The Moribund Manifesto.

I expect every smoky, drinky and/or eaty blog is going to jump on this one. Dick Puddlecote already has, but then he does get up a lot earlier than me. I bet he is often up before noon. He probably has some form of insomnia. Max Farquar has the original Mail front page before the editor spat his tea all over it.

The Great Moribundo has laid out his plans for us all, and as with all the main parties’ plans for us all, they include nothing anyone anywhere could possibly mistake for ‘enjoyment’. This stunt double for Wallace actually thinks we will vote for compulsory Puritanism.

Some will, because some people are indeed insufferably puritanical. Others will vote for Moribund because they are Labour supporters and don’t actually understand what they are voting for. Still others will vote for him because they are stupid, and he will get a lot of votes from the sort of people who stare at their shoes for hours, trying to work out how to put the laces into flip-flops.

Aside from where the above sections overlap with real people, he has just lost a lot of votes from those who drink, smoke, like to sit around in front of the TV all day and/or are fans of Frosties, burgers, pizza and those things in batter that almost taste like chicken. So that’s pretty much Labour’s current core vote.

I think he’s fallen for his lobbyists’ hype. All the politicians hear these days are the whining of the lobbyists. “There is massive public support” for smoking bans, plain packs, booze control, diet control, and all the rest and it is all entirely fabricated. As the swing to UKIP – despite the constant portrayal of that party in the press as being composed of people almost as insane as those in Wastemonster now – should demonstrate to a politician with a brain. Even if it’s in a jar on his desk with ‘For emergency use only’ stencilled on it.

That’s all they hear since they stopped listening to real people. “There is massive public support for this new measure we haven’t yet told anyone about. Look how many signatures we have written, um, collected.” Now the effects are filtering through. Moribund must genuinely believe that turning the country into a less appealing version of North Korea is what the public want. Either that, or he really does not want to win the next election.

In his place, neither would I. The country is on the edge of anarchy and I would not want to be in the history books as the one who was in charge when it happened. Maybe they are all trying to lose. It certainly seems that way. Maybe Clegg is not as stupid as he looks (it would be quite a feat anyway) and is making damn sure none of his party are going to get blamed for the coming collapse.

I don’t see UKIP winning the next Parliamentary election. They might get a seat or two but the voter apathy is too entrenched for them to make big inroads into government next year. All the drones know is that they put their X next to the blue or the red or the yellow or that colour the SNP use that is a sort of yellow (I am not good with colours but exceptionally good at monochrome). They will do it again next year even though they know it will hurt. Some people – many people, it appears – never learn not to try to catch the flame.

Maybe I will be surprised. I hope so, but really don’t expect it. UKIP seems still to be mainly Nigel Farage in the news plus a few loonies on the fringe. He must have a lot of sensible people in good positions in there. Once in a while he should let someone else speak. Who would be his Chancellor? Who would be in charge of foreign policy? Education? Fag-end-dropper persecutors? I hope he will cremate all of those alive and just drop their ashes in the street. I bloody would.

I think UKIP really needs to be seen as more than just Smoky Nige, much as I like the man. He can’t run the country single-handed. The only other UKIP members the press are covering are the little fringe councillors who are lambasted for, often, no more than a careless remark.

It might not be Mr. Nigel’s fault. Maybe the press are deliberately avoiding covering anything sensible. Most of them seem to do that anyway, these days.

So if there is no UKIP government in 2015, who will be in charge? From the pronouncements of the three big photocopies who run the show now, it looks very much as if none of them want to win. Then again, maybe they have all fallen for the nonsense and genuinely believe that the majority want to be controlled in every detail of their lives. Most of them, especially the ones in charge, are certainly daft enough to believe that.

So that is Labour’s plan. No mention of dealing with the risk of being drawn into a third world war by meddling in Ukraine. No mention of the crippling debt this country has. No mention of spiralling crime while police are being cut and politicised. No, their priorities are solely about you. They must – MUST – control you. For your own good.

The other parties’ policies are… exactly the same.

And to think, there was all that stuff about an old version of UKIP’s manifesto being a pile of rubbish. The big mobs made a lot of mileage out of that.

Then they come up with something even worse, and expect us to vote for it.

They really have no idea, have they?



25 thoughts on “The Moribund Manifesto.

  1. Just added the below to the “Front Page” site, but it looks like it’s floating “in moderation” on the original article site:

    So let’s hear them once again tell us how there’s “no slippery slope” when they go after the smokers. And watch all the idiots who believe it. And then watch as alcohol taxes move to a “level playing field” of parity with tobacco taxes: i.e. about 500% of base product price.

    Won’t that be fun?

    And then have even more fun as you get to experience them convincing everyone that it never happened, that no one was harmed by any of the things that they did or didn’t do, and how everyone is just SOOOO happy now that the children can’t afford to run out an buy alcohol every night. Of course they might just switch to smoking heroin (I hear that’s the big thing in anti-tobacco-smoking Sweden nowadays…) but hey, that’s harmless fun, right? Not nearly as addictive as tobacco, right?

    To see how to fight their lies, read the pdf, “The Lies Behind The Smoking Bans” by Googling “V.Gen5H” It’s right near the top and you’ll learn about the sort of tricks they use.



    • One of the many now-forgotten sayings was ‘Give them enough rope and they’ll hang themselves’. Let them get more and more absurd until they rip their own lies apart with contradictions.

      That’s beginning to happen, as Junican has noted.

      We really don’t need to do any more than keep the pressure on. In fact, giving them ever more absurd ideas to push, rather than fighting them head on, is a far more productive (and very entertaining) route to take.

      As for their ‘winning’, what have they won? Ten years ago, I’ll bet there were very few, if any, who would have believed that tobacco could be grown in the UK. Now I’m giving away seeds all over the place. Sowing my wild baccy, at my age! Shocking! There are websites selling plants and seeds, and YouTube is full of growing and curing videos now. ‘Snuff’ movies mean something different these days.

      As for booze, that’s very easy to make. Good quality booze isn’t so easy but basic grog is very easy indeed. Ban sugar. We’ll use honey. Ban honey? The Puckered Anus Brigade will go ballistic! What next, ban barley? Ban hops? We’ll use nettles instead. The very young ones, before they form stings.

      You do need to add sugar to fruit to make wine, but making a fruit beer needs no added sugar. Just over-ripe fruit where most of the starch has broken down into sugar. That fruit is often already fermenting.

      They never could win, you know. They keep trying, but they are tilting at windmills every time.


  2. “and all the rest and it is all entirely fabricated”
    Indeed it is, but quite cleverly. Firstly they have demonised the behaviour – making thinness a virtue, making smoking expensive and (supposedly) dangerous, making salt a killer, making alcohol a dangerous drug, demonising a pair of boobs on page 3 – basically getting everyone obsessed with health and safety and scared of anything and everything.
    That generates a feeling in people that they want to be protected from all these things, and that leads to ‘popular’ policies to protect people.
    I think Millipede has misread the level of ‘popular’ support – I hope so – but already I can hear the drones crying out for the nice government to step in and protect them.


    • Not really cleverly. They pushed thinness to the point where normal sized people are classed as obese and children are going anorexic at an alarming rate. They have made smoking extraordinarily cheap by forcing us to learn how to grow our own baccy. They are setting up a massive burden for the NHS due to all those people trying to cut their salt intake to zero. We get the Sun in the staffroom sometimes -depends who is storeman that day – and the boobs on page 3 are still there and now in full colour. They buggered up on that one too.

      So no, not too cleverly. Even their extrapolations from the originally sensible Health and Safety rules now mean that there are so many absurd rules, ,many people ignore them all – including the original, sensible ones.

      They are determined, they are persistent, but they are not at all clever.


  3. It’s beyond comprehension on so many levels (to those with a shred of sanity remaining),

    “Lottery cash to build skateboard parks.”

    Clever touch: bypassing the taxpayer, but our local skate park is where the teenagers meet to smoke cigarettes and joints. I expect it’s the same in all of them.

    Children born from 2015 will be the “first smoke-free generation”.

    By the time they’re teenagers, Leggy’s wild tobacco plants will be everywhere. They’ll be rolling their own in their prams.

    But how they’re going to prevent babies born from 2015 from ever lighting up at any time in the future is beyond me when the fascination to do so has been with us for centuries. Their intended mind control would have to be monumental – or they’ll add another jab to the dozens they already get:

    “An injection of genes that make antibodies against nicotine could help millions of smokers kick the habit, scientists believe. Just one jab could provide life-long protection against nicotine cravings and it could eventually be used to vaccinate children to stop them ever getting hooked.”

    “Minimum alcohol price to stop ‘pre-loading’ by young drinkers.”

    He’s on the same bandwagon as Cameron and Oily Al. Can’t have any of them thinking differently when it comes to controlling us plebs for our own good. What will happen is that the estimated 1.6 million alcoholics, sorry, “dependent drinkers”, in England (2010 figure) will be forced into even more poverty.

    BUT look at the crime wave to come:

    “dependent drinkers are “ten times less likely” as the charity puts it to receive treatment than drug users. So fewer than one in 13 dependent drinkers receives NHS or community treatment for alcoholism.”

    “Heroin and crack cocaine addiction get all the attention, treatment possibilities and so on, perhaps because they’re associated with acquisitive crime. Alcohol as drugs go is dirt cheap: a knock-out dose will cost you less than a tenner [Note to Editor: not for Leg-iron], so theft to pay for it is less of an issue.”

    It mentions the current crimes like violence, but I considered stealing from an off licence at one particularly low point about 17 years ago to get a £7 bottle of vodka. Imagine what an army of 1.6 million people, emaciated from having no money left for food and clothed in rags, could do.

    But maybe that’s the sort of eugenics that’s behind these ‘fitness’ plans – to kill off the weak.

    Yes. It’s North Korea coming at you. It is anyway, via any of the main parties, the EU and UN.


    • A knock-out dose of booze for less than a tenner? Where? I saw zero alcohol beer on sale recently at £4.50 for six small bottles. It’s beer flavoured pop, there is more alcohol in those children’s shandy cans.

      Minimum pricing will do for booze what the tobaccophobes have done for smoking. Making your own is very easy and I see the homebrew game of ther 1970s/1980s firing up again. Even Tesco had some gear in but being Tesco and therefore stupid, they had the barrels for beer and the kits for wine. Local Hippie Shop has a much more sensible mix of stock.

      And their plans will destroy the ‘age limit’ for booze. I used to buy booze kits perfectly legally at 16 years old because – get this – there is no alcohol in them at the point of sale! Anyone of any age can brew up a reasonable beer or wine from a kit. Even from raw materials, the basics aren’t hard at all.

      So while the antis produce a new generation of tobacco farmers, they are also providing us with a new generation of brewers and, eventually, distillers.

      They are, in fact, pushing us into exactly the opposite of what they want.


      • If people can be bothered. Think of the money they could be saving. Look at the money I would have saved while being an unemployed alky. I was even given a home brew kit as a present and never got around to using it. I was unbelievably demotivated, though. Might be a good idea to add home brew kits to my retail inventory for the inevitable min. price. That’s if I keep going in the exciting world of retail…zzzzzz. After about 24 years in it, I’ve had about enough. Would prefer to go off-grid, out of sight and live the good life while I still can.


  4. If my memory serves I saw the following in a documentary about the 2nd World War.

    In the thirties the government saw that the country had become unfit. Certainly not fit enough to fight a war that loomed on the horizon. Well aware that this war was a certainty, a fitness campaign was launched to nudge the population into exercise. To get everyone fighting fit!

    With the current situation between Russia and the EU is this what we are looking at again?


    • Keep the fatties! If there’s a war, they can be placed in the front line to absorb more bullets and shrapnel. Those behind will only need to run quickly (away), so I recommend jogging practise for the under 15-stone.


      • Squad – Fall upon the enemy.


        But wait – there is a worldwide obesity epidemic, isn’t there? So the enemy will all be Weebles too. Nobody needs body armour because with that size of soldier, you’d only hit a vital organ by pure luck.

        It would be great, wouldn’t it, if World War Three was settled by a pie-eating contest? Now that’s what I call civilised.


    • Setting up a bunch of cannon fodder? I wouldn’t put it past them. Lucky for me I’m far too old to be any use in a war, and if it;s a non-smoking war, I’ll refuse to go anyway.


  5. UKIP is the best hope and the best way of telling the others that we’ve had enough. #WeSmokeWeVote

    Use your EU vote especially to say fuck off to the smokerphobic nutcases with health obsessed mental health disorders. UKIP won’t get in to the EU and then start putting gays in concentration camps, nor go hunting elephants for ivory, nor take maternity leave, abolish holiday pay, send kids down coal mines, etc etc etc (Insert latest scare story that UKIP’s going to do here)
    Unless we put our vote where our mouths are, we are saying that we agree with all the LibLabCon does to us. Personally, I will not accept it anymore and that’s why I’m voting UKIP.
    Look around, you will see there are more UKIP voices than Farage’s but he is the best orator and beats Millibland, Camoron, and Cleggy by a country mile. If even the leaders of other parties don’t match up to him, it’s a bit much to expect trainee politicians in UKIP can do any better now – but they will. Just give them time as the party evolves and why not join and help that evolution.

    Give the guy and our party a break. You know you’re worth it 😉 .


    • Hampy, I think you make an important point that could help change some things if it was communicated well to the electorate. A vote for a party like UKIP (Or, in the US, the equivalent might be a vote for the Libertarian Party.) does NOT mean that you necessarily support all, or even most, of the party’s official goals, and certainly not that you support every nit, cranny, and twist of every mumbling that minor party officials or their supporters burp out at the end of a long evening at the pub.

      What a vote for UKIP or the Libertarians DOES do is tell the major parties that you are NOT satisfied with the way some things that are important to you are being totally and completely ignored by those major parties simply because they don’t enjoy “majority” support.

      Politically, the way the majors work makes sense: they want to be elected, and *usually* the way to be elected is to appeal to the widest number of voters. You end up with their positions on almost every issue being at least fairly close to whatever their strategists’ analyses see as the “bell curve” on each issue — with just minor differences between them.

      But, if there’s an issue that’s important to you, for example, just to pick one wildly and totally at random, the smoking bans and the treatment of smokers in general, and it’s being ignored by the major parties, then the ONLY real way to get it addressed is to ignore the very slight differences on the issue that might exist in those parties and “waste” a vote on a radical alternative. The “waste your vote” characterization is a propagandistic languages trick similar to calling the scent of tobacco “secondhand smoke” — it’s designed to make you not want the thing and therefore behave as desired.

      In reality, voting for those smaller parties that have actually taken an agreeable stand on your issue(s) (even if you might disagree strongly with some of their other platform planks) is not a “waste” at all. A single vote for a party like UKIP is worth a LOT more, percentage wise, than a vote for one of the majors. If a thousand people more or less vote for one of the major parties those thousand votes are totally lost amidst the crowd. A thousand votes for a small, radical party that has managed to cadge ten votes on this ignored issue, and 35 votes on that one, and 103 on another — those thousand can add up to a real political punch.

      Those thousand votes can make that party appear to be enough of a contender that the next time around it becomes ten thousand, and the following time, a hundred thousand. Meanwhile the major parties begin feeling the loss of those votes and try to find ways to stem the bleeding by moving at least a bit away from the center, bland position on different issues in order to attract some of those rogue voters back at the next election so that they can beat the other major successfully.

      Is there a risk involved? Yes: if that “radical” party actually gains real power, there may be a lot of changes that the great majority are unhappy with. But in such a case what you’re likely to see is a resurgence of the old parties BUT with significant elements of their core positions changed to appeal more strongly to the radical rogues.

      Soooooooo… overall, I think it’s important to remind people that their minds are being played with whenever they hear that “wasted vote” description: a vote for the totally “out of power” views is most certainly NOT wasted: It’s far more powerful individually than a vote for the mainstreams.

      – MJM


      • Voting on a single issue en masse led to gay rights being recognised. If it worked for them, it can work for us. That said, however, as a group, we are not as united and the ecigs thing just makes the whole issue more complex and fractured – especially among those vapers who think kicking us when we’re down will give them an advantage and keep the bullies off their backs.

        Vape or smoke, at least in the EU election, we should all vote UKIP and make sure your local MEP/MP/Councillor knows that UKIP got a massive victory because #WeSmokeWeVote or #WeVapeWeVote.

        If they think voting on what they see as a “trivial” issue is “silly” then remind them of who made a trivial issue into a huge issue in the first place. We didn’t start this war – they did.


    • I absolutely intend to vote UKIP, there is nobody else with any sense at all. God help us all if the Greens get in, look what they have done in Brighton and that’s just a council.

      Mind you, sending kids down coal mines, well, you could then have smaller tunnels and if they were in the mines thery would not be buggering things up in the shop so…


  6. It’s gobsmacking really. The aims of labour will have been looked at and someone will have made sure they are acceptable to voters.

    That’s means a lot of people think their nannying will be acceptable to voters. Good grief.

    The leftie nutters have taken over the asylum.

    It’s unbelievable.


  7. It seems to me that what the populace is demanding is that they be shielded from the inevitable results of their own actions. That is what they believe the function of government to be.

    Party hardy for fifty years; eat whatever crap tickles your taste buds, save not so much as a shilling for that coming rainy day, refuse to so much as sweep your own floors or change your own child’s nappies or mow your own lawn but instead rely on low-wage indentured foreigners to do your dirty work, stuff your own country with millions of noncitizens with competing cultures, insist (with no evidence to so indicate) that human nature has somehow, magically, instantaneously transformed into that of the proverbial angels…we are getting what we deserve. And we are getting it good and hard, nonlubricated and with added ridges for their pleasure (as the Trojan folks used to advertise).

    It is edifying to listen to someone just achieving age of majority, and to compare their world-view to that of someone preparing to shuffle off this mortal coil. It almost makes one wish to speed his shuffle, and get it over with.


    • There are a rapidly increasing number of young smokers who have never seen an ashtray inside a pub, club or cafe and who would probably feel uncomfortable if they were told it was okay to smoke indoors. Worse, an increasing number believe totally all the rubbish fed to them on every subject.

      Sometimes I Yoda feel like. In the woods I am, the old and wrinkled being who of times past knows.

      But shuffle faster? Nooo!

      When you meet the fully indoctrinated with their superior sneers, all you need think is ‘Oh, you believe all that do you? Well I have some new things for you to believe’.

      We all must leave this world, and the way it is going, it deserves to be left in torment.


  8. Then again, maybe they have all fallen for the nonsense and genuinely believe that the majority want to be controlled in every detail of their lives.

    Or perhaps it’s:

    Then again, maybe they have all fallen for the nonsense and genuinely believe that the majority want everyone else to be controlled in every detail of their lives.


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  10. It’s great – I’ve been banging on about the scam of SHS for 7 years 10 months and one week and saying that they’ll come for you next and, voila, Milibrain spells it out in black and white.

    Then there’s the concern that Pfizer, in its bid for AstraZeneca, is like a leech sucking the blood from companies it’s taken over which all adds weight to the assertion that it was never about health but protecting the profits of Big Pharma.

    The brain-dead have no chance but the almost-dead might just have a fleeting sensation that something’s not quite right.


    • It’ll take some time yet before the drones realise that all the things they shouted at smokers are now being shouted back at them.

      When they do… Mr. Shit, meet Mr. Fan 🙂


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