Old news.

Studies have Shown that we are far too reliant on far too few plant crops.

We’ve known about this for many years. When someone comes up with a better wheat variety, everyone wants to grow that variety. The number of different varieties grown in the world has been in decline for quite some time, and it’s now at a point where the emergence of a single wheat pathogen can all but wipe out the world’s wheat – because we are all growing the same few varieties.

Chocolate is even worse. So are bananas. The harvest is the seed pod, which has been selectively bred so that you get more of the stuff you want and none of the pesky seeds. This means the plants can only be propagated from cuttings. They are all effectively the same plant – one pathogen, and chocolate is gone. A world without chocolate! Think of the horror of that!

It’s interesting to consider that there are probably more varieties of tobacco in fields around the world than there are of wheat. It might lead to a future where bread costs more than cigarettes. That’s okay, you can’t smoke bread anyway, even though it has nicotinic acid in it.

Incidentally, I recently tried gluten-free bread. It was in the ‘cheap bread’ stack and I was curious. It’s dreadful bread. Falls apart at a touch. Tastes okay, but you can’t spread butter on it. If I had a gluten allergy I suppose it would be better than no bread at all, but I don’t, so I won’t buy it again.

Also incidentally, did you know that to be called a baguette, the bread must be made from 100% French flour? That’s why supermarkets call them ‘French sticks’ or something similar. They aren’t real baguettes. When you find one labelled ‘baguette’ then you can eat it just by biting chunks out of it – no butter required. Now that’s real bread.

Enough about bread. I’m getting hungry.

So, we have known for years about the risks of having a limited diversity of crops. Why is it suddenly in the news again? Well…

Image2(Should get bigger if clicked upon)

It’s linked to diet control once again. Why, if food crops are so risky, must we move away from meat? Cows can live perfectly well on grass, which grows where nothing else will grow. So we do away with cows and put our trust in a limited range of plants that could be wiped out by a rogue fungus or a spontaneously mutated virus? That would be as silly as, oh, ditching reliable coal energy for randomly generated wind power. It’s just setting up the conditions for a global disaster.

I wonder if that’s how they plan to achieve population reduction? They’ve made it clear that that is their aim, what they have been cagey about is how they plan to do it. Cut off the power in winter and let the food supply fail and you’ll have population reduction in a week – they’ll eat each other and burn the bones for heat.

No need to worry if you’re a smoker. We’re toxic, remember?


Oh, and one thing that seriously pisses me off in almost every bit of science I read these days is the shoe-horning of ‘evolve’ into every bloody thing. Evolution is a specific word for a specific theory, it does not apply to eating habits. Eating habits change all the time but the animal involved does not change. Evolution means a change in a form of life to produce a new species. If I have a salad instead of a curry one day (don’t laugh, it could happen) that is not an example of the evolution of curry into lettuce. No wonder evolutionary theory has such a tough time of it, it’s being devalued in every damn article!

Bah. I need a drink.


11 thoughts on “Old news.

  1. Only vaguely on topic. I wondered whether you had any thoughts on GM crops. I think the talk of franken foods is a scare story to distract from the real issue. Certainly someone could produce a GM crop that was in some way poisonous but that should be fairly easy to detect and stop.

    My guess is that the real danger is from GM crops that produce sterile seeds. Take Barley for example. My favourite crop (as a consumer).

    There are numerous different selectively bred varieties of barley. If allowed to breed naturally, all of them, over time, will revert to the wild form. Likewise, anyone who wants to selectively breed a new variety, starts with wild barley.

    In and around every field full of barley there are ‘weeds’ i.e. wild barley. So the question is: would the sterile GM barley pollinate the wild barley, making their seeds sterile? If so then the wild form would quickly become extinct worldwide. And breeders would then be reliant on seed banks, of which there are very few and almost all in private hands, to produce fertile strains and new selective ones.

    If I’m right then this would apply to most if not all crops. So in the event of economic conflict, a country could be reduced to starvation within months simply by sanctions on seed sales.

    I hope I’m wrong.


    • Wild barley might be reduced by pollination by GM versions, but it’s not likely to be eradicated. There will still be some poillination by other wild plants.

      Bringing it back to a fiull crop after a sanction from the GM mob would take years though.Yes, they do want everyone dependent on their seeds, it’s vicious business from (largely) the Utah-based self-professed people who love people.

      Or maybe just people who love money. Don’t bother trying to explain to the doorstep drones, they will refuse to believe it.

      I was once told that growing my own tobacco was a waste of time because it takes ages to cure it. I did it anyway. With barley, it will be worth growing a small patch just to have seeds ready for future demand.

      If there is no demand this year, make beer from it. Nothing is wasted.


  2. I don’t think you need to worry about bananas just yet, LI. There are still quite a few varieties in Thailand. What we see here in Europe is a basic generic from Central America mostly.

    I’ll never forget when I first went to Thailand as a young lad being totally amazed that there were actually different types – I’d assumed they were all the same. The small ones, about a third the size of the ones we see here, have an intense, concentrated flavour, quite unlike the ones we are used to. I don’t know why they don’t import them. I’m sure Waitrose could flog ’em at ten times the price of the ordinary ones. Someone’s missing a trick here.


    • So there are non-bland varieties. That’s good to know.

      I like to keep them until they are almost entirely black-skinned and spreadable. Then they are great on buttered toast with a sprinkle of cinnamon on top. Of course, at that stage, most of the starch has turned into sugar. Which is an improvement.


  3. Evolution theory is very silly. It was finally devalued when DNA was discovered and life was confirmed to be incredibly more complex than imagined. Even a bacterium. Why, some of them have real motors to drive their tails: http://www.pnas.org/content/103/5/1260/F1.large.jpg

    How can this sort of thing exist other than having been specifically designed? People still hang onto evolution theory because they believe that over billions of years *anything* is possible. I’m calling a bluff.

    But there is micro-evolution, where new species develop due to minor genetic changes, but that’s all.

    But, how DO they intend to kill billions of us in the name of sustainability?

    The Third World War? But then they’ve nuked their global playground. Biowarfare? Or food warfare, as has probably been going on for a couple of decades with artificial ingredients and GM food which kills the lab animals they test it on. If they can factor in just a handful of varieties of each crop and produce voracious pests which can strip them bare, they’ll have instant mass starvation.

    Or if the world goes completely GM and Monsanto produces all the seed and accidentally on purpose gets things horribly wrong then there’s mass starvation or if they sell the seed at exorbitant prices (they already do), farmers can’t afford it, so it’s not grown and even when it does grow, it can produce poor harvests and send farmers into debt. 250,000 Indian farmers have committed suicide partly due to Monsanto’s false promises on yields and unworkably high prices of seed, which of course has to be bought from Monsanto every year, as it is patented.

    I’m convinced that China’s one child policy will be rolled out across the globe, even though the birth-rate in many countries is in decline and Japan is expected to see its population fall by a quarter in the next few decades, such is the low fertility rate there.

    That’s why the eugenicist Gates’s are in Africa (billionaires many times over, but still in receipt of UK taxpayers’ money for their ‘charity’ work). To reduce the birth-rate and fill the babies full of vaccines, which they admit will also reduce the population.

    I recently read on a population control organisation’s website how they approve of homosexuality as there are no babies as a result.

    There are all sorts of measures already in place. ‘Family planning’, devised by truly mad, humanity-hating individuals, like Marie Stopes and Margaret Sanger, reduced the UK fertility rate to a dangerous level a few years ago and it’s due to the immigrant influx that it’s nearly up to the 2.1 children per woman required to sustain the current population.

    The power shortages and prices increases to come due to the government sabbotaging our power stations by order of the EU will undoubtedly kill off even more old folk in winter, but probably younger people too, especially if combined with food shortages.

    Things are going to get very ugly indeed, because most people aren’t interested in ‘bad news’ when there’s footie on the telly and a pizza in the oven and a few tinnies in the fridge. As the theme from ‘Auf Wiedersehen Pet’ says, “That’s living alright”.

    Not for much longer.


    • Well, evolution theory is only silly if you hold to the 6000 years dogma. I know about the motors driving bacterial flagella and I admit that did make me wonder! Even so, given enough time (the main point of contention in that argument) pretty much anything could develop. But we will argue forever about time and never reach any kind of agreement because it’s not possible to go back and check.

      I do think that the one-child thing will be pushed onto the West, driven by the setup that was child support for chavs with fifteen kids by sixteen fathers. The drones will demand a limit and will never understand what they are asking for.

      Oh yes, things are going to get ugly. There will be those likening the phone-money and then the inevitable implanted chips for payments to the ‘mark of the Beast’ and they will be laughed at… but that’s really what it is.

      My idea of the Beast might be different from yours but the method is the same.


      • I think it’s silly anyway, regardless of time. Someone compared the Theory to a whirlwind wizzing through a junk yard and creating a 747, except that humans are more complex.

        I’ve said it before, but the Mail has been pushing the big family hatred thing for a while now and of course the commenting drones demand benefits be stopped after the first two or that two or three should be the limit and make jokes about contraception, because they’ve been conditioned that it’s abnormal to have a big family. Maybe they feel threatened. Or maybe it’s just pure hatred for people being different than they are. Typical Mail readers.

        The only escape I can see is to get off the grid completely – out of the matrix. Live off the land and keep as far from officialdom as possible. Can’t afford that right now. Being OK with the Man upstairs is what really matters, because at the end of the day, it’s a spiritual battle. That’s why the socialist Beast system is trying to wipe out Christianity.


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