What a remarkable coincidence again.

Isn’t it strange how we get told something is bad and must be fixed and within a few days, years of research and testing have produced a solution?

Science must have invented a time machine. ‘Good God, Carruthers! Disaster looms! Quick, go back five years and develop a remedy! No, wait, this is a big one with loads of grant money. Take ten years. And these grant forms.’

The Johnnies of CASH, those old salts of the Righteous cabal of ‘ban it, there’s no real reason but ban it anyway’ soon changed their tune. There was no money in salt control. People can just dry it out of seawater if they have no other source and it’s so damn cheap anyway (unless it’s icy outside) that a sensible level of tax will make no difference. You’d have to put 200% tax on it and then there’d be riots, and some very slippery roads.

Not enough drones believed salt was dangerous. Too many liked it on their chips. Chips without salt? That’s just… fried potato. Yeuk. Then there is the health doublethink that tries to say that putting a bit of salt on something that has been dipped in hot lard is bad for you… it was just too much for even the drone mind to accept. Although quite a few really did manage to accept it. I want to have a conversation with those people. I want to give them a one hour lecture on lifestyle and I bet not one of them would survive a month afterwards. Can’t help them, best to finish them off quickly, I think. It’s the kindest thing, in the end. They are really just dogs with incurable cancers. Making them live longer is just being cruel.

Besides, there have been ‘alternatives’ to salt for a long time anyway. Lo-Salt, low in sodium because it’s potassium chloride instead of sodium chloride. So instead of too much sodium, you can have too much potassium. Which doesn’t really help at all. Your nervous system needs a balance of those elements. Too much of one is as bad as too much of the other, and too little of either is deadly. Your body can deal easily with a little too much but cannot cope with too little.

Ah but sugar… there is aspartame and a host of other alternatives, produced by big companies with loads of money to pay piddling little control freaks to attack natural sugars. The old Salties learned from ASH and joined the Template Club. Get involved with attacking something the Big Producers want to replace with their synthetic alternatives. There’s gold in tham thar bans.

Now we have a magical new plant-based extract synthesised in the laboratory, an extract that has undergone testing, that has been –

…registered as a prescription supplement for the prevention of lifestyle-related diseases by the Food and Drug Administration.
It has also recently been officially approved as an effective natural ingredient for diabetes prevention by South Korea.

The sugar attacks are recent. Getting this kind of research to the level of FDA registration takes a very long time. Aren’t we lucky that scientists came up with this solution long before we even knew there was a problem?

Now, the cynics among us might be thinking that the problem was invented to sell the solution, but these are naughty heretical thoughts and they have drugs to stop you thinking them. Oh yes, they do. They are just waiting for thinking to be declared a health risk and the drugs are all ready to go. You know they already have drugs to make smokers kill themselves, right? Marketed as a way to stop smoking. You’ll stop smoking all right. It’s hard to smoke when you’ve stopped breathing.

It won’t be difficult to sell mind control. How hard was it to get all those kids onto anti-ADHD drugs when ADHD is not even a real illness at all, it’s just what we used to call ‘being a brat’. Something almost all kids do once in a while, and a few do often. Do it once now and bam – you are in pink unicorn land with the rest of the druggies forever.

Thinking heretical thoughts can give you high blood pressure and (the terror of the drones) heart attacks and strokes. This will cost the NHS money and the NHS isn’t supposed to spend any money except on breast implants and homeopathic gender reassignment procedures for the exceedingly under-endowed. Just poke it inside-out, job done. They can’t go wasting money on real diseases, nor on cleaning their hospitals of the real diseases you can’t catch anywhere else.

If it costs the NHS money then the drones will demand the heretics are locked away and forcibly medicated. The Green drones of the Church of Climatology have already demanded this for their heretics, as have some of the Smoking Inquisition drones, so there is a precedent for when the sugar heretics pop their heads above the parapet. Or when the chubby heretics pop their bellies out of the sides of the parapet. What you chiefly need here are taller and wider parapets, I think.

Or maybe a scientific Renaissance, where we can all get back to chasing knowledge rather than chasing money. Like it was in the old days. I don’t really see that happening any time soon.

I do hope to witness the utter collapse of the NHS when all those groups they demonise finally get together and demand the return of all those National Insurance protection racket payments that were extorted from them under threat of violence, with no real intention of delivering on what was paid for.

But then, they probably already have a pill for that too.


7 thoughts on “What a remarkable coincidence again.

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  2. I’ve been avoiding excess salt for years. Gives me cramp if I ingest too much.

    Ditto sugar. I use artificial sweeteners in my tea and coffee – not because I believe the scaremongers but because I’m a fat bastard who want to lose weight. It’s just calorie avoidance. It works.

    I regard anything the FDA says with large amounts of suspicion – or should I say a pinch of salt?


    • “I’ve been avoiding excess salt for years. Gives me cramp if I ingest too much”.

      You have no idea just how helpful your comment has been. I am assuming you’re talking about intense tummy cramps.

      Anyway. Many, many thanks.


    • I found that with wheat. It’s not an allergy, it’s an overload. I cut back on pasta and bread and the like and the bowel nukes calmed down.

      Although my guts don’t like artificial sweeteners, especially aspartame. They like to demand recompense at about 5 am.


    • Oh very nice. Once again it’s not the Electrofag, it’s the lithium battery. The same one as in phones and cameras and tablet computers… here come the unintended consequences 😉


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