Life in Wales.

Yes. I have been drinking. And I am from Wales. So I know it’s all true.



8 thoughts on “Life in Wales.

  1. Actually I quite like Wales-lost my cherry there,in a barn in LLanPhlegm, back in 1980whatever and to a real human flesh and blood girl not a sheep (which would have probably been the case if I hadn’t have left Norfolk that summer). She wasn’t even underage nor related to me and she had a normal number of digits.

    I also have fond memories of playing Trivial Pursuit on a diet of heroin and brown rice in Aber-something-or-the-other…..

    Wales-like Norfolk but they ain’t gotten the hang of sugar beet.


    • Not underage and not related and not a sheep… that’s probably illegal in Wales and might come under Operation Ewetree or perhaps Operation Ewediddatinnitboyo.

      But they will probably find that cherry you lost. The Headleys (Heddlu) are good at some things.


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