The Climatologist Propaganda.

Science isn’t all that complicated most of the time. The basic stuff is, or used to be, taught from the age of eleven and we were expected to pass exams on it by the age of sixteen.

Here is some really basic stuff. Kindergarten level. Even modern kindergarten. It’s too complex for politicians so if you are one, find a five-year-old. Any of them could explain it in terms of bunnies and kittens for you.

Plants make sugar from carbon dioxide using solar power (now that is seriously politically corrrect). They make more than they need and stick the extra sugars together into long lines called ‘starch’ so they can use it when the sun isn’t shining. At night, for example.

Plant seeds have to grow in the dark until they can push a bit above soil and make leaves that then allow them to make their own food. Before that they need a source of energy to make leaves and roots, so plants cram as much starch into seeds as they can.

Give the plant more CO2 and it can make more sugar and hence more starch. Its seeds will have more stored energy this time around.

Plants need nitrogen to make protein. Gaseous nitrogen is so laid back it can’t be arsed reacting with anything so instead, plants take it as nitrate from the soil.

The point here is that is that if you give plants extra CO2 and the same amount of soil nitrates, the starch component of their seeds will increase while the protein content will stay the same.

So proportionately, in amounts per gram of seed, there will appear to be less protein. There really is the same amount of protein but the starch content has increased while the protein content has not.

Nobody eats cereals for protein anyway. That’s what meat is for. Even if plant protein intake reduced by the claimed 3% it would make no difference at all against a sausage or a burger or a lovely. lovely bacon roll.

Increased CO2 is good for plants. They love it. CO2 is plant bacon.

It’s really all very simple. Not as simple as the minds that managed to drag this piece of shite from the open sewer of modern control.

It was published with full newsworthy propaganda rights in ‘Nature Climate Change’. A sub-journal that depends for its very existence on the impending demise of humanity. If the sky is not in immediate danger of falling, they are all out of a job.

And they say tobacco funded research is a conflict of interest…


Oh damn. I just realised I could have titled this post ‘The seed remains the same’. I’ll save that thought for another time.


6 thoughts on “The Climatologist Propaganda.

  1. They are also promoting the strange idea of pumping old mines with CO2 because there is going to be a shortage and we are going to be dire straits if we don’t get it. I can;’t remember why now; I have not delved into the reasons on purpose and have kept away from such articles in the tabloid press because I experience peculiar symptoms if I do. I’ll leave it to your imagination as to what they are. Let say Victor Meldrew and myself must be closely related.


  2. is it just me or have you started to notice certain elements within the MSM seem to be catching on to the fraud of “global warming”? (climate change etc or whatever they try to NLP the words to mean for their agenda today)

    there’s been the ex head of green peace and even Forbes magazine lately
    “It is way past time to realize that none of this is really about protecting the planet from man-made climate change. It never was.”
    The Costs of Ideology Masquerading as Science: Climate Alarmists Debunk Their ‘Science’

    not sure why they seem to be doing it a bit like “Big Money” in the US being behind the “legalise weed” campaign?
    time will tell


  3. The IPCC says that they are highly confident that their predictions are correct.

    Would you buy a car if the salesman was only highly confident that the engine would run and the brakes would work?


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