Quiet weekend

I have drawn Saturday Late and Sunday Early this weekend so will be mostly silent.

Then I have a week off so will be babbling.

For Oestre Sunday I have some interesting images.

Avoid eggs that open at the top.

alien easterNow that’s what I call a Kinder surprise.If you prefer your chocolate slow-moving and moaning ‘Braaaiiiiins’ then this is for you.

easter zombieAnd here is the real deal your parents made, kids.

easterbunnyEaster. The time of hollow eggs that are big enough to hide a scorpion or a tarantula inside.

Bite into them, children. You might not have one of mine.

Happy Oestre.


11 thoughts on “Quiet weekend

  1. We had 4 unexpected Easter eggs delivered to the house today. The type that come with added mugs (not the people giving them; they are very sweet). I don’t need to tell my boys about the scorpions or tarantulas – they like to smash their eggs open with a hammer. I managed to save the cups.


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