Out of focus.

I am a trifle tiddly this evening (yes, I know, *yawn* what else is new?).

Since I finished at 9 pm and tomorrow might be my last day off for a while (the departure of Boss means we are down to two) I called in at Smoky-Drinky on the way home. With a bottle.

Normal service will resume as soon as I get a reasonable grip on what normality actually is.

And as soon as I can type a sentence without having to edit every single damn word in it.

My fingers are drunk, and I seem to have more than I should because they keep hitting extra keys. And when did I get two screens?


3 thoughts on “Out of focus.

  1. Hey LegIron, I’d just like to say how much I appreciate your blog. I visit your site almost daily as it is one of the few sources of intelligent/accurate commentary on the utterly shite state that this planet is in. Looking forward to your next post. And have a virtual dram on me 🙂


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