I have considered giving an envelope to the guy at Local Shop who is quite clearly in the Asperger’s bracket. I would write on that envelope ‘Do not open until tomorrow’ and would envisage a tale worthy of Kafka coming out of such a thing.

Wilfred picked up the envelope and turned it in his fingers. The scrawled handwriting on the front said ‘Do not open until tomorrow’. He replaced the envelope precisely into its original space, as he had done every day for the past forty-three years.

His name is not Wilfred but he’d fall for this one. It would be unneccessarily cruel so I’ll save it for the next antismoking drone I meet. They don’t need to be clinically defined with anything, they’re just stupid.

There’s nothing in the envelope. No need. It will never be opened. Maybe it should contain a note that says ‘I told you not to open this until tomorrow!’

It’s similar to my suggestion at Local Shop that we should have signs above the sinks saying ‘In the interests of hygiene, please wash your hands before touching these taps’. You would be amazed at how many thought that was a good idea. Most did the ‘hey – what?’ after thinking about it but some still think it’s a good idea. They are destined for Admin.

It’s something to deflect attention from real life, as all stories are. Something absurd yet with just enough logic to be believed. These days you don’t need much real logic at all.

ASH are in the news and for once they are not pushing smoking onto children. They have declared that Electrofag is a pretty good idea after all. It is. It’s a marvellous gadget. You can smoke absinthe and roast chicken in this little toy. You can puff on it when you can’t be bothered rolling or tubing real baccy. More and more people prefer it to smoking tobacco and it’s easy to see why – where are you going to get cigar flavoured cigarettes? You’d have to fork out for cigars if you want that experience.

Electrofag is much cheaper too because you don’t have to pay 70% duty on every puff. With cigarettes approaching £10 for 20 (are we there yet?)  that’s ten shillings a smoke! You could get two pints of Brains Dark in Cardiff for that in 1978! There’s no duty because it’s not a tobacco product… but it is. Where do you think they get the nicotine?

The ASH deflection is merely a ploy to get all the vapers onside. They have realised htat they are missing out on millions of potential antismoking activists and are actually driving those vapers back to the smoky side.

Come over to the smoky side of the Farce, Luke. See the fun we have over here.

That’s why the Pharmers are silent. They aren’t in on the game, they are running the game. It has always been a long slow game and the vapers are about to be duped. Will they fall for it? Yes. Smack smack smack. If you are our friends, the smacking stops. Oh yes, they will fall for it. Most already have.

Then there is the news (news- ha!) that ASH use tax money to lobby government. The MP in question is sincere but the whole thing will be brushed aside as some kind of tobacco industry scheme even though the influence of the tobacco industry on government could be compared to the influence of a peanut on the formation of a black hole. Actually, an anti-peanut because whatever the tobacco industry says, the government do the opposite.

There are many tales of terrible paedos in the news. Almost all have been shown to be baseless. The Salivator is probably one of the biggest deflections of our time. Sure, he was a creepy dude but did he really do all the things he is accused of? Most of what he was accused of wasn’t actually illegal. Immoral perhaps, but not illegal. Anna Raccoon hsas been digging and has found that the Evil One was not as dark as he is portrayed.

So what is the whole Salivator affair deflecting us from?





17 thoughts on “Deflections.

  1. Your final link to The Coleman Experience and the links on that could keep me occupied all day. I have been suspicious of Cliff Richard for some time. Not as a paedo, but as a ‘Christian’. I cannot see any real Christian being friends with the Blairs after all the evil they have done. And Billy Graham, I’m sure is a mind control agent. He made a weird film with Richard in the late 60s called ‘Two a Penny’. I only watched it because I had a DVD/CD business for a short time and had a couple in stock. I say weird in that it was clearly a recruiting film for Graham disguised as entertainment.

    Has there ever been a time when the power brokers weren’t mega corrupt? That probably includes perverted sex as a part of their evil, malicious insatiable lust for power over everyone in every way and also used as a means to compromise individuals to use them for nefarious purposes knowing that they’ll more than likely go along with anything they’re asked to do to save the truth coming out?

    I’ve said before, when I was a Mormon, I was at a ‘Priesthood’ meeting with now Mormon leader and ‘Prophet’ Thomas S. Monson, a creature who exuded evil it was palpable such as I’d never felt from anyone ever, even the person I knew who who convicted of paedophilia. After leaving that Masonic corruption of a ‘church’, I read about alleged child abuse and ritual child sacrifices in the Salt lake Temple, itself covered in Freemasonic symbolism.

    I’m sure that the majority of what the ‘news’ reports on is deflecting viewers/listeners/readers from what’s really going on.


    • Southwell Minster in Nottinghamshire is also ‘covered’ in Masonic symbology. No kids abused or sacrificed there so far.
      What’s wrong with Masons? Details please. Not speculation nor hysterical presumptions, details.


      • Try 33rd degree Mason Albert Pike’s book ‘Morals and Dogma’ in which he spells out the ‘need’ to destroy Christianity to replace it with Luciferian worship.

        Straight from the horse’s mouth. Of course, few Masons get past the third degree and are never aware of the true nature of their ‘club’.

        The power structure in the UK is largely Freemasonic, from royalty to the judiciary, politics, police, etc. and of course they cover each others’ backs and are sworn to secrecy or have their throats cut from ear to ear.

        Same penalty as the Mormons used to have in their ‘endowment ceremony’, which was changed in 1990. Joseph Smith’s murder at the hands of a mob is assumed to have been by Masons for giving away their secrets.

        So, it’s hardly surprising if they turn a blind eye to serious crimes.

        As to your claim about Southwell Minster, many buildings exhibit Masonic and Pagan symbolism. It doesn’t mean there’s child sacrifices going on in them! I’m sure they have Sunday as their ‘Lord’s Day’, which is the Pagan day of rest, instituted throughout the Roman Empire by Constantine before he allegedly became a Christian.


          • Don’t talk to me like that – and in capitals! But it proves what I was saying that most Masons don’t have a clue about the evil that lurks in the higher echelons. People like you are there to provide a huge pool of initiates for the ‘right’ ones to be elevated to the higher degrees and to add an air of respectability. Not you personally, of course. 😛

            I guess after 30 years you reached the third degree, but were far too Bolshie to risk moving you any higher.


    • Cliff is certainly an oddity. A sort of Peter Pan figure, but one who is friends with the Captain Hooks of the world. Is he just far too trusting and gullible? He certainly seems that way. Lately he had to, once again, declare that he is not gay. He doesn’t sleep with women but he doesn’t sleep with men either. If there was a single instance of sex in Cliff’s past, the press would have found it by now and paid well for the story.

      Cliff might have seen what was coming – he’s pretty much the only celebrity who hasn’t been accused of touching a woman on her wenchy parts at some point. Or both points. So maybe he’s actually really clever. He’s still odd though.

      Biliy Graham is no more the real deal than Derek Acorah. If they are making money from TV shows, they are faking it. That’s a rule of thumb that has served me well over the years.

      I have no idea about the Freemasons, but the Sunday thing would have been deliberate on Constantine’s part. Christianity overwrote many Pagan festivals to make it easy for converts to accept it – they could still have their party days, just with different names. It has also served to convince the more gullible that those festivals were always Christian. I heard some twisted logic on the radio over Easter about rabbits and eggs being symbols used by early Christians, which is absolute nonsense.

      Everyone knows that chocolate is brown, and the wood of the cross was brown and that’s why… well, it makes as much sense as the idiot on the radio anyway.


      • I’ve just been reading evidence/suggestions that Harry Webb (C. Richard) is a Satanist and paedophile. I couldn’t possibly comment.

        Eggs and bunnies are part of the Pagan springtime fertility symbolism. Unfortunately, most ‘Christians’ I know are too dumb to work things out.


        • Well… pretty much everyone from the sixties and seventies has been accused of some form of gross perversion by now, so ‘pinch of salt’ (but within WHO reccommended pinch limits) and all that.

          Except Tiny Tim, who has long ago openly declared his bizarreness…

          He claimed almost Puritanism but it doesn’t sound like Puritanism to me!


  2. Grow your own baccy, it’s not difficult. There’s lots of info on the net on how to cure the leaves. Then it’s just a matter of cutting and rolling your own.
    It was our esteemed host who very kindly sent me my first million or so tiny seeds!
    BTW, LI, I think that the “Open this tomorrow” envelope is a splendid idea. I’m tempted to try it on some of the Epsilon Semi-Morons who work in the warehouse section of the retail outlet where I now earn just above the minimum wage. There’s one wide-eyed, heavily made-up young female there who now ‘knows’ that Second Hand Smoke can penetrate brick walls by the magic of ‘osmosis’!


  3. Growing it is extremely easy. The curing part takes a bit of practice but when you get to the point where you can make 50-60 cigarettes in an hour, then you are effectively working for good money!


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