The vicious spite of the NHS.

I have written horrible things. ‘The Sweet Man’. ‘The Gate Race’. ‘Fireman’. Cruel, nasty scary things, but they were all fiction and labelled as such. You were not supposed to believe them outside your dark dreams.

There are things that have not yet been published because they were just too nasty. ‘The Cleaners’ has never been released. It is seriously horrible, it even makes me cringe. ‘The Death and Life of Harry’s Wife’ might one day appear in a toned down version. Again, they are all fiction. Labelled as fiction.

Yes, I have written horrible things but I have morals. I have never tried to blame the parents of deceased children for the death of their own child. I have made up stories to scare drones but have never – never – attempted to blame them for the deaths of children or relatives. Oh sure, some of my games have been cruel but there are limits. There are lines I do not cross.

The NHS has no such qualms. They will berate smoking parents over a SIDS death even though there is nothing at all to even hint at the slightest possibility of a link between smoking and SIDS. Oh, who needs research when it can be blamed on smokers? I would not even do that to an antismoker. Even though it has been proved that childhood exposure to smoke gives the child a 22% LOWER chance of lung cancer in later life. I have never used that, but I could, but I never will.

You have to tap a questionnaire to get the NHS hate-fest but it doesn’t get you spammed, and anyway there is far more truth in the comments than in the article.

There are those who think I am a nasty piece of work and by some definitions, maybe I am.

Next to the deifieid NHS, I am a fucking angel.

A slightly unstable and out of focus angel. With wonky wings and stained white robes, but still better than the red guys who run the NHS.

You want to find the beast who will mark you in your palm and your forehead? Its name is not 666, it is NHS.




10 thoughts on “The vicious spite of the NHS.

  1. It’s curious, isn’t it, that these mindless, blathering drones always seem to conveniently overlook the fact that the steepest rise in cot deaths (from the mid 1970’s to the mid 1980’s) correlated almost exactly with the corresponding decrease in the number of people smoking, and thus the levels of tobacco smoke in the home; and that the rise plateaued off at precisely the same time as the numbers giving up began to level off, too. If it were anything but smoking …


    • It also corresponds very well with the decline in home-ventilating coal fires and the rise in hermetically sealed central heating.

      But hey, I’m just a drunken blogger, what could I possibly know?


      • There’s your answer, then. The culprit is probably going to be stuff like formaldehyde from plastics in the home, and plasticisers in the carpets. There was a scandal in the USA where the caravan trailers used to house people after a hurricane all had that familiar “new car” smell to them, which turns out to mostly be formaldehyde, plasticisers and volatile monomers from plastics.

        In a car, as soon as you start the engine the ventilation fan comes on, and pushes those nasties out of the car; in the FEMA trailers that didn’t happen and the accumulated toxins poisoned people wholesale. The trailers weren’t very well insulated, so people kept the doors and windows shut to keep warm, and effectively gassed themselves.

        Older houses all had chimneys. My little terraced house has several, all but two now blocked off. The carefully-chiseled through the wall air vent that the previous occupant plastered over (the fool!) I re-opened; it was there to let in fresh air for the central heating back-boiler. That back boiler is deactivated now, in favour of a Combi unit (said previous tenant was a DIY bodger, and one of his bodges was the heating system), but the vent is still open; I appreciate a slow input of fresh air into my house.


        • The main aim of those vents in blocked-off fireplaces was, I think, to stop damp accumulating in the hollow space of the chimney. No air circulation in there would mean any rain coming down the chimney would just make all the bricks wet.

          So yes, he was indeed a DIY bodger!


  2. The people (and I use that term loosely) who thought up the tactic to abuse smokers into quitting should be jailed. They are obviously sociopaths who should never have power.


    • Unfortunately the government is comprised of easily controlled morons who believe all the crap they are told to believe. I’d really like to see them try it on Farage. Unfortunately most of the rest of UKIP are easily controlled morons too. It’s a politician thing.


  3. I particularly liked “why let science get in the way of a political agenda” as that seems to be the touchstone of the utter bollox spouted by the MSM.


    • Science is now creating the political agenda. Well, charlatans dressed up as scientists are doing it, and destroying the credibility of real scientists at the same time.


  4. Fuck me What is the cuntry coming to ? These people seems to have no innate inbuilt moral guidelines or standards.
    They took a bloody good pasting in the comments though so will now no doubt be feeling all warm and righteous having suffered for their religious beliefs. Bastards.


    • They will shake their superior heads at the foolishness of the comments. These people will not see how stupid and evil their actions are even when the noose is tightening around their necks. It is very likely to get to that point one day because they will never stop on their own.


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