The Silencers.

Picked up via Anna Raccoon’s Saturday list is the story of the Silencers. A great title for a story, I think, but mine would be almost, but not quite, as dark as reality.

The Court of Protection apparently believes its role is not the protection of people but the protection of the authorities from the people. The court’s title does not define who it is protecting from who, but its actions make that clear.

When you are forbidden to speak to anyone about the abuse of power meted out by the Stasi, when any attempt to do so is declared a mental abberration, and when the legal system endorses that viewpoint and will fine or imprison any who speak any ill of the State, then the fascists have won.

Well done, Cameron. Well done, Clegg.  Well done, Brown Gorgon and Tiny Blur.

Well done all you control freaks who want us all to live as directed. Now your parents and your children belong to the State you delight in and will be allowed to live or die at some beaurocrats’s whim. Could you be more delighted? I doubt it.

Oh but remember. When they come for you, we will not be allowed to speak out for you.

Even if we wanted to. Which is not likely.


9 thoughts on “The Silencers.

  1. I’m certain that the first concern of the ‘authorities’ (barring a few with normal moral values) is to ensure their generous taxpayer-funded salary and pension is not put in jeopardy.

    All these organisations ostensibly there to intervene on our behalf are just fronts for the Establishment, in my experience. ‘Let’s pretend we care about the plebs if things go wrong.’

    My troubles with the NHS over the past year and a bit have shown how they cover each others’ backs because they’re scared of the Dept. of Health and therefore losing their jobs.

    I have a friend who is a former local councillor who worked with the people in the local Health Board and he says that they’re there to protect the image of the NHS rather than to protect the patients.

    I contacted the CAB and they suggested I complain to the Scottish Ombudsman for Public Services. I established with the CAB worker that it’s a ‘guard dog without teeth’, so didn’t bother.

    Registered with the Telephone Preference Service? Again, mainly a pretence that the ‘authorities’ are doing something. My most recent complaint to them included the name of the cold-calling company and their tel. number and they replied saying that they couldn’t locate the company, so I emailed them back offering my incredulity at their incompetence and gave them their website as well (I got that after an argument with the telesales man). The email bounced back because it was a “no-reply), so they’re just not interested. So I phoned them, “All our EXECUTIVES are busy”, so I faxed them about two months ago to tell them to get their act together and heard nothing back, so time to talk to one of the ‘executives’.

    As for the aged, as I’ve probably said here before, in 2004, my 92 year-old gran was in a terrible state, unable to walk two or three steps without ending up in agony that was heartbreaking to see. Somehow her daughters managed to get her to the GP’s surgery and A&E quite a few times and each time she was turned away with, “It’s all in her mind”.

    Anyone with half a brain cell could see it wasn’t, which is why they kept taking her. So, she died a month or two later due to a blood clot.

    Oddly enough, a few years later, her doctor won the Scottish GP of the Year award. Probably for bumping off more than his quota of old folk to save the country money so they can continue to be paid six-figure salaries.

    The whole system’s becoming a danger and a frustration. Even my well respected MSP could get nowhere with the NHS. They think they’re a law unto themselves with the power to kill who they want and whether to help someone or neglect them.

    The system takes about half our money in one tax or another then treats us as if we’re parasites who should just shut up. We all need to fight back. Trouble is, I might have problems getting another GP if I need one again, but hey ho!


    • I genuinely would rather be dead than in a ‘retirement home’ even if it is one of th=e less abusive ones. We have a few here, and when I pass them I see them as no more than boxes to keep us in until we die. There is nothing. No garden so no gardening. You can’t smoke in there in case it shortens your life (which is what I would be hoping for in there). No boozing. I do not want to end my life being treated as if I was at the beginning. I would rather die in a ditch.

      That telephone preference thing is crap. I joined it. It made no difference. If I have time I’ll torment the caller because at least if I waste their time, they are not conning someone else. If I don’t have time they get a long drawn-out ‘Noooo’ followed by ‘click’. They can waste their phone bill on me if they want.

      The NHS has made itself utterly useless. It is not the fault of genuine doctors and nurses but of the politicised crap above them. There are some things I should not say, but probably will one day, under the influence of my self-medication 😉


      • The thought of being in care is not a nice one. With the TPS, I tell the cold callers they are breaking the law by calling this number. Some say, ‘sorry, didn’t realise you were on the TPS’ (like they check) while others say, “This isn’t a sales call” when it’s from a double-glazing or solar panel company.

        Depending what mood I’m in, I try to extract as much info as I can to identify them and report them, but it’s mighty difficult.

        DM Design from Glasgow were fined, I think, £90,000 recently and I assumed that the recent spate of calls I was getting was via them (they keep making up different generic names for themselves), so on the off chance I phoned them and asked them to stop calling me. The woman said she would email all the companies they use!

        It’s difficult to get info from most of them because they’re mostly liars. Sometimes you can find ex-employees of these call centres saying what a crumby job it is and how they are bullied and some even apologise for what they’ve done.

        I report to the TPS then immediately to the ICO, but they’re mainly useless, especially when it seems to be the same old companies time and again.

        I suppose their thinking is that if they end the calls from these few recidivists then they’re out of work.

        A friend brought me round some old ‘news’papers he’d finished with and in the Sunday Post they were writing about their success in giving the ‘authorities’ the power to fine these companies up to 20% of their annual turnover.

        They know who they are, so let’s see it…


        • The quickest one recently was from a guy with a thick Indian accent called David…

          “I am not going to sell you anything, sir.”

          “Correct.” Click.

          I’m on that TPS thing too. It makes no difference, the callers are outside the UK and don’t care about any form of regulation anyway.


      • All we actually need to deal with telephone telesales is a law stating that the telephone company MUST pass on the telephone call routing information. To route a call from start to finish there is routing info attached to the packets; all telephone calls these days are voice over IP internal to the telecomms provider, therefore the routing info has to be there or the connection would not work at all.

        We also need a set of non-changing ID numbers for the local police, NHS, doctors etc so that these can be whitelisted and always get a connection.

        Once the routing info is passed on to the end customer, all you need is a handset with a little more smarts than the normal sort of thing. Such devices exist already, and work marvellously well. When a call comes in where the number is known, the phone rings as normal then goes to voicemail. When a number is withheld then the machine either puts the caller straight to voicemail, or asks them to type in a PIN.

        The net effect is one of filtering incoming calls, to put the morons straight through to one of their intellectual equals, i.e. a dumb-as-rocks machine.


  2. Yes, when the State, in its various guises (medics, local authority) gets to decide when someone has /hasn’t capacity, it’s tricky. The way to keep the COP out of your life is to put Lasting Power of Attorney in place.

    Two interesting programmes in the last fortnight I came across; one was on R4, a series on the history of psychiatry which highlighted examples of psychiatrists’ willingness to be agents of malign State; the other a documentary, part of a series “Caring for the Parents”,
    which featured an elderly woman the medics decided didn’t have sufficient capacity to make decisions about her care. They were keen to establish incapacity in order to make decisions for her based on her best interests which they thought were served by placing her in care (coincidentally, she was costing the DOH a fortune in calling out emergency ambulances). The medics’ reason for concluding that she didn’t have capacity was because she didn’t appreciate the extent of her needs. I suspect she did but she was just terrified of being separated from her husband and, very understandably, frightened of going into care: you’d have to lack capacity to welcome it…


    • It’s the Stalinist theme. defined as ‘oppositional defiant disorder’. Question authority and you must be mad. Therefore the State can take control of you entirely.

      Here we go again…


  3. “The Silencers” already is the name of a story. Namely a “Matt Helm” spy spoof starring Dean Martin.

    An amusing over-the-top tale about…well…who can say, really?


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