Last night I resisted the temptation to play with the internet after Smoky-Drinky. It was a mighty drinking session indeed, right into the bigger small hours so I didn’t even get as far as Lolcats. Suitably refreshed, I have spent this day off doing exactly what I had planned to do. Nothing at all.

Well, not quite. There was eating and other essential stuff, like filling the cigarette case for tomorrow. This week it’s day shift, there is the unpleasantness of earliness but the shift finishes mid-afternoon and leaves time for some garden preparation.

There was also inspiration for a short story. One of my more cruel ones. This inspiration arrived in the afternoon’s quick browse of Lolcats and looks like this –

scorpionI’ve sketched it out and left it to ferment. The more devious twists will insert themselves.

There is also the eternal question of ‘Is there a God?’

I’m veering towards the opnion that there must be. Someone is making all these idiots and most of them are far too stupid to work out how to reproduce by themselves. Okay, perhaps more of a devil than a God. There have been times when I have been convinced of the existence of a malevolent entity who has it in for me personally but maybe we all have one of those. They take human form and have so far passed themselves off as human, but they are gradually losing their grip.

I have scoured this article on air pollution causing autism for any mention of smoking, but have found none. The commenters don’t believe in air pollution unless smoking is in there somewhere, because they have been repeatedly told that all the world’s ills can only be caused by smoking.

Oh, and because it threatens their cars and their AGA stoves. Little Cleggy threatened to ban all petrol and diesel engines just the other day and have us all in electric cars pulled by horses or huskies. I have wondered about the rising popularity of pet huskies. Do these people know something?

With the Clegg wanting cars banned, it is no surprise to find, a couple of days later, a coincidental report blaming one or more smoking-related diseases on cars. It’s probably a lot more accurate than anything the SHS crowd have ever come up with – but we now have catalytic converters, lean burn engines, fuel economy enforced by price, and that’s just cars. I grew up in streets where every house had a coal fire and a belching chimney. Cars had big and inefficient engines. There were fewer of them, but driving around belching black smoke was common. New houses don’t even have chimneys or fireplaces, they are built with central heating.

As one of those commenters pointed out, the air is generally less crappy than it used to be, so how can it be causing a rise in autism? I wonder if that same commenter had such trouble with rapidly declining smoking rates causing a rapid rise in all kinds of ‘smoking-related’ diseases? Probably not.

The rise in autism is caused by the same thing that made nicotine addictive. Medics changing the rules. Now, if you don’t like parties and are content in your own company, you are mild Asperger’s and are on the ‘autism spectrum’. Clever, eh? Make it a spectrum and we are all on it somewhere. Autism and Aperger’s are real diseases but the definition has been extended to the generally unsociable. Just as ‘obese’ no longer requires one to need a mirror to inspect anything below the waist. ‘Obese’ now encompasses the ones we used to call ‘a bit chubby’.

There are all kinds of respiratory diseases that can, and should, be linked to traffic fumes and all kinds of spraycans, but they dare not muscle in on the antismokers. Not yet. This is a first salvo from the anti-transport Righteous against the anti-tobacco Righteous and, well, get the popcorn ready. The anti-transport mob are just getting revved up. It’s going to get entertaining.

Especially since the antismokers already have a big fight on another front. Electrofag produces flavoured steam. It doesn’t even need to have nicotine in it. Food grade flavourings, food grade thickener, and about three volts of battery. Nothing to scare anyone
but the most gullible – when you find one, try to find out if they have a navel. I don’t believe these people were born. They must have been grown in a lab somewhere.

The fight against Electrofag is increasingly desperate. More and more idiots are imposing bans – not because of any real danger but because Electrofag can’t prove it’s perfectly harmless. So now they have come for your cars, antismokers. Can you prove your car is perfectly harmless? They don’t have to prove risk in order to ban it now. You have to prove a total absence of any risk at all – and that’s not possible. Cars are far easier to ban than Electrofag on this reasoning and they are already banning Electrofag. Basically, drivers, you’re fucked.

The antis slap down Electrofag adverts like a game of whack-a-mole. They aren’t subject to the ban on tobacco advertising because they are not tobacco. Snus are banned, ads for snuff, leaves or seeds won’t get on TV but Electrofag has no need for any tobacco involvement at all. As I said, it need not even contain nicotine. Yet it keeps getting banned because the antismokers make no money from it. Those Electrofag sites that villify smokers? Well guys, we saw this coming. We didn’t tell you because you hate us so suck it up. Get used to it. We have.

The antismokers also have to defend their plain packaging debacle. Doesn’t bother me, I now have two proper cigarette cases, a few Bull Brand tins that each hold 20, tubes with no tobacco company names and a leaf shredder. I’ve been on plain packaging for ages. It makes no difference at all.

It occurred to me recently that learning skills such as brewing booze and growing/curing tobacco would be very much in demand when civilisation collapses. I have a feeling they might well be in demand a lot sooner.

Plain packaging, as VGIF points out, is nothing short of comical since even the non-plain packs aren’t all real. The fakers don’t need to produce counterfeit packs. They just make up their own.

There is also no reason to produce fake tobacco. A smoker might buy a cheap pack of fakes, take one puff and think ‘That’s disgusting’ and never buy it again. We can tell, yes, really, we can. Why fake it? The tobacco is the cheapest part of the whole deal and if the fakers are in places like China, growing it and curing it is extremely easy and very cheap. Since around 80% of the price of a pack is duty, you can sell at half retail price and still make a hefty profit with real, good tobacco. Hell, you can sell a premium tobacco in your fake fags and you’ll be a market leader in no time!

.If the criminals sell decent cigarettes at half retail price – or even 75% retail price – they will clean up. Even allowing for losses when crossing borders into the BanLands. Antismokers will simply pretend it isn’t happening.

As long as there is money to be had, antismoking will continue. As will anti-everything else. The money will run out. It always does.

Currently the antismokers are funded by those who sell patches and gum to idiot medics who think they work. They do not work and are not meant to. They are meant to produce a cycle of stop-fail-resume-stop in smokers who don’t really want to stop and who believe that nicotine is addictive. It isn’t. When you want to stop you will just stop. If you are forced to stop when you don’t want to then you will become resentful. The only way anyone ever really stops smoking is when they decide they aren’t enjoying it any more. Then they just stop doing it.

The patches and gun will fall out of favour eventually. The NHS will stop buying them from the Pharmers when they find the smokers aren’t taking up the ‘free’ ones any more (or, as a way outside chance, the witchdoctors develop a brain and actually think for themselves). Then the Pharmers will stop funding the antismokers because there’s no more profit to be had.

Electrofag is hastening that day of Patchageddon, because Electrofag is a million times better than some Band-Aid with a leaf under it. The Pharmers know it so they have set their pet haters onto Electrofag. ‘It looks like smoking’. That really is all they have. Chewing a pen looks like smoking. Expect that to be banned soon.

Now the Antismoking Righteous have to contend with the Antitransport Riighteous stealing their smoking-related diseases, as well as the Antichubbies claiming heart attacks and strokes as their own and that’s before we even get to the common sense views that smoking cannot possibly cause middle ear infections, because those are caused by bacteria and viruses that are absolutely destroyed by burning. Smoke – and ash – are sterile.

Their desperation is clear in their new and deranged ramblings. Their masters, the Pharmers, are being drawn into the debacle more and more each day and they will not like that. They prefer to control their gibbering puppets from behind the scenes. The man behind the curtain is getting far more attention than he wants. We see you, Pharmer. We see the scam of your silly stop-smoking rubbish and wonder if you produce anything at all that really does work. Best guess? Probably not. Best just stick to generics and buy no branded stuff at all, eh? The Pharmers are outed as fakers and scammers by their determination to pay for the ASH Inquisition.

Antismoking pretended that there was no slippery slope, that tobacco was special, that their madness could never be extended to burgers or booze or butter. It has gone much, much further. They cannot control it now and the other Righteous who use their template are stealing all their ideas.

The antismokers are desperate. Their drones keep playing the game even when the game wants to scrap their Chelsea tractors and their children’s Tonka toys. I’m sure the future kids will love their Christmas wind generators and horse-drawn Prius and solar light-the-dim-LED presents.

The drones still haven’t made the connection with the antismokers and the Pharmers in all of this, but they will.

When they do, we’re going to need continuous popcorn-makers.

17 thoughts on “Desperados.

  1. I got challenged the other day about using an eletrfag as you folks call them. I told the asshole involved it was my asthma inhaler. (Essentially, they are no different.) Are you going to ban those as well and let all the asthmatics die??? I think this is a good defense and out to be put out there…..


    • I have one that looks like a USB stick and another that looks like Dr Who’s sonic smokedriver. They don’t have to look like cigarettes and it’s better if they don’t – in fact, the hell with it, make them look like asthma inhalers.

      The only problem would be, real asthma inhalers don’t let you blow smoke rings.


  2. “There is also the eternal question of ‘Is there a God?…I’m veering towards the opnion that there must be… Okay, perhaps more of a devil than a God. There have been times when I have been convinced of the existence of a malevolent entity who has it in for me personally but maybe we all have one of those.”

    I’m reading the book of Job again. God gave the Devil almost – almost – unlimited access to torment him for a while to test him.

    With me, I think God has it in for me sometimes, but then miracles happen and problems that once seemed insurmountable dissolve into history.

    God chastises those that He loves. He tries them in the fire.

    And it wouldn’t surprise me if they ban petrol/diesel cars for the proles. You can tell what’s going to happen by looking at what the fake charities and unelected government advisors are advocating. Take “Forum for the Future” –

    More of that sustainability = depopulation and total control grid. Here’s one of their videos about life in 2040. You’ll get an electric bike if you’re fortunate enough and meat on your birthday. You’ll be allocated a profession. If you own a car you’ll be forced to share it on journeys to work. Those who don’t comply will live in ghettos.

    It’s already been planned – and more that they dare not yet divulge. It’ll happen. Watch the video. It’s the future.


    • I’ve seen that video before. It’s horrifying, especially because those in it all seem to think it’s great. They are even pleased to see the rich guy in his car!

      It won’t work. Oh they will try, but it won’t work. I’ve wondered often if the next King Charles will bring about what the first two did. It looks pretty much certain now.


  3. smoking cannot possibly cause middle ear infections

    That seemed such a preposterous idea that I did some research.

    Glue ear caused by gastric juices – 2002

    “The team measured pepsin levels in middle ear ‘glue’ from 54 children in Newcastle and Nottingham. They found that 45 (83 per cent) of the samples contained 1000 times more pepsin than those found in ordinary blood samples.”

    Andrea Tasker told Bupa, “Gastric reflux is a very common among both children and adults in the UK. When it happens we usually feel what is commonly known as heartburn.

    Children who experience gastric reflux are at particular risk of fluids entering their Eustachian tube because, until it matures, it tilts at an angle and is more receptive.”

    Pepsin assay: a marker for reflux in pediatric glue ear

    OBJECTIVE: To evaluate if analysis of pepsin/pepsinogen in middle ear effusions can be considered a diagnostic marker for laryngopharyngeal reflux (LPR) in children with otitis media with effusion (OME).
    There was a significant positive correlation between the level of pepsin/pepsinogen assayed in the effusions of the 17 children and the number of pharyngeal reflux episodes measured by pH monitoring.

    CONCLUSIONS: Control of LPR may be an essential component in the successful management of OME in pediatric patients. Pepsin/pepsinogen analysis in effusions of children, using ELISA, can be considered a reliable marker for assessment of reflux in children with OME”

    Heartburn pill that can cure the pain of glue ear

    “A common heartburn remedy is being tested as a treatment for glue ear.
    “In a new trial, children are being given drugs known as proton pump inhibitors to prevent the build-up of fluid behind the ear drum”

    To test the theory, in a clinical trial at McMaster University in Canada, children aged one to 17 will be prescribe d proton pump inhibitors – drugs that target and block the enzyme that causes cells in the stomach lining to produce acid in the first place.”
    http: //


    • And then tracked down the culprits.

      Frogatt Report

      “Froggatt Report” published by Independent Scientific Committee on Smoking and Health highlights dangers of passive smoking and recommends smoke free workplaces”

      “A recent study of 7-year old children in Edinburgh found a direct link between middle-ear effusion ( glue ear ) and passive smoking as measured by salivary cotinine concentrations. This association could not be explained by factors such as poor housing or social class.”;jsessionid=76D46F2E1C983600AD5DD4836792868C?tid=aka14d00&page=12

      Passive smoking, salivary cotinine concentrations, and middle ear effusion in 7 year old children –
      D. P. Strachan,
      M. J. Jarvis,
      C. Feyerabend

      “OBJECTIVE–To assess the contribution of passive exposure to tobacco smoke to the development of middle ear and effusion.

      CONCLUSIONS–The results of this study are consistent with those of case-control studies of children attending for an operation to relieve middle ear effusion.

      They indicate that the disease should be added to the list of recognised hazards associated with passive smoking.

      About one third of the cases of middle ear effusion in this study were statistically attributable to exposure to tobacco smoke.”


      • Years and years ago, I worked on a short-term contract with a lab assaying concentrations of cotinine in saliva. The method used there was to spike a known amount of deuterated cotinine into the samples; chemically identical but noticeably heavier. The assay equipment was a liquid chromatograph linked to a scanning mass spectrometer; essentially you compared the size of the peak of deuterated cotinine to the other non-deuterated cotinine peak.

        The test used area under curve matching; you know how much stuff one peak equated to, therefore the other one equated to *this* much cotinine. It was expensive, the workers HAD to be non-smokers to prevent contamination of samples, and it was fiddly as all hell to do but it worked.

        This study isn’t using the deuterated cotinine spiking method, presumably because of costs, and is not anywhere near as accurate as a result (the team I was working with could quantify down to below 0.1 nanograms per ml matrix; this lot are working an order of magnitude larger) which does lead me to be suspicious of their findings.

        The method is, as I said, hideously susceptible to contamination. Back then I, a complete non-smoker, was working on my own in an isolated lab and spending much time swabbing down the fume cupboard I was working in to remove possible contamination; I wonder how careful these workers have been?

        Thinking back, normal non-smoker cotinine values were 10 to 30 picogrammes per ml, non-smoker exposed to smoke values were only 50 to 100 or so, whereas smoker values were in the high hundreds. Secondhand tobacco smoke does smell pretty vile, but it really does not expose the person to much nicotine (and by inference much smoke) at all.

        I note that this study only managed to demonstrate their effects to the 95% confidence interval, and they were working with some fairly small sample sizes of only 100-200 individuals in some groups. Back when I was a PhD student, proving to 95% confidence was tantamount to admitting to scrabbling around for results from an experiment that was not really working. A representative comment would be something on the lines of “Go do it again, and do it properly this time, yer pillock!”. 95% confidence intervals (99% plus is what you want to be talking here, 95% is taking the piss a bit), smallish sample sizes and a dubious chemical analysis procedure all stinks a bit.

        To be frank, I think these people are trying (and failing) to prove a theory, rather than investigating a phenomenon for the cause.


        • I think that you are absolutely right.

          This rather gives the game away.
          “the disease should be added to the list of recognised hazards associated with passive smoking.”

          And they succeeded wonderfully because since being published in 1989 the alleged link between secondhand smoke and glue ear is everywhere now.

          “Tuesday’s Panorama used highly dubious science to accuse working-class parents of making their kids sick.”

          “Tuesday’s Panorama sunk even lower in its discussion of two boys with a condition called ‘glue ear’, which can cause serious hearing problems.
          In both cases, the medical professional – ear, nose and throat consultant Alison Flynn – asked if there was ‘any smoking in the household’ before lecturing each of the fathers about the dangers of smoking.

          One father assured her that he only smoked outside. Incredibly, Flynn told him that this was irrelevant, since the smoke would linger on his breath and his clothes for hours afterwards.

          The right thing to do would be to give up smoking altogether or, at the very least, go nowhere near his child for two hours after smoking a cigarette.”

          A quick search on the names of the authors of the glue ear study reveals a torrent of secondhand smoke studies over the years both together and separately.


    • Somewhere along the line, glue ear became ‘middle ear infection’ – an entirely different thing. Well, I suppose reality does get in the way of propaganda sometimes, and the drones never notice anyway.


  4. @ Stewart. My in laws farm in La Perigordine, an area in S.W.France renowned for it’s cuisine. ‘They’ can try to ban meat, but around here if TPTB tried it there WOULD be a revolution and a bloody one at that; people around here are more than p*ssed with the crap coming out under Hollande and Brussels.


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