For some resaon the rockers have declared Nickelback a silly band. I have no idea why, they sound pretty good to me.

It was hard to find an uncensored version of this song, which is wonderfully ironic since it contains the line ‘I’m gonna sing the songs that offend the censors’. Seems they succeeded.

Anyway, I am a little tipsy now because work doesn’t start until 3 pm tomorrow. I have to be up at the crack of noon. So I’ve been singing along to YouTube again. It’s a good thing the neighbours can’t hear or I’d get more boots thrown at me than a tomcat on heat. I might have been brought up in Wales but I am not designed for rugby and male voice choirs used to send hitmen out to silence me. If there is a Hell, then Satan will put me on permanent karaoke to torment everyone else.

Can anyone explain what the rock problem is with Nickelback? As far as I can see, they come up with some good stuff and they play and sing it well.

Okay, here is the uncensored example. On the radio, ‘drugs’ and ‘drug dealers’ are faded out by the censors they offended.

I like it. Why are they despised?


14 thoughts on “Nickelbackophobia

  1. It’s partially “It’s popular now, so it sucks” negativism, and partly the bland, interchangeable “your mum can hum along to it” nature of their music. Rock music should not be sonic wallpaper.

    Oh, and their most recent album was created in Pro Tools/FL Studio, not with actual instruments. Blasphemy!

    Listen to some Nickelback, then listen to some Foo Fighters. One is ersatz; the other the real deal. Dave Grohl ain’t no Lemmy, but he groks rock in a way Chad Kroeger doesn’t.


  2. As Chris says, it’s because Nickelback are a bit lightweight somehow, you get the impression that they’d be making disco music or playing in an orchestra at weddings if they thought there was more money in it.

    That particular song “Rock star” does have a great video and some funny lyrics, but the music itself is a bit predictable and it’s more or less the same riff all the way through.


  3. The guys are right Leggy, they are too poppy for their own good to be honest, but I happen to like them too, “This is how you remind me” is a fantastic song. I think after that they went really poppy and a lot of people don’t like poppy rock. 😦


  4. The problem isn’t Nickelback theirselves. The shepherd says ‘I don’t like them’ and the sheep follow faithfully. To me it doesn’t matter whether its pop, rock, pop-rock, classical, reggae, jazz or whatever ‘genre’. Music is music and if I like it I like it. Moot subject as far as I’m concerned.


  5. They’re no better or worse than any other derivative, dreary, overly commericalised MOR shite like Coldplay or Alanis Morissette.


  6. The irony is that Ted Nugent is in the video, the Motor City Madman, a real rocker. By the time the eighties were gone there were no more rock stars, The Cult were the last ones, you only have to look back to the real giants to understand why this dreary pseudo grunge does not cut it.


  7. Like what music you want and don’t let others spoil your enjoyment …. In ten years time you might find they have become so uncool they are considered cool and the folks that are now slagging them off have changed their minds and pretend they always said they were cool …. unpredictable beast is coolness …… sheep on the other hand …..

    I think they have turned out some good songs, some ok songs, and some crap songs … just like most other artists. Why does it seem to have to be love it all or hate it all for some folks?


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