right-wing’ by the Daily Mail who will not see the irony. The Guardian will demand your immediate arrest and conviction for ‘dreaming different dreams’. This is not a fight that can be won by squaring off to Queensbury rules. In order to win, you have to lose.

My choice is to make no more money than I actually need. Never again will I pay higher rate tax. Never. I will not work that hard. The economy? Screw it. I don’t care about it. I don’t want benefits – the days of benefits are numbered anyway. The money has long since run out and the credit lines are drying up. Those on benefits will soon be begging in the streets, but they will be begging from people who have no spare money, if any.

It will get violent. It already has but it will get worse. People will eat each other. The government will try to retain control but with no money to pay their military or police, they will lose all control. Some of those politicians could feed a family for a month.

They will try to emulate North Korea but North Korea started out with a population who were used to living a subsistence lifestyle. When the Kims started out they did not have to take away all the Xboxes and flatscreen TVs and Nikes and iPhones and Burberry hats. For most of North Korea, life just continued to be as shitty as it was before. Try imposing subsistence farming on the inner-city bennies-fed chavs and see what you get. They don’t even know what a carrot looks like if it’s not in a plastic compartment in a microwave tray, and they think cows come pre-sliced. They won’t raid farms for food. They don’t know what food looks like, and if the floor isn’t tarmac they can’t walk.

I hope Scotland gets independence. The fuck-up will be spectacular. Oily Al clearly has no idea what he’s doing and the Cleggeron Coagulation are terrified that a split will throw the two parts of the UK out of the EU. It won’t just be Scotland who will have to re-apply. The rest will be a ‘new country’ too.

Let it all happen. Trying to take them on in the current system is suicide. They are going to cheat and they have all the guns. Let them do it all, let the drones who supported them suffer, let’s see if those drones will ever fight back. I doubt it. The drones are too ovine to imagine where the truck is taking them. They cannot be saved, they don’t want to be saved, they will not even realise they need saving until it is too late. It will all come crashing down and that is the only way it can be now.

When it does, there will be uncivil ‘servants’ marching in the streets again. Let them march. Let them waste their few remaining calories until they fall, emaciated, to the ground and are set upon by the Ferals they have spent all these years encouraging. The NHS will topple, only a matter of time now since it’s so top-heavy it must soon succumb to gravity. They will blame the smokers, drinkers and fat people they refuse to treat for their fall. Let them. As long as they fall, I will be happy to take the credit.

All those councils will try to mobilise armies of diversity co-ordinators and outreach witchraft equality LGBT officers and finally discover they have employed all of the most useless people ever born – the ones God looks away from and says ‘Well, I have bad days too’.

No, we cannot fight it but I don’t believe we need to. I think all we have to do is dig in, stay under the radar, sit back and watch it all implode.

Maybe, give it a little nudge here and there to speed things along, but otherwise… pass the popcorn.


18 thoughts on “When you can’t win, don’t fight.

  1. I heard a man on fox news 2 nites ago say; Nothing is going to happen until its forced to happen. As in a total economic collapse. We cant pay SS,we cant pay for anything the credit line ran out yet they build more googles of memory to print their mouse click money on! Oh yes indeed its going to be a fun run watching the abyss fall in upon itself.

    Meanwhile Im stocking up guns,ammo,food wood for heat…………extra gas for going nowhere.

    Diesel for a tractor that might cut a bit of hay for the few cows weve got……But basically its going to be a meager existence and a well deserved one for the crony- nannyists that inhabit this worthless culture anymore. BTW Leggy Im going to make a still when the end comes. I got plenty of seed corn!


  2. Shit Leggy, there is so much here;
    XX you would think that the police would be far too busy to bother about the odd dog-end in the road. XX
    1) “Alexandra O’Shea, 20, was spotted by two Police Community Support Officers.”
    NOT Police. Interfering wannabe busy bodies, but NOT POLICE.

    XX To be clear – I do not condone the throwing of anything from cars XX
    2) I do. “Children,” but only whilst traveling over 70 MPH. At speeds lower than that, you do not get the spray and splatter effect as they scrape along the tarmac.

    XX the title is straight from the Stasi. A neighbourhood enforcement manager XX
    3) “Bolckleiter” they were called under the Nazis. And their job was EXACTLY what this little pricks is.
    Blockleiter (English: Block Leader, derived from city block) from 1933 was the title of a lower Nazi Party political rank responsible for the political supervision of a neighborhood. Referred to in common parlance as Blockwart (Block Warden), the officials were in charge to form the link between the Nazi authorities and the general population. Up to today, the derogatory term Blockwart (“snoop”) has survived in German colloquial language.


    • Whereas the old Blockwart position had been concerned with election district leadership, the new Blockleiter was concerned with enforcing Nazi doctrine and supervising the local population. After 1933, the local Blockleiter was in charge of spreading propaganda and developing an acceptance to the policies of the NSDAP among the households (typically 40 to 60) in his area.

      It was also the duty of the Blockleiter to spy on the population and report any anti-Nazi activities to the local Gestapo office; this allowed a Nazi terror state. This was helped by keeping files on each household (Haushaltskarten).

      Tell me that THAT is NOT a perfect description of “A neighbourhood enforcement manager!!!”


      • Yes, we are most definitely seeing the rise of the neighbourhood snitch in UK, actively encouraged by the state. It is indeed as you point out, FT, a return to the concept of the Blockwart.

        When they feel that they’ve softened up the population sufficiently with the ban on smoking in cars, and institute the ban on smoking in homes (which they will), the Blockwart will come into his own, and will be able to exert his petty control over his neighbours with the full backing of the state.

        And when that time comes, LI, not even you will be immune from the predations of the machine. You might even have to re-think your wish to stay in the UK (or the Peoples Republic of Scotland, as it may well be by then).


  3. Never again will I pay higher rate tax. Never. I will not work that hard.

    Likewise. Last year, I reinvested so much back into my business, that I came out with a profit that was just within the tax free allowance. I won’t manage that this year, but I’ll get it as damned close as I can. Buying a new bike will help somewhat… Either way, I will do all that I can to minimise the amount they steal from me.


    • It should be taught in schools that it’s a public duty to constrain the excesses of organised crime government by avoiding as many taxes as possible. Just as we don’t encourage criminals with ransoms, so should our thinking be that willingly paying taxes – or, more terrifyingly recently, the idea that taxes are good and should be raised – only encourages unnecessary spending and bullying of the public.


  4. It’s interesting reading further about what Furor Teutonicus is saying about the Blockleiter. Blocks were arranged into larger areas called cells (zellen) and the Blockleiter was answerable to the Zellenleiter.

    The Blockleiter was part of the block hierarchy:

    Blockhelfer – Block Assistant
    Blockleiter – Block Leader
    Blockwalter – Block Administrator
    Blockobmann – Block Foreman

    When the armband system was adopted in 1939, they all wore their distinctive bands – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ranks_and_insignia_of_the_Nazi_Party

    If it hasn’t already been done in the UK, perhaps our block and cell leaders wear yellow and orange hi-viz jackets and waistcoats with different arrangements of 3M high visibility stripes to signify their position within the hierarchy!!

    It’s only a matter of time before they start wearing blue armbands with a dozen yellow stars accompanied by decoration increasing according to their rank.

    I suppose Cameron is a Reichsleiter (although it’s said that George ‘Bilderberg’ Osborne is reallly in charge of the Government) and Salmond a Gauleiter, with Cabinet ministers down to local councillors being the equivalent of the Nazi positions between Gauleiter and cell leaders.

    “Gleichschaltung” is another interesting German word (you could have correctly guessed it was a German word!). Acc, to Wikipedia (yes, I’m being lazy) meaning:

    “Coordination”, “making the same”, “bringing into line”), is a Nazi term for the process by which the Nazi regime successively established a system of totalitarian control and coordination over all aspects of society. The historian Richard J. Evans translated the term as “forcible-coordination” in his most recent work on Nazi Germany.

    “Among the goals of this policy were to bring about adherence to a specific doctrine and way of thinking and to control as many aspects of life as possible.”


    Just like the Lib/lab/Con councillors, the Common Purpose and fake charity operatives and generally brainwashed PC drones and of course, those who would do anything for a half-decent salary, have been implementing here. For “non-Nazi” read “non-British”:

    “…characterized by the systematic elimination of non-Nazi organizations that could potentially influence people, such as trade unions and political parties. Those critical of Hitler’s agenda, especially his close ties with industry[citation needed], were suppressed, intimidated or murdered. The regime also assailed the influence of the churches, for example by instituting the Ministry of Ecclesiastical Affairs under Hanns Kerrl. Organizations that the administration could not eliminate, such as the education system, came under its direct control.”


  5. The woman had lost as soon as she accepted the on the spot fine. Deny everything and don’t consent to anything either. Record the conversation everytime because these Blockwarts (thanks FT) can’t help themselves and they’ll spout lies to try and get you to be complient. Todays phones have recording capabilities … use them. Better still, get a dedeicated voice recorder. Believe me, they are worth their weight in gold. Now l have to say that l don’t agree with her throwing the cigarette butt out of the window but if it creates an opportunity to confront the Blockwarts then that over rules the cigarette issue. Another fun way to combat the Blockwarts is speak in a foreign language (don’t know one? … learn some phrases).

    Our country has been over run by these ‘occupiers’, it’s our duty to become the Resistance.

    (l could write this a lot better but it’s morning and l’m only on my first coffee) 🙂


  6. Fighting the fixed penalty notice was stupid. The £1,000 fine was totally disproportionate. One is a stupid as the other.

    I retired 10 years back when dear ol’ Gordon changed the tax laws for self employed people with limited companies. This immediately threw me into higher rate tax, disallowed by paying dividends to my wife and myself, and immediately made me liable to not only vastly increased NI contributions but also to Employer’s NI as well. The political dogma of Labour envy.

    My tax went up threefold on the same income. Most of my work was for government, so I retired. For the next five years they continually hassled me to go and work on the new Inland Revenue/Contributions Agency computer system in Lytham. Bloody cheek of them! The irony was lost on them, but not on me. I told them to fuck off.


    • My late husband did the same IR35 was criminal. He was lucky enough to get a permanent job soon after which actually worked well though his company did a lot of contract work for the government. It totally ruined the computer contract business which had served us well for many years.
      I carry a portable ashtray to thwart the ‘community police’ who lurk in hope of fining me.


  7. “Oh, if only I could just jab a fag-end on my hook and throw it out there. It won’t work.”

    Well, if you use a clean filter and fuzz it up a bit and put a sinker a foot or so up the line, the filter will look like a larva or small fish along the stream bottom.

    Colour it orange and it will look like a salmon egg.

    Purists will kick you off of the stream; but, you will have some success.

    This is a lot easier than tying most dry flies; just, not as elegant.

    As for comparing beer/pop cans to cig filters volume wise.

    A 12 ounce can has the same volume as about 283 cig filters.

    A gallon container will hold about 1,540 cig filters.

    That gallon container would be more than able to hold all of the cig butts in your village square.

    A 30 gal garbage bag will hold 48,510 cig filters.

    Probable a months worth for your entire city.


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  9. It was a comment by SH from N2D which fired the ‘outlaw’ concept in my mind. The Zealots have sneaked all sort of regulations into law about who can make ‘tobacco products’ and where and what records have to be kept and how security of the produce is maintained. But none of that stops a person from growing plants for the purpose of making snuff or tobacco wine, or even for their prettiness. I have even acquires seeds of the variety ‘nicotiana rustica’ for fun. I understand that they have about 8% nicotine compared with the 2 – 3% of Nicotiana tobacum’. It might be useful for mixing with no-nic lettuce tobacco (of which I have a small quantity).
    What I like about the ‘outlaw’ concept is that it extracts us smokers from the majority. The majority obey and pay the taxes while the outlaws avoid the taxes as best they can.
    The powers-that-be have excluded consumers from the negotiations. OK. There is nothing that we can do about it. Accept it.
    If I wanted to, being retired, I could set up a little factory making X hundreds of fags per day and selling them. I do not wish to, but I could. I have no doubt whatsoever that this is being done. In fact, it is almost certain that there is a ‘cottage industry’ already in existence. The bragging of Customs about their successes in confiscating ‘contraband’ fags is a smokescreen. The fact is that, because the ‘Government’ has accepted the lies of the Zealots, the tobacco situation is now out of control (a good thing!). The fact that tobacco companies are still the vastly major suppliers does not detract from the ‘private’ supply.


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