Bearing false witness.

JuliaM has a story (yet another) of some dumb bint who thought it clever to accuse an innocent man of rape. The dumb bint got sent to jail, the man was cleared. However, while accused, his girlfriend threw him out. He went back to her afterwards. I wouldn’t have. Some levels of distrust can never be forgiven. If she accepts someone else’s word over his this time, she will do it again.

A self-styled Paedofinder-General caused a man to kill himself. The Paedofinder pretended to be a 14-year-old girl and set up a meeting with this man. Then posted footage of the meeting on YouTube and then contacted police.

Now, was the man a paedo? Was he really? Who approached who in this online dating thing? And why, if you have film, would you post it on YouTube instead of handing it to the police? Sort of makes a mockery of the ‘justice’ angle, doesn’t it? Putting it online is declaring guilt before he’s even been charged and seriouly buggers up any jury selection.

Maybe he was into underage girls, maybe the ‘underage girl’ was touting for business, hunting for a mark to hit. The latter actually seems more likely. Especially since the Paedofinder’s entire family have disowned him for being a git. Whether the police helped him or not is irrelevant really. He’s a git.

Won’t work on me. If I was ever contacted by this git pretending to be a young girl, the only response he’ll get is ‘I’m to old for you and your mother. Put your granny on the line’. I can’t have long conversations with young girls. They talk earnestly about things that, once you get to my age, you realise don’t matter at all.

Oh, and no, this is not the same as me trying to scare antismokers to death. I don’t seek them out. They only get the full force of my scary stories if they approach me. I do look like a small and easy target, so they do have a go sometimes.

One of the great things about paedomania is that worthless dicks can make large amounts of money by accusing people of being a paedo. It’s like accusing people of witchcraft in the 1600s or accusing them of heresy in the 1500s. You just make the accusation and it’s assumed to be true.

Well, unless you are a total dickhead who accuses a photographer of ‘photographing underage children’. If that was a real crime, every school photographer would have been hung, drawn and quartered by now, as would every Mail hack who publishes images of the disgusting produce of celebrity loins. Oh, and every parent too – although a few have already fallen foul of paedomania when photographing their own children.

Best comment on that article –

 Arthur Sod, Oglethorpe, United Kingdom, 4 hours ago
She is a model? What for, Toby jugs.

I’ll have to remember that one. It’s even better than my response (years ago) to a smug declaration of ‘I’m a model’. ‘Are you? I thought you were real.’ As a chat-up line, it wasn’t my best, but it was amusing.

The law is sex-obsessed now. Government did that. I’m not sure when it started, perhaps it was the ‘name and shame prostitute clients’ thing that Labour did or maybe before that. I think the ‘Satanic abuse of children’ thing was earlier. I’m not sure. Hey, I was drunk at the time. Well, okay, most times.

Now it has come back to bite them all. Harridan Harman and her horrible horde have been outed as supporters of Paedogang and that’s not going away any time soon. In fact, the Mail, in a rare flash of actual investigative journalism, are finding more links between respectable evil bastards and Paedogang every day. Oh, this goes right to the top. The very top. They are going to regret their Frankfurt school games, I suspect.

When the Cameroid’s adviser was charged with having paedography on his computer, he (the adviser, not Cameroid, he’s busy buying friends on Farcebok with their own money) resigned at once. He has not been found guilty, only charged, but he has done the decent thing. These days, paedography can be a cartoon – you have to be careful with Japanese animations, they make every woman look like a child, and yes that does count these days. Resigning could be seen as an admission of guilt but really, it’s what anyone in a major position should do if their integrity is at all compromised. Fortunately for Harridan and pals, they never had any.

But… look at the differences.

Those clearly linked to support and protection of Paedogang have not been arrested, charged or even questioned. Those old DJs, comedians and actors accused of once maybe touching a young bum have been pilloried and ripped apart.

The man accused of a rape he couldn’t have done (there were two other people in the taxi, a moment of conversation could have established that he didn’t leave the taxi at the time or place of the accusation – it didn’t even stop at that place) went through hell. The Paedofinder is not charged with anything despite causing a death and perverting the course of justice by posting evidence on YouTube before the courts get to decide guilt or innocence.

Justice is as random as the power supply and the food supply.

‘Some men just want to watch the world burn’ was what Alfred, Batman’s batman, once said.

Well, it’s burning now. Get your marshmallows on twigs and your popcorn while you can.


6 thoughts on “Bearing false witness.

  1. Peados, peados, peados. It’s turning out to be their burning obsession. Honestly, it’s enough to give you a fit of the willies…


  2. You have to admit that it’s quite funny, really. What’s good enough for Jimmy Savile has got to be good enough for them. But they aren’t dead. So why aren’y they suing? Surely it can’t be true, can it?
    But I bet they won’t be donating millions to Charity. Or should that be Lawyers?


    • Harman once tried to declare she was Good by giving money back to the taxman, but the taxman pointed out that what she had paid in would just be offset against her next tax bill so really, she hadn’t given anything back at all.

      I really don’t think they’ll sue. Having it all come out in a trial would be much worse than having it in a paper they can shout down as ‘extreme right wing’.


  3. A dear friend of the non-dangly things variety informs me that bints who are imprisoned for such false allegation are treated with approximately the same degree of scorn and contempt inside as real honest-to-goodness child molesters and rapists are in the chaps prisons. So there’s a bit of cheer and hope for ye, eh?

    By the way, I am only a lapsed puritan in the religious sense, not in the abstinence sense. i adhere to a peculiar and little known interpretation of Calvinism that understands that once you’re “saved” it’s a done deal and nothing can change that. Predestination. Hey, ho. We’re all poor sinners, ain’t we? But as long as I can stock up on a few pounds of lemon cure virginia next benefits day, I can’t be that poor, can I?

    Also, if you’re still planning to take up hard drug upon your retirement there is little greater pleasure on God’d Green Earth than a smoke after a hit of black market diacetylmorphine. Possibly even moreso than after a nip of Tesco Special Reserve which is all a benefits scoundrel such as I can afford on a regular basis, although it has to be said I am partial to a drop of Jameson.

    And I’m not even Scottish!
    (Or Irish. Thank God)


    • In Tesco, I can recommend Lochlan as far better than their burny crap offerings, and not much more expensive. It was suggested by a commenter a while back and it’s pretty good.

      If you have a Lidl close by, try Glen Orchy, a blend of malts for £13.50 – or if you’re feeling flush, they have a 12-year-old single malt called Ben Bracken for £20. Both very nice.

      Don’t bother with their Queen Margot though. It’s awful, and not much cheaper than Glen Orchy.


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