Recycling and other tales.

I don’t feel like reading the Daily Hate tonight. I am in a good mood even though I have to be up early tomorrow and the Mail will spoil it. Reading that thing will also makes it harder to sleep – as well as cause me to grind my teeth until they emit sparks.

So tonight it’s just a seriously random ramble.

This evening I have eaten the flesh of an infant, soaked in innocent blood. Yes, it was lamb half-leg roast for tea, cooked just enough to stop it going ‘baa’ and very nice too. Too expensive for a poor janitor? Not really, not when you consider how many meals that lump will produce. Lamb sandwiches, lamb omelettes. The almost-raw centre will become a lamb curry in a few days. Okay, £11.50 up front is a big outlay but I will get at least four meals out of it at just under £3 a time. And I get to suck the marrow out of the bone. I’ve loved that since I was a child. Some things never get old. That lamb, for example. “It left its heart, in Tesco’s chiller”, as the old crooner sang.

The garden is in need of its spring makeover. I have a week of morning shift this week and then six days off. Enforced. We couldn’t take the remaining week of holiday from last year’s alloted holiday because we were short of staff. Now the Secret Ninja Cleaning Company want us to use it up quick, to get the books all straight for this year.

Good timing for a holiday though. The garden looked like crap when winter arrived and of course nothing at all happened out there over winter. The weeds are back in force again. I spent a few hours this afternoon ripping them out by hand (except dandelions, they must be dug out to get the root intact or they just grow back).

The branches I lopped off the plum tree last autumn were still on the patio. It needs more trimming but I’m letting it flower first so I can see where the dead/junk branches are. Last year I found that it was producing a lot of plums I couldn’t reach and the ground is far too soft to risk a stepladder. I have to keep it growing low.

Some time ago I said I’d promised to make little chairs for knitted rats from Thailand. These were not required in a hurry. They are a surprise for her daughter who is in Canada for two years. Plenty of time to source some good wood to make them from. I had in mind buying stripwood but it’s pricey, and I had not planned to ask for any money for doing this.

So anyway, I was cutting that branch up for disposal and realised that it was good plumwood, some parts half an inch thick, it’s been outside seasoning all winter… I cut away any rotten or overdry parts and have stored the rest. The chairs will be plum chairs.

There’s enough for a table too. I could go for rustic or for planed and polished. This will require thought. Rats, even knitted ones in clothes, are not likely to get their chairs from Homebase or Ikea. If there are enough similar sized bits to make consistent chair legs, a lashed and jointed set would look good. I will discuss it with the wench in question before I start.

Also, in Lidl the other day, I found a roll of ‘jute tape’ which looks like a scaled-down roll of those woven chair seats that were once popular. It is ideal and very cheap. Apparently it’s for tying plants to posts or some such thing but I’m going to make chair seats out of it.

Yes, okay, I was really in Lidl to buy Ben Bracken again. It’s Boss’s fault for putting me on morning shift. Lidl is still open when I finish and Ben Bracken means I can keep my self-promise to not have more than one glass of the expensive birthday whiskies per night. The good stuff first, always. Otherwise you can’t taste it properly and that is just a waste.

I have two new fishing rods with reels from Lidl too. A pilk rod – I would refer to it as a two-piece spinning rod – and an ‘all round’ rod that is one of these collapsible ones where each section slides into the one below it. Damn good quality. Especially at £15 each for rod, reel, line, a few extra bits and a case to keep it in. I saw them at £30 each a week or so earlier and was lucky to catch them at ‘reduced to clear’. I could not have afforded both at their original price but at the reduced price… perfect.

Poundland have some fishing gear. No rods – not even they can sell a rod for a pound – but their packs of floats and hooks-to-nylon are good. There are reels for one pound each but I don’t believe they’d be worth it.

It’s too early for fishing. Some time in the 1980s I went fishing in April in Scotland. Ledgering for trout. Total waste of time. The line froze to the rings and the fish were too sluggish to care about the bait. Here, you need warm weather to get the fish active or there’s no point.

I might have said this already, but there is a way to make model smokers without using batteries. Not a cheap or easy way, but I think it will work. It might not so I’m not saying too much yet. In fact there might be more than one way, now I consider it…

These thoughts might prove especially useful in the case of the 1/1200 sub project. I have drilled through the conning tower already but have to work out how to install a battery supply. Maybe I don’t need to. Maybe I don’t need that in 1/72 or 1/24 either. It’s well worth a try. If I can do it in in 1/1200 I can do it in any scale.

When making model smokers I use optical fibres, some bought but most donated. Fibres that once had a real purpose. Recycled, in other words. There are also fibres from those ‘ufo lamps’ that were popular a few decades ago but which are now in bargain shops. Most of the model smokers are made from recycled bits.

Okay, best get a bit of sleep. One more week of early morning Hell and then a week of sanity, where I can catch up with a lot of things. According to the Met OIffice it will simultaneously be a time of record high temperatures and snow because of warble gloaming. Or maybe because the warble gloamers are desperate now.

I will try not to babble tomorrow, but no promises. The current madness is all because I seriously need a haircut and it weighs heavy on my mind.




15 thoughts on “Recycling and other tales.

    • Otway and Barrett. I saw them live in Cardiff and have a 7″ single of ‘DK50/80″ with Otway’s autograph on it. Barrett had that guitar made from an old plank and Otway was completely off his head, just like the TV appearances. They were in the bar with everyone else afterwards, smoking and drinking. A great show.


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