Looking to the future.

Ah, too tired for serious stuff  tonight so instead, here is a taste of my pensioner ambitions. Less than six years to go.



5 thoughts on “Looking to the future.

  1. I’m amazed how actors can remember that much dialogue. And remember when nothing came with a plug – now everything does? I thought we were trying to ‘save the planet’ by reducing waste? Or is it more infantilsation because the daft proles can no longer be trusted to put on a plug?

    If only people did behave like this in real life – to the politicians and council jobsworths and broadcasters, things might be a whole lot better. I’ve ranted at a few politicians and ‘doctors’ (well, one in particular), but both groups are so up their own fudge tunnels they probably write me off as a nutter and carry on regardless.


    • It was indeed infantilisation that resulted in those moulded-on plugs. We aren’t trusted to change light switches either. Nor to replace burned out heating elements in ovens (even though it’s easy once you’ve had help to move the thing). All that stuff, including fitting a plug, must now be done by a qualified electrician.

      If I was a qualified electrician I would be most annoyed to be called out to fit a plug onto the end of a wire. That’s like taking your car to a garage so a mechanic can empty the ashtray (in full hazmat suit, naturally). Yet we are mere drones, simpletons in the eyes of politicians who can’t change a plug, fit an element or empty an ashtray.

      The ‘onesie’ craze is horrifying. Those are romper suits for babies and adults are wearing them IN PUBLIC! Soft drinks come in bottles with baby-teats on the top and coffee comes in training cups. Hot water taps have ‘Caution-Hot water’ stamped on them and peanuts are labelled ‘May contain nuts’. Nobody is allowed to grow up any more, everyone has to have their hand held for their entire lives.

      There are some who behave like that in real life, but we’re dying out. It’ll be funnier as the population regresses back into childhood. I have already convinced people that I don’t work the tills because I lost my till licence for cashing up without due care and attention. Really, I am not a till operator so can’t log on to them anyway. It gets easier to convince people of total nonsense every day.

      Which was the point of the exercise. Dumb them down so they’ll believe anything those mysterious Experts Say and the never-revealed Studies Show.

      The unintended consequence is that they now believe absolutely anything from absolutely anyone, as long as it sounds vaguely plausible. Which allows us to throw in a few wild cards from time to time.

      Sooner or later we’ll happen upon a really good one that will go viral, and there will be nothing anyone can do to stop it.


      • I’ve seen people on Facebook brimming with pride over their new onesies. If only Big Pharma made a dummy-shaped ‘nicotine replacement’ item, Baby could romper around, sucking on his useless NRT (because babies who smoke are very naughty; even 40 year-old ones).

        As time goes on it will be easier and easier to control the population. Another reason I intend getting off-grid and out of sight. Imagine the GP, politician, council jobsworth, teacher, copper, judge & jury, etc., in 20 years’ time.

        The judge will be in his onesie wig and the jury in their PJs sucking on dummies soaked in soma. They won’t have a clue what’s going on, so everyone will be guilty, just to keep the cheeeldren safe.


        • There are huge Gummi bears and other infantile things on sites like Firebox. They do have some fun gadgets but they are a touyshop – and increasingly stock things that are just bigger versions of child toys.

          You don;t have to wait 20 years. The ‘entitled generation’ who were never allowed to experience failure are already in the job market. Mostly working for Leftiers, as you’d expect.


          • Yes, Firebox are a sort of ‘competitor’ to my latest venture (needs more work done, but could be a goer, although I’m in the mood to wind everything down), so I’m used to that type of retailing – selling fairly useless, but interesting, gadgets. But some of it goes beyond the pale, even as a joke, and nearly everything is overpriced, but that’s by the distributors setting a high trade price.

            Yes, the Entitled Ones are starting to run things – or rather, obey the rules without question because anything PC must be good.


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