Everyone knows your secret disease.

One more tonight and then I must heed the call of sleep. It seems unnatural to be asleep before midnight but as I said earlier it shouldn’t be for much longer. Excuse typos, eyes are now pointing in different directions and focusing on things that are not there.  This is the body’s revenge for not letting it sleep enough and it’s my body so it’s naturally vindictive and delights in cruelty.

This one could have waited until tomorrow but it’s important and makes a mockery of all this ‘oh, we won’t share your NHS records with all and sundry then’ claim.

They already have.

Tipped by email (I’m assuming the tipper wants to remain un-named) along with another link.

If you are in the records of England’s NHS, your medical records are now on Google and can be hacked into by anyone in the world. All that crap about opting out was a total waste of time. ASH can find all the smokers with a few keystrokes, the antifat brigade can find the overweight, the antidrinkers can find all the boozers… and no anonymity has been applied at all. They can find you.

So. Next election. Who are you going to vote for? Because they are all either entirely incompetent or entirely malicious. All of them.

One day soon we will have another King Charles. Correlation, causation, coincidence?

You have to wonder sometimes.


5 thoughts on “Everyone knows your secret disease.

  1. LI,
    I’d argue the “can be hacked into by anyone in the world”. Most of the world wouldn’t have a clue where to start. But that does leave the ‘not most of the world’……


  2. And there was me still trying to find out how you opt out for the very reason they’ve gone and uploaded it – they don’t give a damn about our privacy or our wish to have a private life. We are merely assets (if we can be screwed for money) or liabilities (if we can’t). When we become expendable we can fcuk off and die (I’m thinking NHS rationing and, I’ve absolutely no doubt in the future, compulsory euthanasia for poverty-striken pensioners, vilely dressed up as ‘caring, because you wouldn’t allow a dog to suffer like that’). Perhaps we’ll all be issued with a supply of barbiturates with instructions on how to assist ourselves to die if we can’t be killed in hospitals or care homes.

    Sorry for the rant but they’re bastards – the lot of them.


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