Other people’s stuff.

Morning shifts are having an effect on me. Tonight I bring you other blogger’s works because I am just too tired.

Simon Cooke has found the Medical Maniacs’ plans to make us all happy and healthy by making us into a population of bored and useless clones.

While Captain Ranty found a Leftie who almost gets it. The lefty does believe that trhe problem of control by bankers and corporations is to be solved by control by socialism, but he is getting closer. He has seen the problem, or at least one side of it, but has not yet grasped the solution.

It is not about money. There is no solution to anything in money. Money isn’t even real.

How much money you have has no effect on my life at all. I don’t care if you have billions. It is of no consequence to me. You can try to use your money to tell me how to live but since I don’t care about money, it cannot work. It only works on those who want money.

I just received that Zenit EM I bought on eBay. It’s in good shape too and at a touch under £20, it cost less than I sold my old one for in 1982 or thereabouts. Needs a lens cap (won’t cost much) but the lens is unscratched and this version has features my older version didn’t have.

I could have saved up for a new digital Canon EOS (great camera, I have held one, but comes with a crap lens as standard) but I already have a film version EOS I bought second hand for beans.That one is damn well complicated enough!

Developing black and white, even slide film, is easy. I used to do that myself while still at university. I used to have the Zenit fold-into-a-briefcase enlarger but sold it when desperately skint, many years back. Now I don’t need one. I have a negative-scanner. I just need to develop the film and scan the negatives into the computer. It really takes only a little bit more time than transferring from the digital cameras.

There is no need to spend huge amounts on what you want and from there, it follows that you don’t really need to earn much more than is essential. Why be a millionaire? How much modern crap do you really need? How big a house, how many rooms can you be in, how many entrances can you guard against the thieves who can see the ostentatious nature of your wealth? Why not consider what you actually need and want and not bother about all the stuff that other people are just going to try to steal anyway?

That Zenit camera took wonderfully detailed photos thirty-odd years ago and it still works and still needs no batteries. Next I will look for a Patterson film developing tank and the B&W simple chemicals.

The world has moved on and technology is now the opium of the masses. This is fine with me because the masses are selling all the really useful stuff cheap on eBay.

Consider this.

If the British could ever again be raised fron ‘Tsk’ through ‘Tchoh’ to ‘Fuck you, it’s pitchfork time’, how could the EU and the puppet UK government hide evidence of it? An EM pulse would wipe out every camera and phone over a wie area. Nobody would have any evidence so nobody could complain and anyone who did would get the award of the tinfoil hat.

My Zenit has no electronics. The photos are on film and cannot be changed in Photoshop. Tampering would be easy to spot. In the uprising I will be the one with documented evidence. Your camera phones are all a sham.

There is a lot more to say but sleep does not beckon now, it frogmarches.

Until tomorrow…



27 thoughts on “Other people’s stuff.

  1. I have a Patterson film developing tank somewhere (in one of 100 boxes). I don’t know if it’s a standard item, but I used to develop various sizes of film in it – even from Box Brownies, which I also still have – somewhere.

    I started when I was 13 (I think), so was strapped for cash. For an enlarger, I used my dad’s slide projector! The results were terrible. The negatives from the Brownies were just about large enough to make prints from directly. The only fortunate aspect was that we had a near-dark cellar.

    My infatuation then moved on to movie cameras. I bought one (aged nearly 17) and a projector with sound after saving up for 7 or 8 months from my first job. Took out the projector recently, but the bulb doesn’t work.

    Don’t suppose you could swap a bulb for a Yashica projector for a Patterson developing tank….?


    • Pentax ME series plus loads of Pentax glassware plus Hanimex macro zoom and thyristor directional flash in a charity shop, fifty quid.
      Lady RWG spotted the bundle, and got on the phone to me fast.
      There was a sub Abbott in the shop going; ” me give you tirty, tirty pound!
      She got told to fuck off, she left the shop in high dudgeon, a low arse and an even lower IQ.

      All the stuff clicks straight on to my Pentax K20 D.

      On the subject of B&W, you used to be able to buy it in bulk and use a bulk film loader with reusable film cans (twist top). They were meant to have a light gate, but I always used to use it inside a darkroom bag….belt and braces.


      • I have a Pentax P30 in my collection. Most of my lenses are M42 thread so I have adapters for the cameras that have bayonet fittings. The Praktica B200 was the one I bought when I sold my Zenit EM and it’s still here, joined by another picked up on eBay some years back for a fraction of what the original one cost! There are a few Zenit B’s around too, a Canon EOS (film version) that came from Cash Converters for bugger all money and, frankly, it would take some time to catalogue them all. One day, at least one of them might be worth something…

        I never did get a bulk film loader. Film, especially B&W, was cheap in those days. When processing it became more expensive than processing colour film – that was when I bought my own processing gear.

        You can still get real film. Poundland sell colour film now, and I asked in Boots recently about processing – they can get it done by sending it away. Our local one is too small to have its own processing facility.


      • Trouble with film cameras is the price. Last weekend…. na, the weekend before, we were at a re-enactment in Bourtange, Holland, and I took around 700 fotos. How much would THAT cost in rolls of 36 PLUS developing!?

        It cost me nothing, and if the General gets snapped just as he pulld a hedgehog out of his snitch, you just hit delete, and nothing is lost. With film, that crap foto has cost you what? a pound?

        Saying that I would LOVE to have my own darkroom again. IF my bloody eyes co-operated in the focusing department.


        • That’s what I like about digital too. Snap away and delete the crap ones later.

          Film – in Poundland, 36 rolls of film would cost £36. If I develop them myself I can then scan the negatives.

          When using film I am fussy about my photos. With digital I just snap everything and sort it out later.


    • The spiral in the Patterson tank could be adjusted for different sizes of film. Your memory is correct. I think it could even go down to 110 film. It could certainly handle box-brownie film and I also contact-printed those negatives because my enlarger couldn’t handle that size.

      I had the Zenit enlarger that folded away into a briefcase. It used a standard screw-fitting 60W bulb! All you had to do was wipe off the ’60W’ printed on the bulb or that would be in every photo. Now I have the EM again, my next goal will be to look for another of those enlargers. Although it’s not really necessary since I have a negative scanner so only really have to get as far as developing film.

      For the bulb, try Maplin.co.uk. They stock all kinds of weird gadgetry and bits.


      • Box brownie is ” and a quarter square. Same as my TLR Rollei. A total BASTARD to load onto a spiral using a darkroom bag!

        My main claim to fame, in my own lunch time, was having a speed graphic (5″X4″ plate) press camera (Think “Weegee.”) You COULD use the standard Patterson tank to develop, but it was AWKWARD. The only camera I had where you needed the darkroom bag to put the film in, in the first place.

        Someone offered me a Gandalfi 10″X8″ once, but that meant developing in a tray. Plus having to carry a tripod everywhere.

        And if one of THOSE fotos turns out crap, it is falling on your sword time, at the request of your bank manager.

        My stuff was all Patterson, if I remember, 110 neede a special spiral. The standard only did 35mm and 2,25².


          • Living in the back of beyond, the nearest one’s probably 70 miles away. Actually, if there’s one in Belfast, it’ll be the nearest.

            No, I’m not a gadget junkie anymore. I think the PC probably put me off…


            • I use their website – maplin.co.uk – because the Aberdeen shop is awkward to get to and might not have the oddest bits. Postage can be a bit of a swine though.


  2. Oh, as for when will people give an Eff U, it’s started in the US (so it should then come here). The Bundy family has been harassed for years by state goons and now militias from across the USA are making their way to confront them:

    “They say they are prepared for armed confrontation, but they insist they will not be the instigators if bloodshed happens.”

    You can tell how crazy it’s become over there as yet again ““First Amendment areas” have been set up far away from the actual action. That’s where you’re ‘legally’ allowed to demonstrate.

    Rogue government was the reason for the Second amendment and exactly the reason for our gun bans. Even if we had militia groups, they would have crossbows at best, although my cheap pistol crossbow can fire a dart almost right through a 10 year-old Glasgow South yellow pages (two inches thick) from a distance of five feet.

    Have most of us been domesticated beyond help? That’s the question.

    Are there legal routes to stop the madness, or does that take so much money that only those whose land has wind turbines on can afford?


  3. “The photos are on film and cannot be changed in Photoshop. Tampering would be easy to spot. In the uprising I will be the one with documented evidence.”-Leg

    There is a strain of archeological/Theological thought that thinks the Ancient Egyptians carved their hieroglyphs so deep into stone because they ‘remembered’ the data loss of the Flood. One recalls that one of the worst punishments they knew was the deletion of your name by chisel….as happen to the Heretic Pharaoh I believe. For ‘chisel’ read ‘industrial magnet’ these days.

    Personally I save all my important documents in rtf format, pictures in gif ….and ponder the practicability of punch “cards” made from titanium….


    • I have two external hard drives for backup and the really important stuff gets burned to CD or DVD – they don’t last forever but at least they can’t be wiped by magnets or solar flares.

      When book-writing, there are copies on the hard disk, on the backup disks, on USB drives, on SD cards and regular backups to CD. If my hard drive pops I won’t have too much to redo.

      Once I lost about a month’s statistical analysis on a big and well-paid project to a hard disk crash and had to do it all again. Unlike politicians, I really did learn from that lesson!


  4. Hello L I, I have a Zenit b Helios with a 50mm lens. Damn fine camera. I bought it in the mid 1970s, second hand, for about £20. It took superb pictures. I used to sepia tint the B&W pix in my lab. We had a darkroom in the basement where I developed the glass plates from my electron microscope and my own B&W pix. Great days. Can you still by actual film for cameras these days?


    • I have three Zenit B’s so nyah 🙂

      They don’t all work, they were a job lot ‘sold as seen’ at one of the local junk auctions. One day I’ll check them over and try to get one fully working one out of them.

      Poundland have colour film. Monochrome must be available somewhere because the guy I bought the EM from included an Ilford XP2 400 ASA film with it. It expired in Sept 2012 but I’ll try using it anyway because it was free.

      So black and white film was around in 2012. As they say on the XP files, ‘the film is out there’.

      Once upon a time, photographers made their own glass plates. We might be heading back there. I wouldn’t mind giving it a try, myself.


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