Nasty little shits

Marvin thinks I’m a nasty little shit because I enjoy tormenting drones. He is entitled to his opinion and he’s actually right in many cases. I do enjoy tormenting the drones. The possibility of scaring one to death is still on my list of things to do. If I succeed, the world will not have lost another Einstein or, very likely, not even a till operator. The level of gullibility and stupidity required to let me succeed in this quest will mean we will, at most, have lost another politician. We have too many anyway.

Some people don’t think it’s possible. Some people think that kind of mind control with nothing more than conversation cannot be done. I have done a cold-reading over the internet with a guy in Australia in one of my other internet incarnations and I didn’t make full use of it. I revealed too soon how I did it. I have convinced people of utter absurdities, both online and offline. I have enjoyed it. I make no bones about it, it was bloody hilarious. Yes, some feelings were probably hurt but I did no physical damage and even if they damaged themselves, well, frankly, fuck it.

I have fed utterly nonsensical science to other scientists (I was pissed off about some work they stole so I let them steal something else, something totally shite – and they fell for it). The drones are not all in the uneducated camp. It’s not about what you know, it’s about what you think you know, and the latter is easily manipulated. Astonishingly easily.

When I have finished playing with a drone, I let it go. I have no interest in controlling anyone’s life – hell, I have enough to do trying to control mine – so when the game is over, I have two choices. I can say ‘Oh, don’t worry, I’m just messing with your head’ or I can leave them to expand on the crap I’ve fed them until they go insane. It depends on how much I like or hate them.

For me it’s a game. A nasty and vindictive game sometimes but just a game. I’m the soft cat who plays with the mouse but keeps the claws in and ultimately lets them go. Maybe they’ll kill themselves later, but I won’t control what they do. Think of me as the stunt double for Bagpuss and you’ll get the idea.

So yes, I can be cruel. I can be merciless. The thing is, when you go away I will not come after you. When you leave the room I will forget you. The rest of your life is your problem, not mine. You sort it out. Accept or deny the things I said, I don’t care at all. I’ve probably forgotten them myself anyway.

There is a question of degree. If I took one step to the left I could easily be a Righteous. I have the skills they seek and the abilities they desire. Fortunately I also have the withered remnants of a conscience and no interest in other people’s lives so cannot become one of them. My lack of interest in money or power obviously helps here. It all means I see them only from the perspective of disinterested science. The Righteous are a curiosity, nothing more. It can be hard to understand why they want to push the game into total control of other people but iut is absolutely clear that that is what they want.

I’m also immune to insults. Call me bastard, call me vicious git, call me arsehole, call me little shit. I don’t mind. You can even call me Al, as at least two of Local Shop’s long term staff still do after nearly 18 months and neither is called Betty. Which is a shame. Both wenches are fearsome enhough to be effective bodyguards too. I don’t have that much worth guarding anyway.

But hey, if you want tio hear about nasty little shits, then the works of Charlotte Iserbyt will be of considerable interest to you. She has known those who make me look like a kitten on a program of cuteness steroids and by whatever Gods there may be, that is quite a feat.

Here is a sample.

30 thoughts on “Nasty little shits

    • Direct quote from article;
      “…the residue of nicotine and countless other toxins…”

      Since when has nicotine been a toxin?

      Don’t we synthesize nicotine naturally?


  1. I’ve got no problem with you wrecking someone’s day/life, if they are the driving force behind Tobacco Control. What I do find distasteful, is you (although on this occasion you resisted the temptation) to destroy this young girls day after she’d enjoyed a swimming session. Why do you feel the need to destroy peoples simple pleasures, when tobacco control (and other controls) do that most effectively. The young lady in question is NOT an anti-smoker. Yes, she is brainwashed like most of the younger generation, but surely a man with your knowledge and talents would be better employed EDUCATING the “drones” instead of scaring them. Show them what they have been told and believe is utter bullshit, like you do on your blog. That way we win an ally instead of an enemy, or at least set someone thinking, who formally wasn’t.
    I apologise for calling you a N**** L***** S*** and I hope the above is a more measured an constructive response, anyway at least I’m not banned and I’ve done wonders for your comment count 🙂


    • XX but surely a man with your knowledge and talents would be better employed EDUCATING the “drones” instead of scaring them.XX

      They are imbicilic wee pricks and are WAY beyond any HOPE of being educated.

      Therefore, treat them as play things.

      Or are you one of these drones that thinks “all humans are equal?”


    • Marvin

      Fine words indeed, but those ‘drones’ are beyond redemption.

      They have been well and truly assimilated, so any resistance is futile.


    • I tried educating them when the antismoker Nazis first started out. They will not listen.

      Then I tried pushing the absurdity further and further. My thinking was that if I could push it far enough they’d eventually come to a point where they’d say ‘Hang on a minute..’ and start questioning what they’d been told.

      What I found was that there is no limit to the absurdity that they will accept if it supports their prejudice. No limit at all. I’ve told them that all the grey dust they see everywhere is accumulated ash from hundreds of years of smoking. They believe it! They will believe absolutely anything.

      As Furor says, they are beyond help. They will not come back to sanity.

      The only thing left to do is torment them. Push them over the edge and let them fall into total insanity.

      As for the girl, yes, it was tempting to turn the word-gun on her remarks but I didn’t – she is not an antismoker. Sometimes, when you’ve been raging against drones for a long time, you have to remember not to be too quick on the trigger.


  2. l have yet to experience any of these sanctimonious twats ever say anything to my face about my lifestyle and believe me, l’ve given and continue to give them ample opportunity to do so. These Blockwarts (look it up) have a wide yellow streak down their back. They choose their victims carefully and hide behind their keyboards. My message to them wanting to take my lifestyle from me is just 2 simple words … Molon labe!


    • Damn, it looks like l’m referring to Marvin when in actual fact l’m referring to such as Jemma Wayne. l will say this though Marvin, l simply can’t be bothered to try educate the drones … although l may be doing it unintentionally by my actions. l and my friends live the way we want and should that make others want to do the same … so be it. Apart from that l don’t have the time or inclination to do anything else … if the drones want to have their lifestyles dictated by others, l couldn’t give a damn.


  3. Neurolistic programming at work. If you come by, I can have you saying “I’m a little teacup” within a half an hour. The problem is, it doesn’t work on everyone, or we wouldn’t be discussing it….


  4. Interesting interview with Charlotte Iserbyt. Substitute the word ‘smoking’ for the word ‘education’, and you can see how easily they’ve managed to pull the wool over peoples eyes on this issue.


    • Substitute ‘sugar’ or ‘booze’ or ‘climate heretic’ – it’s all the same game. All the drones they produce are equally susceptible to further absurdities. You just have to make it fit their prejudices.


  5. Curmudgeonly intolerance of stupidity followed by a full and frank one-sided conversation is one thing. Tormenting the brainwashed victims of a clever set of foes for enjoyment is another, and in the spirit of an erstwhile tourist to Bedlam who is armed with a sharp stick in the hope of inducing some entertaining squeals. Bad tactics too, someone with your gifts could help unlock a cage here and there. One more of us, one less of them? I don’t think that’s a priority because this post is like looking into the mind of a psychopath; people are hurt and forgotten about after being lied to for entertainment. Maybe they’ll kill themselves later but who cares?
    Hopefully that post was a wind-up for Marvin. I hope not. Much more interesting otherwise, cheers.


    • As I said to Marvin, I did try breaking their conditioning at first. They won’t listen to reasoned argument.

      I also tried pushing the absurdity further and further to see if I could get them to a point where they wouldn’t believe it any more and start questioning. No such point exists. Now I just torment them.

      I’m a failure as a psychopath, I’m afraid. I’ve never manipulated anyone for personal gain and have absolutely no interest in controlling anyone’s life. Sure, I’ll invent an explanation for something, or a story, and convince people it’s real when it’s a load of rubbish. I’ve done that all my life. The thing is, it used to be harmless. Goblins licking plates clean in dishwashers, Dalmatian dogs originally bred for sporran manufacture, if you leave dust bunnies long enough they come to life and make great pets because they eat dust… that sort of thing. Some of those mind-games turned into short stories. But those were all harmless trips into the heads of the gullible.

      My favourite is still the explanation for the lack of roundabouts in America, even though America was colonised by Europeans who love twisty streets, hairpin bends and roundabouts. It’s because the Romans built straight roads. The whole thing is a bit long for a comment box.

      The smoking ban and subsequent relentless smoker-hate changed the thrust of my games. Now I tell the antismoker drones that their shoes and pets track fallen ash from outdoor smokers into their homes and they need disinfectant baths at every door. I tell them that candle wicks, incense sticks and pot-pourri are secretly laced with tobacco to get them addicted. I push their paranoia to its limits and so far, there doesn’t seem to be one.

      I tried to educate them. I tried to push them into thinking for themselves by ramping up the absurdity. They are beyond help. They don’t even want it.

      All that is left is to drive them fully insane. And no, I don’t care if they kill themselves. They would be delighted to see me dead. Try suggesting to one of them that smokers should be rounded up and sent off to camps. The response will shock you.

      It’s them or us. I’m not a monster. I’m just fighting back.


      • Fair enough, you are a curmudgeon not a psycho, and your points are valid. It’s just that in the past I was one of the knobs, pestering people about smoking and generally being knob-like. Yes, you are right, someone in that mindset is not interested in health but in revealing the mutants among “us”. How I became less knoblike was not through being criticised because it’s like a cult or obsession and as you say, pointing out the irrational behaviour to someone who is irrational doesn’t work. Nor was it through being disliked, because being disliked is to exercise power over someone, which is the whole sad problem. Luckily, the madness passed. Kind of embarrassing to think back. Captain Ranty’s blogroll, including yourself plus various philosophers such as Watts and others who suggest reflective practices. Now I see the them-and-us bullshit.


        • So it is possible to be un-droned if the antismoker realises the insanity of their position. It has to come from inside though.

          Maybe a bit of lateral thinking. Get them questioning other indoctrinations and a few might make the connection. Worth a try.


    • Other psychological tricks are leaking out.

      Sometimes in a supermarket queue, you’ll notice the person behind you edging closer, very slowly. This is to pressure you into packing faster. It just makes me massively indecisive over what should go in which bag 😉

      Sometimes you will notice someone charging at you with a shopping trolley. This is to make you move out of their way. Stand your ground and look them in the eyes. They don’t like that.

      Someone will walk straight at you in the street while looking away. They want to make you move. Fake a sudden interest in the nearest shop window and don’t move at all.

      The drones like to play their masters’ games. They aren’t very good at any of them.


  6. @Bill “it doesn’t work on everyone” and you believe that?;)
    Beliefs are 2 a penny, imho the key phrase in the video was ‘break their values’.


  7. A comment like that – ‘nasty little shit’ can only come from someone that is what they label you as. But what is a nasty little shit – a quick spurt of the runs ? An unfortunate follow through ? Are you a small person, Legiron ? Then that is sizeist, a sort of racial slur and the way is open for you to gain recompense from the race industry lawyers.


    • Possibly the nastiest ones are the ones that seem to have square edges. Those make my eyes bulge.

      But, I am not offended. Therefore there is nothing for the lawyers to do here. Besides, I throw out enough insults so it’s only fair to let commenters throw a few back. If they throw any good ones, I’ll steal them.


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