Paedopocalypse Now!

The PaedoEye has turned on Cyril Smith. Hard to believe nobody noticed him before. You’d have needed a stepladder to overlook him.

Strange how all these tales come out when the perpetrator is conveniently dead. You can blame the dead for anything. There’s sod all they can do about it. Cyril Smith can’t even come back as a ghost, there isn’t enough ectoplasm on the planet to allow him to materialise.

I blame Cyril Smith for the Earth’s axial tilt, especially now he’s stopped moving around and is buried in one place. Local gravity fields will have warped around his burial place, a depression orbited by pies. Please don’t let them bury John Prescott nearby or the planet will topple. Rumour has it that part of the Pennines only came into existence when they had to find somewhere to dump the excess earth from his grave.

I digress, but that lot just had to come out. It’s the whisky talking. I have some very chatty whisky here. The sort that has more to say than ‘Drink me’.

There is a Labour MP claiming that Cyril ‘Planetoid’ Smith was just part of a high level paedo ring operating at the heart of Government and silencing anyone who tried to disclose what was going on. I don’t know which Labour MP. It was something I read in Local Rag at work today – the sort of Local Rag that would have headlined the sinking of the Titanic as ‘Aberdeen couple lost at sea’. There is a longstanding rumour that they really did that but it’s not true. There were two couples.

Anyway, there have long been people claiming the existence of a high level paedo ring. As conspiracy theories go, it’s easy to laugh off but impossible to refute with evidence. We all know what a lot of those MPs are like – in it for themselves, out of touch with reality, pervy orange-sucking self-throttling while masturbating weirdos. They aren’t all like that. There are one or two who have some contact with reality now and then. Some don’t even suck oranges while masturbating, I hear.

Which gives rise to a wonderful yes/no question to ask the unwary. “Do you suck oranges while masturbating with a ligature around your neck? Yes or no”. Add it to the list that begins “Have you stopped beating your wife?” To which the only sensible answer is “I tried to, but she won’t let me.”

If such a ring exists, it is in a position to silence all those who try to reveal it. Consider the paedo motivation from the other angle – it is not that teachers and priests are all paedos, but that paedos will try to get jobs as teachers and priests. They will try to get into a position where they have access to the snot-nosed, disease-ridden objects of their utterly incomprehensible lust. Some will inevitably get through because that criminal records check only works on those who have one. For a peado, getting into a position where you have control of every child in the country and an army of SS to get them for you must be the ultimate dream.

But then, it has to be said, the Church often doesn’t help itself…

anglia anglicansEast Anglia used to be where the Romans put all the weirdos and oddballs to keep them out of the way, you know. The name was originally Esta Angulus, or ‘those who are oddly made’. It explains a lot.

Back to the point, although I should point out at this point that the point I intend to point at has not been sharpened, is probably dull and likely to be pointless. Pressing on regardless…

What if.

What if there really is a paedo ring in government, still, to this day? What if they keep getting their paedo pals into positions of pokery power? What if it’s all true? What if that bloke they keep arresting for shouting about the Holly Greig case is right after all? What if all those forced adoptions and SS-stolen children really were stolen to order? What if?

What would be their logical course of action?

Well let’s see. First they would have to try to blame it all on someone else. That will only stave off the inevitable  Eventually they will still be found out. So blaming it on the Savilator and others of his time might have worked – if it wasn’t for the inconvenience of the live ones actually defending themselves and being found not guilty.

Blaming it on celebs didn’t work. Blaming it on priests and teachers has not worked. Getting kids as young as five to learn about sex, both straight and (ahem) ‘alternative’ hasn’t made it go away. That will work, but it’ll take years. When those kids grow up they  will see the connection between sex and infants as normal. This is horrifying, disgusting, and adds a whole new and exceptionally vicious slant to Panoptica, the book-in-process that cannot keep up with reality.

All of this has done one thing. It has immunised the public against it all. So Mr. Pebbleglasses has been found to be whipping out his unmentionables in front of the nursery class. At first, shock horror. Now, increasingly – Yawn, another one.

Finally, then, we come to the place where the politicians reveal their dead paedos. Cyril Smith first, since there have been hints and stories for years. I bet Ted Heath is next because he’s also conveniently dead and because there are already rumours that link him with the Savilator.

So I predict, with my hat wrapped in tinfoil, that this will culminate in “We used to have a paedo ring in government but we don’t now, honest. Hello small boy, do you want to see some puppies? (cough) The microphone is off, isn’t it?”

I used to laugh at all conspiracy theories. I didn’t even believe in the existence of Common Purpose, but I have since seen the amateurishly exaggerated body language of their crazed wench-in-charge on YouTube. She could learn a lot from Jeeves’ ultra-subtle inflections of the word ‘Indeed’. Well she could, if she was capable, but she isn’t.

So now it makes me wonder. What if it’s all true? The logic attaching  events to this theory is sound, but that does not in itself make the theory correct. It only makes it possible or at most probable. When the people in the spotlight are the ones with the power to turn off the spotlight it’s very hard to be sure.

Opinions are welcome, even those that say I’m bonkers.


23 thoughts on “Paedopocalypse Now!

      • “Your mention of East Anglia reminded me of an item from The Daily Mash you may enjoy;”

        I have the misfortune to reside (I won’t say ‘live’) in Norfuck. Trust me, there is NOTHING funny or amusing about the god forsaken place! Norfolk -where an entire village shares not only an IQ and a sheep but a single DNA sequence too!


          • ” so something good did come out of Norfuck.”

            if you’re implying that I’m *from* Norfuck or, worse still, am a Norfucker, then I would like to add in my defense that I’m only vaguely ‘Norfolk’ on the maternal side and thus was only born with a VERY slight congenital defect , namely the ‘phantom’ toe -which is a huge gap between the big and 2nd toes, which is a mere precursor to the full blown ‘webbing’ of the true Norfucker. Nor have i ever felt the slightest desire to sleep with my sister nor ‘worry’ farmyard animals. I am typing this on a ‘computer’ not a ‘Komm-pOOH-ta’.

            …did attend the same school as Nelson though


  1. You know what I think. Some people assume I have shares in Alcan, what with having to make a new tin foil hat every day, 16 layers thick. You need a new one every day, because David Icke says there’s aliens living inside the moon controlling us with mind rays, so the hats are bound to wear out very quickly.

    It’s amazing how, as soon as you deviate from anything the mainstream media say, someone mentions Icke. That’s his purpose. He’s a double agent mixing genuine threats like global government with alien nonsense to make all ‘conspiracy theorists’ look like we are the offspring of incestuous marriages in Esta Angulus. (I have a theory that you just made up that name. Shish, there I go again. Always with the conspiracies already.)

    I’ve read that the term “conspiracy theorist” was invented by the CIA to label those who doubted the official story of JFK’s assassination as loonies. It didn’t work. I think 7 out of 10 Americans now believe it was an inside job. Of course 7 out of 10 Americans probably are loonies, like in the UK.

    Oh yes, the paedos. Sure, they take jobs where there are children. Talking of churches, it’s not just a (hopefully tiny) proportion of the clergy who are attracted to the job to try and snare a child, but some of the congregation also.

    I’ve met two. The first one was when I was down south 20 years ago and we were both about 30. He went to church (I realised later) to ogle one 15 year old girl and was getting pretty friendly with her. He ended up in the Old Bailey for abusing a different girl from ages 7 to 15 if memory serves. She is the daughter of a friend of ours (still my friend, but not his, obviously). He was only locked up for a matter of months as the real abuse couldn’t be proved for some reason, even though she was physically damaged by the fat sicko.

    The second one was just a few years ago when a 69 year-old man walked into the church I used to attend. We got talking and I discovered that he’d come up here from a town down south where I used to live (just three miles from where sicko #1 lived). Then he started explaining to several people that he wasn’t a Christian and that he was only in church to look at the teenage girls. One of the dads had to warn him away from his two teenagers.

    I kind of felt I had let that first ‘friend’ slip under the radar and I didn’t want it happening again, so when he insisted on coming to mine for lunch after church one time. I didn’t want him to, such was the mess, but he said if I really was a Christian I’d invite him back, so I did. I expect he has all manner of psychological tricks to use on minors.

    I used the opportunity and subsequent meetings to question him. He was a teacher and one of his posts was at an all-girls school. I asked how that made him feel. He said ‘uncomfortable at times’.

    But he had been married and had three sons (I met one of them who seemed normal enough), but he is the most peculiar man, with the archetypal pervert voice, which the first one didn’t have. He was finally told not to come to church anymore. Some months later, he’d done something – I still don’t know to this day – but as I’d extracted more information from him than anyone else, the pastor told the police and I received a letter to appear in court. About a week before the trial was due, another letter arrived saying not to bother as he pleaded guilty. He wasn’t seen for about a year, so I guess he was at HM pleasure.

    Since then, I’ve read about him in Local Paper. He was following a 15 year-old girl to her part-time job and just staring at her through the window.

    The first one I mentioned managed to get away with it for about eight years, but he had no friends in high places or Freemason brethren (same thing usually) to get him out of jail free.

    I’m sure these paedo rings exist. Well, I am wearing my tin foil deerstalker. You have to make new shapes now and then, or it becomes boring and visitors always appreciate the extra effort. For some reason they never stay long.

    Anyway, the 100 year ‘D’ Notice on some aspects of Dunblane obviously ring alarm bells. They say the information is not to be released for a century to protect the families, but who are they really protecting? If you were family, wouldn’t you want to know, or not?

    I had suspected it was carried out to further tighten our gun laws, but most theorists believe the killer ‘procured’ children for the local bigwigs: senior policemen, judges and I think an MP.

    So why are they only rumours? I was a Mormon – you may laugh and with some justification, but it taught me a lot about the psychology of liars – and there are stories of child abuse and sacrifice in the deepest vaults of the ‘temple’ in Salt Lake City. Like many Mormon temples, it’s covered in symbols of Freemasonry and its founders and first few ‘prophets’ were Masons.

    Joseph Smith stole the Mormon temple endowment ceremony from the Freemasons with a few changes and the mob that murdered him was probably comprised of Masons. Those bloody oaths are to be taken seriously!

    A few months before I stopped being a Mormon, I attended a Scotland-wide conference in Dundee and the second-in-command, if you like, was there. Us ‘Priesthood’ holders had a private meeting with him in the evening and I have never discerned such feelings of evil from a person before or since. Not anything like it. And previously from numerous broadcasts from SLC, he had been my favourite. His name is Thomas S Monson and is now the church leader/’Prophet’.

    If you believe that, “Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely” then these people want to control everybody. It’s why some of the Leninist-Marxist leaders killed tens of millions of their own people. It’s why the world’s elites are again using eugenics to thin us out, especially the people who don’t meet the standards required to form a master race, so unborn children suspected of having a disability can be aborted up to just before birth and Marie Stopes and Margaret Sanger concentrated their birth control ‘clinics’ in poor and black areas.

    If the paedophile rings of the influential are kept secret, is it perhaps because they get those children social services kidnap, abuse them for a few years (or months), then do them in?


    • XX Then he started explaining to several people that he wasn’t a Christian and that he was only in church to look at the teenage girls. XX

      Aye, because all crims are NOTED for advertising their intent, right?


      • That’s the weird thing about him (although everything’s weird about him). I assume it was something of this nature which got him arrested and a trial set and made him plead guilty and subsequently ‘disappear’ for a year. Why he’s so blatant, I have no idea. He did say his intention was to find a teenage wife, so he maybe thought it was OK.


    • “A few months before I stopped being a Mormon”
      The Bestes Frau In The World was a member of the LDS. I always liked them, and I will admit that they, the Mormons, are the most “christian with a small ‘c'” of Xians. They are just too fucking NICE. They take that whole ‘love thy neighbour’ thing too far for my taste and I found I couldn’t be around them for long without my wanting to go out and do something NASTY to SOMEONE….lack of sin in another is an affront….I find.


  2. Wonder if you read the post at OoL on Belgium. Bit difficult to pooh-pooh paedo rings after that but it was not specifically about that – that was just a spin-off from the sum total of the activities of these people. Dutroux was connected.


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