Not even Red Bull…

… could give me wings now, unless they are the black, tattered wings of a nightmare. I already have the bloodshot eyes, I think, It’s hard to focus but I’m sure they glow. Which reminds me, tomorrow I put those little glow-sticks out in pairs.

Finished work at 9 pm so went straight to Smoky-Drinky. Now I really have to sleep!

Instead of a post, have a bit of New Age weirdness I heard about from a hairy boozer. It’s less insane than science these days.

I planned to have a haircut this week but… should I?

As far as I can tell, long hair just makes my head feel heavy and gets in my eyes but… (twilight zone music) …what if I didnt keep getting it cut?

You have no idea how long it took to turn the first typing of this into something legible. I think it was Hemingway who said ‘Write drunk, edit sober’ but I can’t wait until tomorrow.

Goodnight all, tomorrow’s post will involve slightly less squinting and fewer instances of head hitting desk in knackeredness. Probably.



9 thoughts on “Not even Red Bull…

  1. The day that I decided that never again would I drag myself from a comfortable slumber simply because someone else promised me money I also resolved not to cut my hair nor beard.

    All went well for fourteen months (the spouse long since having resolved to persevere) until my child mentioned that I looked like the stereotypical “crazy old mountain man; I know you, and I feel like I should look my car door.”

    I trimmed up simply to keep the police from gunning me down, and then checking later.

    Funny thing is, it wasn’t even as long as I’d worn it in ’71.


  2. I think it was Papa Hemingway who also said: “It reads easy cuz it was writ hard!”

    As I struggle with a very minor book, I hope he wuz right…


    • Novel writers are all insane. Even if we don’t start out that way we all end up mad. Finishing it, reading it over, finding the blonde in chapter 4 turned into a brunette in chapter 12 and there is an entire sub-plot that you just forgot about half way through can do that to you.

      I’d say the writing part is easy – sorting out the drunken ramblings later is the hard part.


  3. “Hair are your aerials man; they pick up the signals from the cosmos & direct them into your brain. This is the reason bald-headed men are uptight.” — Danny, Withnail & I

    I’m glad these people are able to let it all out on the internet instead of, ya know, getting underfoot and/or falling into the gears of heavy machinery out in the real world.


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