More Righteous desperation.

So when the tobacco companies sponsor research, even if they use real and checkable numbers like sales figures, it’s propaganda. They are inflating their sales figures and therefore paying more tax – duty, corporation tax and the rest –  because they like it.

When the Pharmers and the Antismokers declare the conclusion and then, later, get we taxpayers to pay for the ‘research’ to ‘prove’ their conclusion, that is called Studies have Shown and Experts have Said and they think it is science. The drones don’t see any problem with that. Even though the dopey bastards are paying more tax just because this rubbish exists.

Plain packaging does not work. Philip Morris reported the first sales increase in years after the Ozzies made all the packs plain and that’s only legal sales. The sock-puppets are out in force in the comments and there is no mention of Man with a Van. Well the smokers aren’t going to shop him and the antismokers pretend he doesn’t exist so dare not bring him into view with a prosecution. It’s a safe and stable career. I wonder how much a van costs now? It would probably pay for itself in a week.

The Dreadful Arnott claims the baccie barons are lying. Lying about increased sales so they pay more duty and tax on stuff they didn’t really sell? Riiiight.

I’ve been using non-branded rolling tins and lately, cigarette cases, for well over two years. The packaging means nothing to me. I don’t care if they bring in plain packaging. I’ve been unbranded for years. Never mind the olive-green or the tiny fonts, my packets have no warnings or stupid lying photos stuck on them. Look on eBay or Amazon or just about anywhere, you can get a smoke-box for well under a fiver. No meth-mouth, no pensioner hands, no actor under a sheet, no pictures at all unless you want one with a skull on it (I do). No little labels saying ‘Do Not Do This’ or ‘See you pal, you’re well done in, so ye are’.

Every smoker should get a cigarette case and/or a rollie tin. Now. Before the morons decide to add warnings and fake horror-flick pics to those too. Get a chrome one or a black one or even a pink one. They are cheap now but that will change once plain packaging appears. Get your unbranded packs right now.

Stuck in the bottom of the article is a new Studies have Shown lie saying that Electrofag does not, at all, help those who want to stop smoking.

Well, there are a lot of vaper forums out there, full of ex-smokers, who might want to dispute that conclusion. For those who really want to stop but still believe themselves addicted I would always recommend Electrofag. You don’t have to start with the full gadget-geekery which is more addictive than smoking could ever be. There are cheap disposable ones you can try out first. They are not great but for a trial run, they’ll do.

It’s all getting desperate now. Every last gun is getting fired. Even the Stupid Gun is being blasted as fast as it can shoot into the feet of those who fire it.

It might be possible, you know. that I might manage to live long enough to put up a post titled ‘Apocalypse of the Righteous’. They are hastening their own demise and will not see it coming,




Popcorn. We will need lots of popcorn. Especially at the end. Although I plan to be stuffed with leaves.






13 thoughts on “More Righteous desperation.

  1. In terms of cigarette tins: check out to see some colorful alternatives. They’re made out of plastic, but I got a sampling from them and they ARE quite sturdily constructed: rigid/thick plastic that well withstands ordinary falls etc. Heh, plus, the best part: you can design your own! :> I got one with my “jumping hippie” pic plastered on it, one with the TobakkoNacht cover, and a third with “Dissecting Antismokers’ : on the flip-top and a larger “BRAINS” in the main area along with my “Brainy” graphic from Sam Ryskind (see if you’re not familiar with Brainy.) GREAT conversation starter sitting on the bar next to you at the pub! LOL! If you DO choose to use a white background with black print, the print (at least if submitted in the format that I used and could look up if anyone wanted) comes out as sort of a nicely raised engraving. Very professional!

    Just be careful you type the hyphen in smoke-screenz. If you miss the hyphen you’ll get to a rather odd site that seems to be selling fake cigars that are actually marijuana or hash pipes! Seriously.

    – MJM


  2. ‘You don’t have to start with the full gadget-geekery which is more addictive than smoking could ever be’
    Ah, that little army of batteries, tanks and bottles that’s sitting on my desk . Nope not addictive at all!
    And thanks for that Foamy Squirrel clip, it was brilliant. Your idea was good too, perhaps everyone at the ceremony could enjoy a quite reflectional cigarette instead of all the speechifying.


  3. Back to the future, as once every well-dressed gentleperson used a nice silver or gold cigarette case.

    It sounds as though I’m poking fun at smokers, but I am not. Rather, I’m describing the modern human condition, if anything. I discovered towards the end of my sales career that a certain segment of the cigarette buyers actually did not know the exact brand that they smoked, they’d just hold up the empty pack to the clerk and get another pack. Almost understandable, as there were about a dozen different styles of every brand once you factor in regular or menthol, soft pack or box, regular or light or ultralight, king size or 100mm and all that. If you’ve been to major American city, a lot of folks there are from elsewhere and have only a rudimentary grasp of the language as she is spoke.

    So, I can understand if, when every pack looks alike, that they’d simply order the brand that they’d heard of, and that’s Marlboro.

    Until it is generally recognized that this is about control, not health, windmills shall continue to be tilted.


    • There will be a response to ‘Which brand’ and it will be ‘Don’t care’. Capstans one day, Silk Cut the next. Eventually everyone will realise that the only sensible thing to do is to grow it themselves.


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  5. I see lots of lovely old antique cigarette cases on fleabay but one thing all the old one’s appear to have in common is the special elastic bands inside are in poor shape. I wonder if replacements are available? A quick search on the aforementioned site revealed nothing.


    • Why does one not ‘match up’ one’s own tin (an old metal GV or Old Holborn tin), a long-established Anglo-Saxon craft, mainly in the miltary (but not anymore I suspect) ….. or in HM prisons?

      Take an old 2oz GV tin and sand all the paint off to shiny all over. Cover with clean, new headless wooden matches (you need a razor blade or craft knife), which you glue down carefully. Make a thin wash of glue out of watered down PVA.

      Cover the lid and the base first. Then cut shorter pieces for round the sides, and little bits for a border where the ridge in the lid is situated. Glue them well in and keep the top wiped.

      You might wish to do a second layer, with matchsticks going in different directions, making nice wooden patterns. When you’ve done all the woodwork, sand it all smooth and rounded all over with fine paper. Make sure the glue is hard first of course.

      Then varnish it with several coats of lightly-thinned varnish.

      For embellishments, you can ‘wash off’ pictures from shiny magazine paper. Cut your picture out accurately from the magazine. There’s all-sorts of fantastic artwork in mags. Not to mention glossy pictures (ahem).

      Put the cut-out in a bowl of very hot water and *very* carefully, slide off the colour print (wafer thin) from the paper backing. Carefully slide it onto your tin lid (obviously it has to fit) and swab it into place carefully with tissues, soaking up any remaining moisture. Varnish over the print several times.

      Completely individual. Takes endless hours.


      • I think I’ve seen a few of those. Years ago now though. Probably the late eighties. Sounds like a dying craft. Never had the process of making them explained to me before. Once upon a time matches were used to craft all kinds of things, weren’t they?


      • As far as cigarette cases go there is a charming old Soviet one I’ve had my eye on a while. Hunting hound embossed on one side, fowl on the other.

        Not much in the way of quality smoking or drinking paraphernalia from the FSU really which surprises me considering how enthusiastic they were about optical equipment, cameras, etc and endless neat mechanical watches. Which reminds me, I must attend to the shutter ribbons on that lively old Kiev rangefinder. Beautiful thing. And almost perfect copy of the original Contax rangefinder. So many projects…


      • I do have a couple of old tins. Not old enough to be free of the warnings or I’d use them as they are. This sounds like something for the winter nights.

        Nowadays you can buy A4 sheets of waterslide transfer (decal) material that you just put through an inkjet printer and make any image you like. The one limitation is that printers can’t print white. Printers expect the paper to be white so white bits come out clear. You’d need to paint a white background first.


    • I have a new one with those elastic bands inside, bought it on Amazon for less than a fiver. The bands are therefore still being made, so must be available somewhere.


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